Toyota to Pay $16.4M from Recall Delay

Toyota will be held responsible in paying $16.4M to the US Government in failing to promptly announce a massive recall of brake pedals last January. Toyota will be “accepting responsibility for hiding this safety defect” from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “in violation of the law,” a senior Transportation Department official told. The payment of the said penalty however, is another issue apart from Toyota’s pending liability in  connection to the legal cases for massive recalls of different vehicles in 2009. Toyota also faces a case of massive recall for other Toyota and Lexus vehicles for unintended acceleration in the said vehicles.

For Toyota Vehicle owners, we recommend you constantly check Toyota’s Updated Recall Information Page for more information if your vehicle has a recall and belongs to the massive recall list.

Toyota Sienna Recall in US and Canada

It really seems hard to buy a car from Toyota Motors nowadays. You are not sure when will your car be included in the recall list of Toyota affected vehicles. From last year’s millions of recalled Toyota cars that include Prius, Camry, Matrix, etc. among others to the latest Lexus GX460, Toyota seems to continuously recalling their cars due to safety problems.

In the latest blow of Toyota recalls, the latest affected Toyota car model is no longer an SUV but a minivan called Toyota Sienna. Accordingly, Toyota is recalling about 270,000 of its 1998-2010 model year Toyota Sienna minivans which are being sold in Canada and about 600,000 being sold in the United States.

Based on their findings, Toyota was able to find out a potential problem with the cable that secures the spare tire of Sienna car models. The rusting spare tire cables could break and create a road hazard among its users. This is especially true during cold-weather climates where the road salt can corrode the cable and might cause it to snap causing the spare tire to fall off onto the road.

If you suspect that your Toyota Sienna is included in this Toyota recall, the company specifically mentioned that the recall involves Toyota Siennas in the District of Columbia and other states which include: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

If you want to make sure if your Toyota Sienna is included in the Sienna recall, Toyota advises to have your Siennas be inspected for free by calling (800) 331-4331.

For more information about the Toyota Sienna recall, you can visit Toyota’s press room website here