USA vs. Algeria World Cup 2010 Results and Final Scores

USA vs. Algeria World Cup 2010 Live Scores and Results – USA and Algeria is now facing each other in the World Cup 2010 currently being held at South Africa. Apparently, the football match has just finished and it was USA who won against Algeria with a final score of 1-0.

The highlights of the match is the only goal committed in the entire football match. It was in the 91st minute of the game just before the whole match ended through Donovan of USA. USA supporters went wild as Donovan side-footed the ball home from an Altidore cross. That was a sure luck for team USA. Congratulations for team USA in beating Algeria in this World Cup 2010 football match.

NFL Preseason 2010: Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals Results

NFL Preseason 2010: Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals Results – The NFL Preseason 2010 football match between Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals is currently being held at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. The game kicked off 7pm tonight, August 15, 2010.

A lot of NFL spectators are looking forward Denver Bronco’s latest draft pick, Tim Tebow who will make his NFL debut tonight, pushing incumbent Kyle Orton. As you may have known, he just recently had a weird haircut resembling that of Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck. However, since he is wearing a helmet in the football field tonight, that won’t be visible.

Meanwhile, for the Cincinnati Bengals, both Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco are playing for the team. Their first-unit offense didn’t show much to the country last Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL Hall of Fame game as they lost 16-7.

The match is currently on its third quarter with both Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos scoring a tie of 17-17. During the first quarter, Denver Broncos scored 14 as against Cincinnati Bengals’ score of 0. However, for the second quarter, the Bengals took the lead by scoring 17 while the team of Broncos just scored 3.

For real time updates of the NFL Preseason 2010 match between Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals, you can go to NFL Fanhouse here.

World Cup 2010 Bracket Update: FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarter Finals Bracket

World Cup 2010 Bracket: FIFA World Cup Bracket Update (Quarter Finals) – The last set of football matches in the Round of 16 elimination round in the FIFA World Cup 2010 has finally ended and we are now entering the Quarter Finals Round.

Looking at the updated World Cup 2010 Bracket below, eight teams will compete for the Quarter Finals Round next week. These are Uruguay, Ghana, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Paraguay, and Spain. Have you updated your World Cup 2010 bracket already to reflect these eight winning teams?

Aside from the eight qualified teams in the Quarter Finals Round, you will also be able to view the schedule of games for each of the remaining football matches including the dates and their times in the World Cup 2010 bracket above. As early as now, do you already have your bets on which among the eight qualified teams in the Quarter Finals will be included in the final championship round on July 11?

Germany vs Argentina Highlights and Recap (Video)

Nobody expected this but it is true, the Germany vs Argentina match ended 4-0 in favor of Germany. Diego Maradona and his Argentinian squad fail to even score a single goal in their match. It was a match you never imagined could happen to a team like Argentina.

Yesterday it was Brazil and now it was Argentina. Before these matches happen everyone is setting their eye for a battle between Brazil and Argentina but now it would be anybody’s game. The match later today will be the clincher of a very eventful quarterfinals of the World Cup 2010.

Today, I failed with my prediction for I never imagined that Argentina would play so predictable and lame. Yes, I did say lame because they had played lame and very unlikely. Just 3 minutes into the match they already allowed a goal by Thomas Mueller. That is Mueller’s fourth goal in the World Cup.

Then came the 68th minute, Miroslav Klose scored another goal making that his 100th international appearance with a good impression to everyone. The third goal came from Defender Arne Friedrich on the 74th minute and then another one from Klose on the 89th minute.

Before this game Maradona is quoted as saying that England allowed Germany to score too much and did been easy on them. England lost to Germany 4-1. However, if you look at today’s much you would definitely ask if Argentina is really a champion team.

Now, let us analyze, If Germany could beat a team as good as Argentina then we might be seeing the champion of this years World Cup unless something striking would happen again. Germany as the World Cup 2010 champions is likely but this is World Cup 2010 and it is the most unpredictable World Cup ever.

Now here is the video highlight for Germany vs Argentina.


