Runaway Toyota Prius in San Diego is Safe Now

What would you do if you were driving a Toyota Prius at the speed of over 90 miles per hour and that you cannot stop it because the accelerator got stuck?

This was the incident that happened today in a runaway Toyota Prius in San Diego California. Accordingly, this runaway Prius has been in the eyes of traffic officers after they received a 911 call from the driver of it reporting that its car won’t stop due to unintended acceleration.

The traffic officer eventually caught the Toyota Prius driver by telling him “to apply his emergency brake in tandem with the brake pedal” to stop the car.

This is a horrible incident. If  I would have been the driver of that runaway Prius, I would try my best to immediately turn off the engine to stop the car.

Toyota Motors have already sent their representatives to investigate the case of the runaway Prius. I guess that we really need to have our Toyota cars checked before we drive them just to be safe.

It would be best to bring them to an authorized Toyota dealer and have it checked if it is included in millions of cars recalled by Toyota due to sticking accelerators.