Veterans Day Activities and Worksheets For Students and Kids

Veterans Day Worksheets, Activities and Coloring Pages for Kids and Students- It’s Veterans Day 2010 today. While many of us would probably have this so-called “moment of silence” to pray for the souls of those brave military veterans who fought for our country in the name of patriotism, some kids are not familiar with the celebration.

It’s time to let these kids and students know about Veterans Day by having some activities for them such as worksheet assignments, coloring pages, and classroom activities. One of the Veterans Day worksheets that you can implement to your kids are so-called “acrostic poems” where they should construct a poem beginning with the letter of the word being asked. To be specific, ask them to make a Veterans acrostic poem which means they have to think of a poem with the letters V, E, T, E, R, A, N, S as the starting letter of each stanza in the poem. Pretty hard? Yeah but this will test their creative skills.

Aside from the VETERANS acrostic poem mentioned above, another activity is what you call a Veterans Maze Worksheet where you will create a maze for your kids to help a solider find his way to his batallion. Another activity is a scramble words game where you will test your kids’ vocabulary skills to arrange a scrambled letters to a word related to Veterans Day.

In addition to those mentioned above, there are the traditional Veterans Day coloring pages for your kids to brighten up their gloomy days. Buy them a coloring book where each page has some relation to the Veterans Day event being celebrated today. If you are a teacher, you can also do these Veterans Day activities to your students. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, just be sure that while having these activities, explain to your kid the true value of Veterans Day. Happy Veterans Day to all!