Uruguay vs Netherlands: Orange is the Color of Victory

The Netherlands defeated Uruguay in their semifinals match with 3 goals to 2. It was the sweetest victory ever as they came close to a possible repeat of the 1978 Germany vs Netherlands World Cup finals match. The field and the benches as well as the whole Deutschland was flooded with the color orange. It seems for many orange would be the color of victory this year as many anticipate their eventual win as champions of World Cup 2010.

Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder became the starts and power players of the Netherlands team. Clad in an all-orange team uniform the Netherlands swept pass through strong opponent and favorite Brazil. They defeated the five time World Cup champions, 2-1. Sneijder already had five goals in this World Cup while Robben has two. The two would be the man to watch during the finals scheduled on June 11 at Soccer City, Johannesburg.

Yesterday, disappointed orange travelers leave back for Holland after they have booked their ship ticket in advance saying that they have never anticipated that their team would perform this well. We are sure that if they had the chance they would never miss such a game. The travelers left Holland late May to travel miles across and give support to their international team.

Will the world be seeing more of the orange flood by the end of the finals on July 11? Will this be the official color of victory for the next couple of years until the next World Cup?

This remains to be seen but am sure that everyone in the team and in Deutschland wants this to happen.

World Cup 2010: Spain vs Portugal Match Recap

Portugal and Spain is the last football to end the last day of the Round of 16 elimination round at the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa which will be held live at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.

Portugal did a wonderful job in defeating North Korea at an outstanding score of 7-0 during one of their three previous matches. The other two football matches were a tie against Brazil and Ivory Coast at scores of both 0-0. Spain, on the other hand, has a two win and one loss during its first three football matches here at FIFA World Cup. Spain won against Chile at a score of 2-1 and against Honduras at a score of 2-0. Spain, however, was lost to Switzerland at a score of 0-1.

Which do you think among these two competing teams is more likely to win this football match? You can watch Portugal vs. Spain World Cup 2010 football match live to find out. For those who have access to TV, you can watch it through live streaming channels of ESPN and ABC Sports since these are the largest networks who have acquired the rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup 2010 live to its viewers.

In contrast, you can also watch Portugal vs. Spain live online through various online live streaming sites such as SOP Cast, Freedocast, Justin TV, and UStream. Several sites will also be live blogging the Portugal vs. Spain football match. One example will be the FIFA World Cup 2010 website.

Stay tuned to us as we will be reporting the live scores and results as soon as the match finishes. So are you for Portugal? Or Spain?

Spain will Face Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Finals

Finally, the final match is already here. Few hours from now, the world will welcome this season’s FIFA World Cup champion. It would be a match between the undefeated Netherlands who amazingly ousted several top seeded teams against Spain, an ancient team of soccer who hasn’t reach the finals since 1950

For the first time, Spain amazingly defeated Germany in the semi finals since 1950 1-0 via a headed goal from Carles Puyol and now advances to the much awaited final game.

Netherlands or the Holland team on the other hand had shown awesome matches by starting to secure a 100 percent record in their World Cup 2010 qualification campaign, winning all eight games and becoming the first European team to qualify for the World Cup.

The Dutch team is a tough team to defeat as they never lost a match until they reach the Finals. The match will take place at Soccer City on Sunday at 2:30 pm (EST) wherein majority of the world’s population will be watching.

For US residents, Live TV Broadcast can be seen at ABC, ESPN, and Univision. Spain vs Netherlands Live Stream can be best viewed in here.

World Cup 2010 Semi-finals: Netherlands vs Uruguay

Uruguay vs Netherlands, the first World Cup 2010 semifinals match happens today 14:30 EDT at the Green Point Stadium, Cape Town. Before the match later today there had been match of a fuzz already from both teams.

Uruguay’s manager Oscar Tabarez had a bad day with the media as they have crushed their closed door training on a “handball court.” Seems like a little weird to me that they are practicing in such a court the more they want to keep it a secret. Anyway, Tabarez would not be releasing the lineup for today’s match.

Meanwhile, Netherlands themselves admitted that they have a big problem with their ego and overconfidence. They said that usually after a big win they tend to believe so much in themselves and forgot about the other team’s capacity. Well, that is a first step and perhaps that would not happen today.

