USA vs Turkey FIBA World Championship 2010 Finals Results and Highlights

USA vs Turkey FIBA World Championship 2010 Finals Results and Highlights – It will be the greatest day and the greatest year for United States Basketball. This day will be dubbed as the day were they reclaimed their crown at the FIBA World Championship 2010. The USA is the new FIBA World Champions.

Team USA defeated host team Turkey, 81-64. Again, it was Kevin Durant who lead Team USA in its third consecutive victory from the quarterfinals to today’s championship. This effectively ended a 16-year wait for the USA, who had not won this tournament since 1994.

The game looked more like a one-sided game for the United States, except for the first minutes of the game where Turkey lead 17-14. Team USA then begin an assault of 11 unanswered points and start the early second quarter with 25-17. The USA stayed in front the rest of the game.

Durant gave Team USA their first double digit lead, midway during the second period at 31-21. Turkey however had not surrendered the game yet and played good basketball to try to overcome the lead and the plays of Team USA. Hedo Turkoglu of Turkey led the assault but it seems the Americans have prepared really hard for this game.

Durant finished with a game-high 28 points and seven three point shots.

Mike Kryzewski, USA head coach was asked after the game if what championship is more important, is it this championship or the Olympic Gold. Kryzewski answered, “This championship meant a lot because we have a very young team. It meant a lot to all of us. This was very special. We hadn’t won the World Championship since 1994 and we, as a country, are trying to show great respect for the World Championships which I’m not sure we did a decade ago. I mean it’s twice as big in terms of the number of teams participating than the Olympics. But the Olympics meant a lot too.”

Kevin Durant was selected as the FIBA World Championship 2010 MVP. Durant averaged 22.1 points and 6.2 rebounds as his team went undefeated in Turkey. Beside the MVP Trophy, he was also given a kind Tissot T-Touch Expertwatch by Francois Thiebaud, the President of FIBA Global Partners Tissot.

USA vs Turkey at FIBA World Championship 2010 Finals: Schedule and TV Coverage

USA vs Turkey at FIBA World Championship 2010 Finals: TV Coverage and Schedule – The United States and Turkey will meet for the finals of the FIBA World Championship 2010. It was surprising that a neophyte Team USA managed to get this far. It was their best so far since 1994 when they won the FIBA Championship.

Kevin Durant powered Team USA with his explosive 38 points, with 17 of those in the first quarter. Duran now holds the new American single-game record at the FIBA World Championship. Carmelo Anthony held the mark previously with 35 against Italy in 2006.

Turkey, had a last minute lay-up to get past Serbia on their semifinals game. The Turkey team will be powered by their desire to show to the home crowd that they will become the first team to defeat Team USA at FIBA 2010 and give a historic upset to them.

For those who will be watching the USA vs Turkey: FIBA 2010 Finals, the game will be on September 12, Sunday at 21:30 (GMT+2). Main broadcast partners for the games are Solar , Basketball TV, and FIBA TV.

Below is the list of the USA vs Turkey at FIBA 2010 Finals: TV Coverage and Schedule:


  • Albania – Top Channel
  • Andorra – La Sexta & Sport+
  • Armenia – NTV Plus
  • Austria – Sport1(formerly DSF)
  • Belarus – NTV Plus
  • Belgium – Be TV
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – BHRT
  • Bulgaria – BNT
  • Croatia – HRT
  • Czech Republic – CTV & Sport 1 TV
  • Cyprus – TV Lumiere
  • Denmark – ViaSat Sport
  • England – ESPN UK
  • Estonia – ViaSat Sport
  • Finland – ViaSat Sport
  • France – Sport+
  • F.Y.R. of Macedonia – Sitel
  • Georgia – NTV Plus
  • Germany – Sport1(formerly DSF)
  • Greece – ERT
  • Hungary – Sport 1 TV
  • Italy – RAI
  • Ireland – ESPN UK
  • Israel – The Sport Channel
  • Kosovo – Kohavision
  • Latvia – ViaSat Sport
  • Lithuania – TV3 / ViaSat Sport
  • Lichtenstein – Sport1(formerly DSF)
  • Luxembourg – Sport1(formerly DSF)
  • Moldova – NTV Plus
  • Monaco – Sport+
  • Montenegro – RTCG
  • Norway – ViaSat Sport
  • Poland – TVP & TVP Sport
  • Portugal – Sport TV
  • Romania – Sport 1 TV
  • Russia – NTV Plus
  • Scotland – ESPN UK
  • Serbia – RTS
  • Slovakia – Slovak TV & Sport 1 TV
  • Slovenia – RTVSLO & ASPN & Sport TV
  • Spain – La Sexta
  • Sweden – ViaSat Sport
  • Switzerland – Sport+ & Sport1(formerly DSF)
  • Turkey – NTV
  • Ukraine – NTV Plus
  • Wales – ESPN UK

