Wyclef Jean Wants to Be Haiti’s President

Probably feeling that his participation in the remake of Michael Jackson’s humanitarian masterpiece, “We are the World” song and video is not the most he can do to help Haiti’s earthquake victims, Wyclef Jean has been quoted as saying that he wants to run in the Haitian Presidential elections this November.

Jean’s planned presidential bid was confirmed by his brother Samuel Jean. Reports are circulating that Wyclef will run as part of Former Chamber of Deputies leader Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques coalition but Samuel Jean said he is still unsure which party his brother will run under.

This early questions are already surrounding Wyclef Jean’s presidential bid, starting with his Haitian residency. Although he was born in Haiti, he grew up in Brooklyn.

For Wyclef to be qualified to run as a candidate he must prove he has resided in Haiti for five consecutive years prior to the election, that he owns property in the country and has no other citizenship but Haitian. He and his brother are optimistic the residency requirement will be waived because of Wyclef’s appointment as Haiti’s “roving ambassador”.