Netherlands and Uruguay will face off for a slot in the World Cup 2010 finals. Uruguay now is the lone hope of South America and surely they have the entire South American fans with them. Diego Maradona will surely watch this match since his protegee, Diego Forlan will be the man to watch for Uruguay.

Both teams did not lose in the World Cup 2010 although Uruguay has one draw with France and Netherlands had greater number of goals at 9 against Uruguay’s 7.

So who will win? The tale of the tape, the previous games and how it ended all points to a win by Netherlands in this semifinals. Yes, I know I had been wrong 3 times against 1 but am sure that does not prohibit me from making a prediction.

For your Uruguay vs Netherlands Live Stream Online you can visit or even,, and They will surely have an online live stream at their sites.

For now I will sit back and wait for the final results and then provide you with a Uruguay vs Netherlands post game analysis and video highlights.

Paraguay vs Spain Highlights and Recap (Video)

It seems that my predictions all failed today since Spain did win against Paraguay. This only means that the World Cup 2010 had become the most unpredictable in all the World Cup. France, Italy, England, Brazil and then Argentina all thrown out of the World Cup 2010 competition.

Spain's striker David Villa (front) and Paraguay's defender Paulo da Silva eye the ball during the 2010 World Cup quarter-final football match Paraguay vs. Spain on July 3, 2010 at Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg. (Photo credit JUAN MABROMATA/AFP/Getty Images)

Spain and Germany were the only World Cup veterans who remains in the running and on the semifinals this two will face each other in a do-or-die match. Whoever wins will either battle Uruguay or Netherlands.

The win of Spain was handed down by the lone goal of David Villa at the 82nd minute. However, the goal alone of Villa was not the only reason why Spain win, Casillas, Spain’s goalkeeper was in fact part of that.

Casillas made important goal saves, one during a penalty kick and two others later in the game. His eye for the ball made a difference for if not Paraguay would have walk away as the winners.

“Then Casillas, he was extraordinary,” del Bosque said. “Two magnificent stops there.”

During the end of the period, Spanish players put more emphasis on what Casillas did as they rushed and mob him to celebrate their victory.

When Spain faces Germany for the semifinals it would be a royal rumble of sorts as football rivals face each other once more. Spain has the edge in going to the semifinals and players like Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Ramos and Fabregas, they have the better chance of winning.

Here are two highlights from the Paraguay vs Argentina game:



Uruguay vs Ghana Scores and Highlights: A Quest that Ended Short

Uruguay vs Ghana had been a very tight game. We have predicted before that Ghana will win this match in regular period 1-0 but the match went on to penalty kicks and Uruguay defeated Ghana, 4-2. It was a sad lose since Ghana is aiming to be the first African team to earn a semifinals slot. It is a battle for Africa. It is “Waka-Waka.”

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 02: Asamoah Gyan of Ghana reacts as he misses a late penalty kick in extra time to win the match during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Quarter Final match between Uruguay and Ghana at the Soccer City stadium on July 2, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Asamoah Gyan, Ghana’s star player missed a penalty kick on the last play of extra time which could have been a win for Ghana. On the shootout the team had not been good at really delivering shots as Uruguay goalie Fernando Muslera made two saves in the shootout.

Uruguay will be the first South American to advance to the semifinals and will be facing Netherlands who made a wonderful match against Brazil. Uruguay made it on penalties, 4-2, after a 1-1 draw Friday at Soccer City.

“It’s not just about courage to take a penalty like that,” Abreu said. “It’s a way of scoring a penalty. It won’t count as two goals if you take it conventionally. There are different ways to score from the spot and this is this one I like. We can’t say we had winners’ luck because that would imply that we are playing down the work we have done since 2006. This is a team that has gone through a lot and that has been the key to a result in the World Cup.”

Uruguay will not be playing for the semifinals, a feat they had never reached since 1970. For Ghana their quest to become the first African nation to reach the semifinals ended short. It was a good game though and our congratulations to both.