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Visa and Mastercard Websites Taken Down By Hackers

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Visa and Mastercard are just two of the world’s famous payments technology companies. They facilitate electronic fund transfers throughout the world by branding several credit cards. Just recently, both of their official websites were attacked by hackers. There has been a report called to BBC that a payment firm which is linked to Mastercard that […]

Paypal Pulled Itself from Wikileaks

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The withdrawal of services from Wikileaks continues and seemed to be unstoppable these past few days. The latest among them is the withdrawal of the online payment provider Paypal. It said that the website has violated one of its online policies “which states that our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, […] Dropped By EveryDNS

August 6, 2016 by · 1 Comment 

The American domain name provider EveryDNS has withdrawn its services to the the controversial Wikileaks. They were forced to switch to a Swiss domain name from The action took place late Thursday for the reason that the new hacker attacks threatened the rest of its network. In a statement from EveryDNS, they said […]

Arrest in Absence order issued against Assange

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WikiLeaks director Julian Assange is in hot water as Sweden’s director of public prosecution has issued an arrest order on Thursday against the 38 year old writer, publisher, and internet activist. The order came after a series of charges– sususpected of rape, sexual molestation and illegal use of force– were filed against him. According to […]

Pentagon Downplays WikiLeaks Information

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U.S. officials are downplaying the disclosure of thousands of reports by whistleblower While these come off as the biggest leak on a U.S. led military operation since the  U.S. officials are downplaying the disclosure of thousands of reports by whistleblower While these come off as the biggest leak on a U.S. led military […]

WikiLeaks: How It Works

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There is so much talk about the WikiLeaks reports published about the US-led military campaign in Afghanistan. You will find nothing fancy about its webpage. However, WikiLeaks would come off as a strategic platform for exposing sensitive information that not all people have access to. These are deemed classified information that is somehow humanized by […]

Wikileaks Afghanistan

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It has always been interesting reading Wikileaks.  The website is known to expose classified secrets of the US military.  Just this morning, about 91,000 classified documents were published. Most of these confidential matters aims to let go of the truth and expose what really happens in the US forces.  It is very quite controversial indeed […]

Wikileaks A Threat to National Security: US Says

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Wikileaks is a formless, international organization, originally based in Sweden, that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive documents from governments and other organizations, while preserving the anonymity of their sources. Just recently the site has published documents which include details of killings of Afghan civilians that were unfortunately not reported until now. The records […]

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