2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup: India vs Australia

This March 2, 2010, India will face Australia in the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup. The start time of India vs Australia Men’s Hockey World Cup will be at exaclty 20:35. The game will be held at Dhyan Chand National Stadium.

The match between South Africa vs England and Pakistan vs Spain will also be played this March 2. The 2010 Hockey World Cup will be the twelfth instalment of the Men’s Hockey World Cup.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced that the championship would be held in India, taking place over two weeks from Feb 28 to March 13, 2010 at New Delhi’s Dhyan Chand National Stadium.

You can watch the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup: India vs Australia Live Stream in the following channels: Ten Sports for South Asia and Middle East, Fox Sports for Australia, PTV Terrestrial for Pakistan, Sport1 for The Netherlands, Zing for United Kingdom, ESPN+ for Argentina and Doordarshan for India.

The World Correspondents will be posting more updates about the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup today. Good luck to both teams and let’s enjoy watching the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup, India vs Australia Live Stream

USA vs. Algeria World Cup 2010 Results and Final Scores

USA vs. Algeria World Cup 2010 Live Scores and Results – USA and Algeria is now facing each other in the World Cup 2010 currently being held at South Africa. Apparently, the football match has just finished and it was USA who won against Algeria with a final score of 1-0.

The highlights of the match is the only goal committed in the entire football match. It was in the 91st minute of the game just before the whole match ended through Donovan of USA. USA supporters went wild as Donovan side-footed the ball home from an Altidore cross. That was a sure luck for team USA. Congratulations for team USA in beating Algeria in this World Cup 2010 football match.

World Cup 2010 Bracket Update: FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarter Finals Bracket

World Cup 2010 Bracket: FIFA World Cup Bracket Update (Quarter Finals) – The last set of football matches in the Round of 16 elimination round in the FIFA World Cup 2010 has finally ended and we are now entering the Quarter Finals Round.

Looking at the updated World Cup 2010 Bracket below, eight teams will compete for the Quarter Finals Round next week. These are Uruguay, Ghana, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Paraguay, and Spain. Have you updated your World Cup 2010 bracket already to reflect these eight winning teams?

Aside from the eight qualified teams in the Quarter Finals Round, you will also be able to view the schedule of games for each of the remaining football matches including the dates and their times in the World Cup 2010 bracket above. As early as now, do you already have your bets on which among the eight qualified teams in the Quarter Finals will be included in the final championship round on July 11?

World Cup 2010: Germany vs Uruguay Preview and Predictions

Germany vs Uruguay Live Today 14:30 EDT – Germany will compete with Uruguay for third place in the World Cup 2010. Germany lost to Spain and Uruguay lost to Netherlands in their semifinals matches and end up fighting for the top 3 of the best football teams.

Team Germany had been hit with the flue including their coach and some key players which includes kipper Philipp Lahm, striker Lukas Podolski sat out that session. Both of them sat out during the training session prior to the game.

The German Coach, Joachim Loew will not be present during the pre-game press conference. His assistant coach will be doing his role but Loew will be present during the actual game at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth.

Germany’s Miroslav Klose is also looking for a good game and at least one goal to tie with Brazil’s Ronaldo for the all-time World Cup scoring record of 15 goals.

For Uruguay this match is the last way to have their pride intact and fly back home still as a winner of sorts. Uruguay nonetheless already outperformed fellow South American’s Brazil and Argentina but they still have to prove that they can win.

Although Paul The Octopus seems to side with the Germans who had been mad at him for predicting a Spain win in the semifinals, coach Oscar Tabarez has reminded his team they still have a job to do at the World Cup despite their big lose to the Netherlands, 3-2.

With a more urgent historical need at hand, I am predicting that Germany will win this match and we will be assured of at least one or two goals from Klose.

Meanwhile live games of the Germany vs Uruguay match will be broadcasted via ESPN and NBC. There will also be available live streams online via Justin.tv, Ustream.tv, Newzaroundus.com and Footyfire.com.

Germany vs Argentina Highlights and Recap (Video)

Nobody expected this but it is true, the Germany vs Argentina match ended 4-0 in favor of Germany. Diego Maradona and his Argentinian squad fail to even score a single goal in their match. It was a match you never imagined could happen to a team like Argentina.

Yesterday it was Brazil and now it was Argentina. Before these matches happen everyone is setting their eye for a battle between Brazil and Argentina but now it would be anybody’s game. The match later today will be the clincher of a very eventful quarterfinals of the World Cup 2010.

Today, I failed with my prediction for I never imagined that Argentina would play so predictable and lame. Yes, I did say lame because they had played lame and very unlikely. Just 3 minutes into the match they already allowed a goal by Thomas Mueller. That is Mueller’s fourth goal in the World Cup.

Then came the 68th minute, Miroslav Klose scored another goal making that his 100th international appearance with a good impression to everyone. The third goal came from Defender Arne Friedrich on the 74th minute and then another one from Klose on the 89th minute.

Before this game Maradona is quoted as saying that England allowed Germany to score too much and did been easy on them. England lost to Germany 4-1. However, if you look at today’s much you would definitely ask if Argentina is really a champion team.

Now, let us analyze, If Germany could beat a team as good as Argentina then we might be seeing the champion of this years World Cup unless something striking would happen again. Germany as the World Cup 2010 champions is likely but this is World Cup 2010 and it is the most unpredictable World Cup ever.

