NFL Draft Picks 2010: Tim Tebow Joins Denver Broncos

The first round of 2010 NFL took place today, April 22, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Tim Tebow, the Gators college quarterback sensation was picked 25th overall and was able to convince  the Denver Broncos to join their team. The Denver Broncos received the pick from the Baltimore Ravens for three draft picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Tim Tebow has been in the eyes of critics with his arm strength and throwing motion. In a televised interview, Tim Tebow said: “I’ve just been working on drills constantly — three workouts a day trying to get better and get a team to believe in me. Not everybody has to like you. Just one team has to like you.”

Denver Broncos also picked wide receiver Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech with the 22nd NFL Draft pick, and moved back into the first round by trading three picks to Baltimore for the Ravens’ first-round pick.

After Tim Tebow’s pick for Denver Broncos, he spoke at a news conference saying “I’m just excited to be a Bronco!” Denver Broncos’ coach Josh McDaniels confirmed the 2010 NFL trade and he hoped that there would also be a lot of excited football fans in Denver with Tim Tebow joining their team.

An Interesting NFL Draft 2010: What time does the NFL Draft Start?

Many must be wondering on what time does the NFL Draft Start?  The NFL Draft 2010 will start in a few moments at around 7:30pm EST.

There is a buzz around Tim Tebow and his nonappearance in the drafting session.  He said that he decided not to go and just stay at home in Florida.  This is mainly because he does not want to experience all the pressure when being there and waiting which team he’ll be picked on.  He feared that he might be picked last or something like that.  Yeah right.  Anyway, it’s nice to have friends and family with you once your team is finalized and I think this is what he is been doing.

We’ll give the latest link and drafting

The 2010 NFL Draft officially starts tonight (Thursday, April 22nd, 2010) at 7:30pm EST with the 1st round draft picks, and then continues through the weekend with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round draft picks on Friday and Saturday.

I decided to put together an NFL Draft 2010 live Twitter stream so that you can get up to the second information on anything and everything happening in the 2010 NFL Draft (see live Twitter stream below).

One of the biggest stories so far in the 2010 NFL draft centers on Tim Tebow and where, or what team, will finally end up drafting him. I wrote yesterday about how Tim Tebow made the decision to not show up to the 2010 NFL Draft in New York City. He decided instead to stay at home in Florida and watch the draft from TV with his family and friends.

Some people commented that the reason Tim Tebow wasn’t attending the 2010 NFL Draft was because he was afraid of being on national TV and not being drafted until late in the draft picks – somehow, I doubt that is going to happen.

Tim Tebow Haircut Photo Generates Reactions

Tim Tebow Haircut Photo Generates Reactions – A lot of fans of NFL player Tim Tebow were surprised as they saw their favorite football player with his new haircut. Apparently, the new haircut of Tim Tebow was quite weird as it left a huge bald at the center while the hair around his head were left.

Different reactions were given to Tim Tebow’s new haircut. Some said that it looked like a giant egg in a nest while some said that it resembled Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck. Others claimed it was disturbing on the eye. Anyhow, definitely that new haircut won’t be seen by spectators when Tim Tebow would play for the team of Denver Broncos.

Nobody knows why Tim Tebow decided to have that kind of haircut. Is he just creating some buzz since the NFL’s Preseason is about to start? What can you say about Tim Tebow’s new haircut?

Denver Broncos Rookie Tim Tebow Sports New Haircut

Former Florida Gator football standout Tim Tebow is taking the NFL rookie hazing all in stride. He has won the Heisman Trophy but he remains humble as the new kid on the NFL block, the Denver Broncos’ 2010 first round pick. Tebow has just bared his new “monk” haircut, one that would remind you of the old friars in the time of Robin Hood and friends. Yes, Tebow is cool with his new look, which is very much in contrast with how Dez Bryant is taking all that rookie hazing.

Dallas Cowboys 2010 rookie pick Dez Bryant has openly complained and expressed dislike of how rookies are treated in training camp. At the Cowboys camp, Bryant was asked to carry his teammates’ gear, consisting of pads and helmets.

“I’m not doing it,” Bryant said in an interview with ESPN. “I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads.”

For Tebow, this is just a small price to pay. A simple haircut that grows back in a couple of weeks earns respect among your teammates, no big deal. Tebow’s contract is reportedly worth $33 million for five years. He stands to earn $8.5 million in his first year.

I would say then that it is such a small price to pay.

NFL Player Tim Tebow on His Pro Day Workout

No doubt, in the recently finished Super Bowl 2010, Tim Tebow has been one of the few football players who really shone because of his skills and tactics in the football field.

As he prepares for the Florida Pro Day on March 17, 2010, Tim Tebow is said to be having a “new look” on his workout. The anticipation comes from Tebow’s “re-tooled throwing motion” at the Gator’s Pro Day workout exceeding expectations of various football fans.

A lot of NFL head coaches, executives and scouts were amazed on how Tim Tebow threw his football prior to next month’s NFL draft. Tim Tebow said that he gets his inspiration to do well in football from his various football fans supporters, and also critics:  “I relish everything about it. The people who support me and believe in me, that pushes me, and the people who don’t think I can make it, that pushes me even more.”

Well, all I can say for Tim Tebow is that he is indeed a good football player. Continue to impress your football supporters and critics with your new footwork and skills in throwing football. See you in next year’s Super Bowl 2011 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas.

Below is a Youtube video showing Tim Tebow’s impressive football throwing skills.