Middle East

  • Bahrain – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Iran – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Iraq – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Jordan – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Kuwait – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Lebanon – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Oman – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Qatar – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Saudi Arabia – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Syria – Al Jazeera Sport
  • The Palestinian Territories – Al Jazeera Sport
  • UAE – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Yemen – Al Jazeera Sport


  • Afghanistan – Ten Sports
  • Azerbaijan – NTV Plus
  • Bangladesh – Ten Sports
  • Bhutan – Ten Sports
  • Brunei – ASTRO
  • China – CCTV
  • Chinese Taipei – Videoland
  • Hong Kong – iCable Sports
  • India – Ten Sports
  • Japan – JSports
  • Kazakhstan – NTV Plus
  • Kyrgyzstan – NTV Plus
  • Macau – TDM
  • Malaysia – ASTRO
  • Maldives – Ten Sports
  • Mongolia – TV9
  • Nepal – Ten Sports
  • Pakistan – Ten Sports
  • Philippines – Solar / Basketball TV
  • Tajikistan – NTV Plus
  • Turkmenistan – NTV Plus
  • Sri Lanka – Ten Sports
  • Uzbekistan – NTV Plus


  • Algeria – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Angola – TPA & Supersport
  • Benin – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Botswana – Supersport
  • Burkina Faso – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Burundi – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Cameroon – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Capo Verde – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Central African Republic – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Chad – Al Jazeera Sport, Sport+ & Supersport
  • Comoros – Supersport
  • Congo (Rep. of Brazzaville) – Supersport
  • Congo (Democratic Republic of) – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Ivory Coast – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Djibouti – Al Jazeera Sport, Sport+ & Supersport
  • Egypt – Al Jazeera Sport, Sport+ & Supersport
  • Equatorial Guinea – Supersport
  • Eritrea – Supersport
  • Ethiopia – Supersport
  • Gabon – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Gambia – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Ghana – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Guinea – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Guinea Bissau – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Guinea Equatorial – Sport+
  • Kenya – Supersport
  • Lesotho – Supersport
  • Liberia – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Libya – Al Jazeera Sport
  • Madagascar – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Malawi – Supersport
  • Mali – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Mauritania – Al Jazeera Sport, Sport+ & Supersport
  • Mauritius – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Mayotte – Supersport
  • Morocco – Al Jazeera Sport, Supersport
  • Mozambique – Supersport
  • Namibia – Supersport
  • Niger – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Nigeria – Supersport
  • Dem. Rep. Congo – Sport+
  • Reunion – Supersport
  • Rwanda – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Sao Tome & Principe – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Senegal – Sport+ & Supersport
  • Seychelles – Supersport
  • Sierra Leone – Sport+ & Supersport
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  • Swaziland – Supersport
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  • Zambia – Supersport
  • Zimbabwe – Supersport