Now here is the video highlight for Germany vs Argentina.


Uruguay vs Germany 3rd Place Match in the 2010 World Cup

Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream – World Cup 2010 [Third-placer]. After dismaying defeats in the World Cup 2010 semi-finals, the 2 losers will play each other in a generally regarded meaningless game. Controversial Uruguay and lightning-quick Germany will face each other to see who is number 3 in the world of football. This games starts at 20:30 local time and will be held in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Uruguay reached this far by losing to Netherlands during the semi-finals. They beat Ghana in a controversial match during the quarterfinals where Luis Suarez destroyed the African dream of moving forward to the semifinals by having a handball during the game to save a goal from happening against their team. As a result, he acquired a red card but won the game during the penalty shootout. He is a hero at home but a villain in the whole world especially in Africa.

Germany in the mean while fell short and lost to mighty Spain 1-0 in the semifinals. Whatever happens in this game doesn’t change the fact that this German team is a strong one and a qualified one to be a champion if they had beaten the Spanish.

This game meaningless but more meaningful to Uruguay. However, Germany is much stronger so expect them to win this game.

The game starts at 20:30 local time (GMT +2) / 14:30 ET (GMT -4).

Uruguay vs Netherlands: Orange is the Color of Victory

The Netherlands defeated Uruguay in their semifinals match with 3 goals to 2. It was the sweetest victory ever as they came close to a possible repeat of the 1978 Germany vs Netherlands World Cup finals match. The field and the benches as well as the whole Deutschland was flooded with the color orange. It seems for many orange would be the color of victory this year as many anticipate their eventual win as champions of World Cup 2010.

Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder became the starts and power players of the Netherlands team. Clad in an all-orange team uniform the Netherlands swept pass through strong opponent and favorite Brazil. They defeated the five time World Cup champions, 2-1. Sneijder already had five goals in this World Cup while Robben has two. The two would be the man to watch during the finals scheduled on June 11 at Soccer City, Johannesburg.

Yesterday, disappointed orange travelers leave back for Holland after they have booked their ship ticket in advance saying that they have never anticipated that their team would perform this well. We are sure that if they had the chance they would never miss such a game. The travelers left Holland late May to travel miles across and give support to their international team.

Will the world be seeing more of the orange flood by the end of the finals on July 11? Will this be the official color of victory for the next couple of years until the next World Cup?

This remains to be seen but am sure that everyone in the team and in Deutschland wants this to happen.

World Cup 2010: Spain vs Portugal Match Recap

Portugal and Spain is the last football to end the last day of the Round of 16 elimination round at the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa which will be held live at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.

Portugal did a wonderful job in defeating North Korea at an outstanding score of 7-0 during one of their three previous matches. The other two football matches were a tie against Brazil and Ivory Coast at scores of both 0-0. Spain, on the other hand, has a two win and one loss during its first three football matches here at FIFA World Cup. Spain won against Chile at a score of 2-1 and against Honduras at a score of 2-0. Spain, however, was lost to Switzerland at a score of 0-1.

Which do you think among these two competing teams is more likely to win this football match? You can watch Portugal vs. Spain World Cup 2010 football match live to find out. For those who have access to TV, you can watch it through live streaming channels of ESPN and ABC Sports since these are the largest networks who have acquired the rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup 2010 live to its viewers.

In contrast, you can also watch Portugal vs. Spain live online through various online live streaming sites such as SOP Cast, Freedocast, Justin TV, and UStream. Several sites will also be live blogging the Portugal vs. Spain football match. One example will be the FIFA World Cup 2010 website.

Stay tuned to us as we will be reporting the live scores and results as soon as the match finishes. So are you for Portugal? Or Spain?

Paul the Psychic Octopus: I Told You So…

If only Paul, the Psychic Octopus can verbalize his thoughts I am sure he is saying, “I told you so.”

Well, I am not a psychic and certainly not an octopus, but I also told you so. I even went as far as to tell you to bet your bottom dollar on Paul’s pick for the World Cup finals between Spain and the Netherlands, if you are into that sort of thing… betting that is.

True enough Spain emerged as the winner, even if it took two extensions and a lot of “physical” plays to do so. The important thing is the World Cup is now theirs, their very first ever in the World Cup’s history.

So what is next for Paul, the Psychic Octopus? I hope he will still be around for the next World Cup. If he can predict other sports’ outcomes then I am sure we will hear more about him in the future.

Spain Defeats Netherlands In Physical World Cup Finals

The 2010 World Cup final match between Spain and Netherlands was highly physical as expected. By end of the match, there were more than a dozen yellow cards given and Netherlands defender Johnny Heitinga was given a red card for his second yellow card. It was certainly not the greatest championship match in a World Cup as both squads struggled with their attacks. Passes were wanting in accuracy as the pressure showed in both sides.

From kick off, both squads were determined to keep the opposing team from scoring a goal. The second half ended with both teams scoreless. It took two extra periods before Andres Iniesta finallyscored the winning goal at the 115th minute. The diminutive Iniesta took a pass from Cesc Fabregas to scrore the lone goal in the final match. This was enough to give Spain its first World Cup title.

It was not the best finals match we have seen but Spain deserved the championship with their great overall performance in the tournament.