Tallest Solar Tower to Rise in Arizona

In the never-ending quest to find and create more energy to supply the ever increasing demands for sustainable and renewable power, more and more companies are tapping into the unlimited resources of the sun.

There is just no possible way to drain its clean, free and readily available supply of light and heat regardless of how many solar panels collect it.

And so, adding to the growing solar projects being pursued is an Australian company with plans to build its solar tower in Arizona. And it is massive.

At 2,600 feet, it will prove to be the biggest solar energy collector to date once built. To stand just below the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, this structure will make it as the second tallest building the world and twice as tall as the Empire Stage building.

According to company officials of EnviroMission, the project owner, not only will it harness solar power but it will do so with no manpower and very little maintenance for 80 years. It is also projected to generate 200 megawatts of power; enough to provide for 150,000 homes.

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