Toddler Walks Two Blocks to Get Help For Her Father

Now this has got to be one for the (parenting) books.

We, as parents, naturally want to prepare our children for whatever emergency may come their way, especially if we cannot be around all the time, so we teach them to say who their parents are, where they live, what their phone number is, etc., in case they get lost. We teach them what to do should there be a fire, an earthquake or whatever else we can think of in terms of an “emergency”.

This time, maybe we should consider teaching our kids to go to the nearest fire (or even police) station in case there is an emergency or whenever they find themselves in trouble.

This is what the parents of 3-year old Alesaundra Tafoya did, and she was able to save her father’s life by doing exactly what she was taught – to go to the fire station two blocks away from their home when her father collapsed after taking what could have been a lethal cocktail of medication. Doctors said Frank Tafoya would have been dead had he not been given timely medical attention.

Personally though, I think it would have been safer for Alesaundra to have been taught how to dial 911 and ask for help from the operator.

If you live near busy streets with a lot of fast cars, like we do, maybe you should consider teaching your child how to call 911 instead of how to cross the street and walk one or two blocks to get help.  

Still, this story is amazing.