Taylor Swift Sued For the Second Time

The American singer Taylor Swift is being sued for the second time around by her former manager, Dan Dymtrow. The case was filed the reason that the artist has owed the manger millions of dollars that haven’t been paid. Same case was filed against her way back 2007 which has included her family for money matters as well.

Speculations has been spreading why such repetitive incident happens. There must be strong reason behind it. The millions of money involved was supposedly the commission of Dymtrow for managing Swift before she landed on Big Machine Records and became an international sensation. He has managed Swift April 2004 and claimed to have played a vital role for her fame. He has claimed that managing her would also mean 5%-10% commission (or more) from Taylor’s music career. After he has introduced Swift to Big Machine Records, her family fired him to avoid paying him his due commissions.

A statement from Dymtrow’s attorney states that: “They delayed and delayed [the deal] and got rid of my client, ..and subsequently signed the deal and kept his commissions for themselves.”

Swift’s attorney counter stated with the following: “For him to claim that her success and her major contracts were procured by him is ludicrous. And even if there were some merit to his claims, paying him on the contract would defeat the whole purpose of the law in New York, which is to protect minors who sign contracts.”

The result of these issue is still vague. Hoping that justice would prevail as this case pursues.

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