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President Obama’s New Oval Office

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While the Obama family was vacationing over at Martha’s Vineyard, the President’s oval office at the White House was having a make-over with a decidedly New Yorker flavor. Far from being a major overhaul, although the improvements were from top to bottom, the newly re-designed oval office now sports striped wallpaper from Amagansett in the […]

Obama’s Iraq Speech Full Text

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Obama’s Iraq Speech Full Text – President Barack Obama announces the end of the Iraq war and gives his salutation to the effort and diligence of former President George W. Bush. The Iraq speech of President Obama was received by majority with joy and greater hope but for some it arrived too early. “As I […]

President Barack Obama Visits The View

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Leading up to U.S. President Barack Obama’s guest appearance on “The View”, there were speculations that there could be awkward moments with one of the show’s hosts, Republican supporter Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  On Thursday morning, President Obama appeared calm and at ease as he talked about relevant issues and other trivial issues. President Obama talked comfortably […]

President Obama Appears on The View

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President Barack Obama appeared on The View and became the first ever commander-in-chief to appear on a daytime talk show. Why The View? President Obama said, “Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched and so I thought this is it, right here,” Even legendary TV interviewer Barbara Walters was elated […]

Obama Speech August 31: Video and Reaction

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Obama Speech August 31: Video and Reaction – President Barack Obama delivered a historical Presidential Address at the end of the month. This also makes a fresh beginning for the US foreign policy was we begin a new month, September and starts the long Christian Christmas Season. August is also the Muslim worldwide fasting month […]

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