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Team USA Prepares For Knockout Round At FIBA World Championship 2010

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The United States basketball team emerged on top of Group B with five wins against no loss. They are undefeated so far but their first few games have exposed their lack of experience, chemistry and leadership.

They face Angola on Monday as they begin play in the knockout round. Expectations are high but many doubters feel that this present crew of NBA players will have a very tough uphill climb to achieving gold. Team USA has not won a World Championship for 16 years now.

In their group game against Brazil, the Americans had to thank a Leandro Barbosa miss at the buzzer that would have forced overtime. Despite an undefeated record, they have struggled in the opening round.

This young team of NBA players is obviously inexperienced, with no legitimate NBA superstars like Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade, Dwight Howard, CP3 or even Melo. These young players are still adjusting to FIBA rules. They have not been consistent and “chemistry” seems like a difficult subject in the league of  “differential and integral calculus”.

We are hoping that Chauncey Billups can provide the leadership, being the most experienced and senior among the team. Durant has been the most consistent performer so far but he may not have Billups’ leadership experience.

The United States basketball team may not bear the names of NBA superstars we would root for but they still represent the colors and the country where the sport came from. It would be such a shame if Team USA continues to underachieve at the world championship knowing that these are the highest paid and so-called best basketball players in the world.

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