Private firms concerned about tax regime

About 66% of UK firms believe that the current UK tax regime fails to support and encourage enterprise.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Enterprising UK 2009 survey, just a fifth of private companies believe the government genuinely takes the concerns of the business sector into account.

The most common concern was over the simplicity and stability of the UK’s tax system, with 25 per cent of executives calling for a reduction in uncertainty and the rate of change.

This figure was up from eight per cent of respondents in 2006 and 17 per cent in 2007.

Mary Monfries, head of UK private business at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said firms are calling for a stable, certain tax environment in which to conduct their business successfully.

She added: “Reducing tax rates would be a challenge in the current economic climate, but a reduction in the rate of change and uncertainty should be easier to deliver.

“Private businesses are not looking for a crutch from government – an overwhelming majority are taking active steps to help themselves in managing through the recession. However, they do want a more effective voice.”

Last week, Deloitte reported that many firms are set to overhaul their balance sheet practises in light of the recession.

Enjoying the Holidays with Texas Tax Free Weekend 2010

It has been decided.  Governor Deval Patrick signed the tax-free holiday break for Massachusetts this 2010.  Shopping will once be again a very enjoyable leisure with taxes of just for this weekend of August 2010.

This tax free shopping weekend is under the economic development bill.  Although this bill focuses on middle class housing and tax breaks for manufacturing jobs, this tax-free holiday will give the people something to look forward to.

You need to mark the dates on your calendar now.  August 20 will be the start of the free weekend where no sales tax will be implemented in that holiday.  Shoppers will really save a lot of money on their purchases giving them more purchasing poser.

This tax-free weekend also intended to provide more savings for parents and students who are shopping for school supplies in the coming classes. Happy shopping everyone

File Extension Online: How to Get an IRS Extension Form 2009 Download

It’s actually the deadline… April 15 marks the last day of filing IRS Tax forms.  With this, a lot of people and companies still are late and having trouble finalizing their Income Tax returns.  But don’t worry because you still can get an extension form.

There are many consequences to filing late and they are Penalty charges and Interest rates.  As much as possible you would want to avoid this.  But still, you may get an IRS Extension Form 2009 download form the official website of the Internal Revenue System.  There are also video clips on how to file an IRS Extension online.

Post Offices Open Late for Tax Filing: Post Office Hours April 15

Today, Post Offices around the United States are going open late like until midnight just to give way to IRS Tax filing.  People have this bad habit of doing things the last minute, therefore, congesting our post offices.  Meanwhile, if you think you will be late in filing, you can check out the IRS web site and download the File Extension Online form 2009.

If you want to know on what time your post office closes, you may call your local mailing office post or check out their website online.  They are extending their services usually up to midnight and hire extra man power to accommodate the many requests for the post to be open right now.