Applebees Veterans Day 2010 Free Meals Promotion For Veterans

Applebees Veterans Day 2010 Free Meals Promotion For Veterans – There’s a saying that the best things in life are free. This holds true for today’s celebration of Veterans Day 2010 to honor the service of military veterans who did their best to serve the country as Applebees, the national restaurant chain known for its casual dining, is giving free meals to all U.S. veterans and active duty service members.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! It’s free! Applebees explicitly said in their website: “We’re thanking all veterans and active duty members with a free entree at Applebee’s on November 11.” To be eligible in this free meal promotion, all you have to do is to show a proof that you are a member of the military service. You can wear your uniform, bring the Veterans Organization Card such as American Legion and VFW, U.S. Uniform Services Identification Cards, and Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).

Some of the menu included in the free meal promotion of Applebees are Bacon Cheeseburger, Oriental Chicken Salad, Double Crunch Shrimp, Fiesta Lime Chicken, and many more. Take note however that beverages and gratuity are not included and that the free meal promotion is only available during business hours at participating Applebee’s only. For all veterans and military service members, this is your chance to get full for free. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication you’ve committed in defending the country.

History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day History – As many of you know, we are celebrating Veterans Day 2010 today, November 11, 2010. It is a National Holiday to commemorate those brave military veterans who have risked their lives just to defend their beloved countries in instances of intrusion like wars.

But did you know how Veterans Day started? Where did it originate? Veterans Day started way back in November 11, 1919 during the proclamation of then US President Woodrow Wilson of Armistice Day as a National Holiday. In his proclamation, he said: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with lots of pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.”

19 years later, on May 19, 1938, US Congress finally passed a legislation declaring Nov. 11 as a holiday officially calling it at Armistice Day. The former name Armistice Day was then changed by then President Eisenhower to the current Veterans Day in 1954. In line with the change of name, he also created  a Veterans Day National Committee to manage any planned events about Veterans Day.

The celebration date of Veterans Day was then changed to fourth Monday of October beginning 1971 when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed by Congress in 1968. However, in 1978 it was moved back to its original celebration on November 11. Happy Veterans Day 2010 to all!

Veterans Day Activities and Worksheets For Students and Kids

Veterans Day Worksheets, Activities and Coloring Pages for Kids and Students- It’s Veterans Day 2010 today. While many of us would probably have this so-called “moment of silence” to pray for the souls of those brave military veterans who fought for our country in the name of patriotism, some kids are not familiar with the celebration.

It’s time to let these kids and students know about Veterans Day by having some activities for them such as worksheet assignments, coloring pages, and classroom activities. One of the Veterans Day worksheets that you can implement to your kids are so-called “acrostic poems” where they should construct a poem beginning with the letter of the word being asked. To be specific, ask them to make a Veterans acrostic poem which means they have to think of a poem with the letters V, E, T, E, R, A, N, S as the starting letter of each stanza in the poem. Pretty hard? Yeah but this will test their creative skills.

Aside from the VETERANS acrostic poem mentioned above, another activity is what you call a Veterans Maze Worksheet where you will create a maze for your kids to help a solider find his way to his batallion. Another activity is a scramble words game where you will test your kids’ vocabulary skills to arrange a scrambled letters to a word related to Veterans Day.

In addition to those mentioned above, there are the traditional Veterans Day coloring pages for your kids to brighten up their gloomy days. Buy them a coloring book where each page has some relation to the Veterans Day event being celebrated today. If you are a teacher, you can also do these Veterans Day activities to your students. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, just be sure that while having these activities, explain to your kid the true value of Veterans Day. Happy Veterans Day to all!

Happy Veterans Day 2010 Quotes, Thank You Poems and Sayings

Veterans Day 2010 Quotes, Sayings, and Thank You Poems for Military Veterans – Today is another holiday in the US and in other European countries as they celebrate Veterans Day 2010 to honor the military veterans who have dedicated their lives to defend their countries against possible intrusion. With such noble act, they deserved to be recognized and remembered.

Veterans Day celebration is also called Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in some countries because it also marks the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I falling on the same day, November 11. The date was declared a national holiday in many allied nations, to commemorate those members of the armed forces who were killed during the war.

In memory of those brave military veterans, here are some of the Veterans Day 2010 quotes and sayings that we’ve collected which you can use to send greetings to your beloved veterans:

– “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” – Maya Angelou

– “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” – William Shakespeare

– “I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, “Mother, what was war?” – Eve Merriam

– “When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sheep?” – George Canning

– “As we express our gratutude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

In addition, here is a Veterans Day thank you poem which you can also utter in memory of those brave military veterans. Don’t forget to thank all the living veterans and pray for those who are already dead. Happy Veterans Day 2010 to all!

Veterans Day
By Taylor Weinman

Representing the red white and blue
The colors of our flag stand out proud and true.
The white stars on blue background with red and white stripes
Remind me of these veterans, who all risked their lives.
Just so the people of the U.S. could all live in peace and be free
These are the heroes that represent you and me.
They stood up strongly, untied as one,
And kept up the fighting until they were done.
And although some have fallen, and lost their lives in war,
We pray for each one of them.

And now that their souls live on forever more,
Above in God’s hands.
They watch over our nation,
And give us strength to triumph over others with strong anticipation.
So every year, when this day comes by,
Think of all the veterans that while fighting, had to die.
And remember that they were people
With fire and passion embedded inside.
They die for this country,
So remember and honor them with pride