  • Antigua – Fox Sports
  • Argentina – Direct TV, Canal Sports and TyC Sports
  • Aruba – Fox Sports
  • Barbados – Fox Sports
  • Belize – Fox Sports
  • Bolivia – Direct TV and TyC Sports
  • Brazil – Sportv, ESPN Brasil, Bandsports, Esporte
  • Canada – Interativo
  • Cayman Islands – TSN
  • Chile – Fox Sports
  • Colombia – Direct TV and TyC Sports
  • Costa Rica – Direct TV and TyC Sports
  • Cuba – Fox Sports
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  • Ecuador – Fox Sports
  • El Salvador – Direct TV and TyC Sports
  • Grenada – Fox Sports
  • Guatemala – Fox Sports
  • Guyana – Fox Sports
  • Haiti – Fox Sports
  • Honduras – Fox Sports
  • Jamaica – Fox Sports
  • Mexico – Fox Sports
  • Montserrat – Fox Sports
  • Nicaragua – Fox Sports
  • Panama – Fox Sports
  • Paraguay – Fox Sports
  • Peru – Direct TV and TyC Sports
  • Puerto Rico – Direct TV and TyC Sports
  • St. Kitts & Nevis – Direct TV / Canal 7
  • St. Lucia – Fox Sports
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines – Fox Sports
  • Surinam – Fox Sports
  • Trinidad & Tobago – Fox Sports
  • Uruguay – Fox Sports
  • USA – Direct TV and Tyc Sports, ESPN, ESPN 3
  • Venezuela – ESPN and ESPN 3
  • Venezuela – Direct TV


  • Australia – Fox Sports
  • New Zeland – Sky

US beats Lithuania 89-74 For Shot At FIBA World Championship 2010

Team USA defeated Lithuania 89-74 in their semifinals match on Saturday to advance to the final match of the FIBA World Championship in Turkey. Kevin Durant led all scorers and set a new scoring record for the United States team with 38 points, breaking Carmelo Anthony’s 35-point output in a single game.

The Americans played with so much inspiration in their semifinal match, commemorating the events on September 11 in New York nine years ago.

Durant, perhaps the most consistent and outstanding player for team USA had a special message written on his sneakers. Lamar Odom, a New York native, was just as motivated with 13 points and 10 rebounds.

Andre Iguodala showed that their team of young NBA players can defend too. Lithuanian Linas Kleiza averaged 19.1 points in the tournament but Iguodala limited him to only four points on 1 of 11 field goal shooting.

Their recent win against Lithuania pushes the United States to just a win away from winning the world championship. They have not won the title since 1994.

The Americans meet Turkey for the world championship on Sunday.

USA Advances To Semifinals With Win Over Russia At FIBA World Championship 2010

The United States played inspired basketball to beat Russia, 89-79, to advance to the semifinal round of the FIBA World Championship. Prior to their quarterfinals match, there were exchange of words between US coach Mike Krzyzewski and American coach David Blatt that reopened wounds of the US loss to Russia in 1972 at the Olympic games that was quite unusual in the post-Cold War era.

 Kevin Durant led the US attack with 33 points, with 19 points scored in the first half wherein the Americans took the lead from a 30-35 deficit. Chauncey Billups and Russell Westbrook provided the much needed support with 15 and 12 points respectively. Team USA turned up their defense in the second quarter to lead at the half, 44-39.

The Russians were missing forward Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz. Kirilenko was the team’s Most Valuable Player when they won the 2007 European Championship. They got good contributions though from Sergey Bykov, Andrei Borontsevich and the New York Knicks’ Timofrey Mozgov.

The United States basketball squad faces Lithuania in the semifinals on Saturday. Lithuania defeated Argentina in the other quarterfinals match to earn a semifinals spot.

FIBA World Championship 2010 Features USA vs Russia

FIBA World Championship 2010 Features USA vs Russia – The quarterfinals of the FIBA World Championship 2010 fits USA against Russia. The Russians would be one of the hardest test for the United States campaign to reclaim the FIBA World Championship, a title they had not held since for very long.

If the United States game with Angola had been a blowout, for sure this game would not be as easy as that one. The Russians are bigger than the Americans. Take the case for example of Mozgov who is matched up against starting center Lamar Odom. Mozgov is five inches taller than him plus he is very agile and is a very good finisher.

