Will you do a Jennifer Rovero?

Jennifer Rovero, a former playboy playmate, took the heat and claimed the weed which authorities “mistakenly” thought was Paris Hilton’s. The two are currently in South Africa having a grand time at the World Cup Series.

Rovero pleaded guilty and told police that she was the one in possession of the marijuana. Reports say she was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment or a fine of $130. I think even Paris Hilton would just pay up the measly fine if she was the one caught red-handed.

Incidentally, the rep for Paris Hilton have announced that the authorities have already apologized for be-smirching the star’s name once more and have cleared her of whatever wrongful implication they have created.

So for another five minutes of fame would you have done the same if Paris Hilton was your friend?

Justin Timberlake Stops Thinking By Smoking Pot

There has been a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who has been involved in using prohibited drugs and in most cases, they would deny the allegation in as much as they can. However, the American pop singer turned actor Justin Timberlake is doing the opposite. When he was asked in a interview of Playboy if he’s smoking weed, he gave them a straight forward answer of “absolutely”.

“The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking,” Timberlake said. “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high,” he added.

This weed issue came out when he admitted one time that he was under the influence of marijuana when the candid-camera show Punk’d pranked him that lead him crying in the episode. That particular show was created by Ashton Kutcher.

Timberlake first entered the industry as a pop singer who later on, appeared on TV shows and eventually in movies. He portrayed the character of Sean Parker, the founder of Napster in the movie “The Social Network”. Next month, July 22, his film “Friends With Benefits” will be shown. It is directed by Will Gluck and Timberlake will be together with Black Swan’s Mila Kunis.