Another Russian player, power forward, Andrey Vorontsevich of CSKA Moscow, is four inches taller than his match up player from the USA, Andre Iguodala. The added burden is that this guy can be a poweful 3-point shooter and also an inside player.

Most of the Russian players are relatively unknown outside Russia and prefer it to be that way so that their opponents cannot obtain the data about them and about how they play.

The game for a semifinals slot at the FIBA World Championship between Russia and the USA will surely be a show of strategy on both offense and defense. The best team who can execute well will surely be the winner.

The FIBA World Championship 2010 Russia vs USA commence at 18h00 (GMT+3), Thursday, September 9.

Here are a preview of the two teams during their Eight-Finals game:

USA vs Angola Eight-Finals


Russia vs New Zealand Eight-Finals


FIBA World Championship 2010 Semifinals Results and Highlights

FIBA World Championship 2010 Semifinals Results and Highlights – The finals are on this Sunday, September 12, 2010 and it is between the United States and host country Turkey. Team USA defeated Lithuania, 89-74 and Turkey defeated Serbia 83-82 in their respective semifinals games.

The FIBA World Championship 2010 semifinals had indeed been thrilling and full of suspense as expected particularly the game between Turkey and Serbia. It was Kerem Tunceri’s lay-up that made the difference. Turkey was down 82-81 with 4.3 second to play. Bogdan Tanjevic’s men inbounded the ball to Hedo Turkoglu, who lost control on the left wing, but Tunceri got to the ball first and was a step ahead of the defenders as he drove hard to the hole for the biggest basket of his career.


The game was indeed very close between the two and Serbia was left with 0.5 seconds in the game but the last attempt of the Serbians to snatch the win came to frustration when Novica Velickovic’s attempt was deflected as time ran out.

Team USA on the other hand was once again the starts as Kebin Durrant rallied with 38 points and 17 of that in the first quarter. It was a joyous September 11 for everyone, and a celebration worth the smiles and congratulations in coincidence with 9/11.

“To be playing in another country and playing for your country on a great day like this, which was tough for our country in 2001 when the towers fell, it’s truly an honor and a blessing,” said Durant to

Team USA will not be in the FIBA World Championship Final for the first time since 1994. The team of the United States had none of the players from the gold-medal winning side at the Olympics but Kevin Durant and his team mates made the difference this time at the FIBA 2010.


They will be facing host team Turkey in a sure to be firmly contested and exciting game.

“To be in the gold medal game it’s truly an honor and a privilege,” Durant said. “We just have to go out there and play our hardest. We are looking forward to going out there and trying to bring the gold back to the US. It’s going to be a tough game for us no matter who we play but I think we are up for the challenge.”

Lithuania will face Serbia for the battle for third place.

Team USA Prepares For Knockout Round At FIBA World Championship 2010

The United States basketball team emerged on top of Group B with five wins against no loss. They are undefeated so far but their first few games have exposed their lack of experience, chemistry and leadership.

They face Angola on Monday as they begin play in the knockout round. Expectations are high but many doubters feel that this present crew of NBA players will have a very tough uphill climb to achieving gold. Team USA has not won a World Championship for 16 years now.

In their group game against Brazil, the Americans had to thank a Leandro Barbosa miss at the buzzer that would have forced overtime. Despite an undefeated record, they have struggled in the opening round.

This young team of NBA players is obviously inexperienced, with no legitimate NBA superstars like Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade, Dwight Howard, CP3 or even Melo. These young players are still adjusting to FIBA rules. They have not been consistent and “chemistry” seems like a difficult subject in the league of  “differential and integral calculus”.

We are hoping that Chauncey Billups can provide the leadership, being the most experienced and senior among the team. Durant has been the most consistent performer so far but he may not have Billups’ leadership experience.

The United States basketball team may not bear the names of NBA superstars we would root for but they still represent the colors and the country where the sport came from. It would be such a shame if Team USA continues to underachieve at the world championship knowing that these are the highest paid and so-called best basketball players in the world.