8001050F: Lost PS3 trophies and some PSN errors still not fixed

After Sony officially announced that the error code 8001050F has been resolved, many users are still complaining about it. But not as many as before. The resolution did not affect 100% of the PS3 users world wide. There are some who are still experiencing the same problem.

Others can already log in to Playstation Network, but their beloved trophies are gone forever. This is a serious problem that Sony should face. If all your trophies are hard earned, and suddenly it vanished like a thief in the night, I bet you’re freaking out right now.

To those who have lost their trophies and suffered the 8001050F cyber disaster, you should contact Sony Playstation support to manually restore your trophies.

If there’s no chance to restore your trophies manually, you should start from zero now and earn all trophies all over again.

But if you really don’t care about your trophies in Playstation Network, just forget about what happened and play for fun.

Recover PS3 Trophies: Solved after the 8001050F bug

We can’t deny the fact that recovering hard earned PS3 trophies is a serious problem for our loyal PS3 player, specially to those who worked hard for it. After the reign of 8001050F error code, all trophies from your account was wiped out without prior notice.

This is really a serious problem and Sony hasn’t announced yet how to recover it. Anyway, the 8001050F error has already been resolved after the leap year bug. But that doesn’t mean to there’s no problem left with the PS3 system.

As of now, we are still waiting for the official announcement from Sony of how to recover our beloved trophies.

We really do hope that this issue will have a resolution as soon as possible. Let’s see how this goes after a few more hours. Or else, those who lost their trophies bang their heads on the wall.

Sony, please do something to recover our beloved trophies right now!

UPDATE: The service has been restored but if someone out there hasn’t recovered their trophies yet, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below

8001050F: The error code that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad

8001050F is indeed the most famous error code in the history of all PS3 error codes. We already wrote about how Sony reacted in this phenomena and how to fix the PS3 error code 8001050F. The truth is, until now this error wasn’t fixed by Sony yet.

There’s a manual but risky way to resolve this Playstation Network downtime error. But only a few brave souls attempted to fix their own console.

It has been more than 24 hours since Sony promised to fix 8001050F. Sony disappointed a lot of users world wide. As a matter of fact, people wants to sue Sony, as what one of the commenters said in this article.

“We are now in the state of paranoia”, said Mark Gilmer, a certified Playstation 3 addict.

One of our commenters also said that the problem is not with the PSN, but with the PS3’s software.

Others said that it will be fixed after March 1, 2010, because the Playstation’s brain is too dumb and thought that 2010 is a leap year and today is February 29, 2010, which is so wrong.

Once again, let’s all wait for the official announcement from the Playstation blog about how to fix this error.

I bet there’s another firmware upgrade that will resolve this and the Sony Playstation engineers are working overtime to find a way to fix this software bug that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad.

43-Year-Old Woman Charged With Seducing Teen via PS Home

This is undeniably an interesting news about how a 43-year-old woman seduced a teenager through PS3’s Playstation Home

This was discovered when the 14-year-old teen suddenly disappeared. Her mother went looking for him and she was absolutely worried about what happened to her son. When he finally returned home, things got even weirder. That’s because he came back with 43-year-old Annamay Alexander, who claimed to be there to discuss the possibility of the boy marrying her daughter.

Smelling strange things afoot, the boy’s mom went digging through his cell phone, and unearthed a few texts from this alleged matchmaker, saying totally normal things like: “My body is yours to do whatever you want with,” and “I love you and we are going to get married.” Nevermind, of course, that she was already married with children.

So how did this cougar manage to grab hold of her pubescent prey? Apparently, the incongruous couple met on the virtual world of Sony Home, where they each created digital characters of themselves.

The police confiscated the teen’s PlayStation, and discovered a photo of Alexander in her undies. The son later acknowledged that Annamay had indeed come to visit him for some playful sexy activity.

MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Release Time

This latest Call of Duty Map Pack is one of the latest and most awaited map pack for Modern Warfare 2 gamers this month. The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package is scheduled to be released on March 30, 2010.

As we all know, the Stimulus Package consists of 5 Map Packs and it costs $15.00 USD.

If you don’t have an idea what are the new maps in the Stimulus Package, they are Bailout, Salvage, and Storm. So what are these maps? Bailout is a wide map set in an overrun apartment complex with long sight lines, this map is perfect for snipers. Salvage is a small snowy map in a junkyard. And last but not the least Storm, Storm is a map of abandoned warehouses in the midst of a thunderstorm.

There are 5 maps isn’t it? Here’s two more: Crash and Overgrown. These maps are from COD4 and they are just revived because it’s one of the best and most favorite maps of all time. Crash is an urban map with a downed helicopter, while Overgrown is a wide open map suitable for snipers.

There’s no official announcement yet of the release time, but we think that the release time will be at exactly 12:00 AM EST on March 30, 2010.

UPDATE 2:26 AM EST: Based on our inside sources from Infinity Ward, the release time will be no later than 7:00 PM EST 03/30/2010. Let’s just sleep now and wake up later tonight to download the package, ok?

Here’s the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Trailer from YouTube:

We’ll be posting more updates about this cool MW2 Package.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II Released Today!

Finally! The most awaited Star Wars: Force Unleashed sequel is released today! A lot of gamers are so excited to have a copy of this newly released Star Wars game. It’s officially released today in North America, and 3 days after, it will be released in Europe. In just a few days after the first release, this game will be available worldwide!

You can secure a copy now in your favorite game reseller shops. Those who pre-ordered the game can also get their copy today! For those who wants to order the game on Amazon, click here. If you want to buy it on Gamestop, click here.

Force Unleased 2 is available in six different platforms. You can have a copy of FU2 for your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and iOS.

This sequel features new skins for Force powers that appear in The Force Unleashed, new Force powers, dual light sabers for the player’s character, a new audio system, and an improved rendering system providing richer colors.

This game is a must-have specially to those who are a big fan of Playstation Move, as this game supports the Playstation Move Motion and Navigation controllers.

LucasArts will never disappoint us with this game. It’s only 720p, but it’s ok. It doesn’t look bad if your HDTV is not more than 70″. I’ve tried 720p games in my 60″ HDTV and it’s not that obvious if you compare it with videos at 1080p resolution.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 now!

MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Package Has Been Released But Subject to Patch or Fix

Millions of PS3 and XBOX console game players have been waiting for the release time of the latest Stimulus Package of Modern Warfare 2. Accordingly, the map package is composed of three new maps and two remakes.

While some console game players have finally said that the in demand Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package has been released already, they are complaining that the maps are not working and are pissed off.

Infinity Ward said that these maps are subject to patch or fix and have received thousands of complaints from various Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) console players most especially to those ones who paid for it which costed them $15.

We will be hearing more updates about the map patch or fix from Infinity Ward themselves of this Stimulus Package containing 5 maps from Modern Warfare 2. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Revealed

Recently a video trailer online reveals to Playstation and Xbox 360 users to anticipate for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Niitsuma Ryota, is the director and producer of this next MvC installment. Characters for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game were also revealed from the short trailer such as mainstay Ryu, Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man and Chris Reified of Resident Evil.

The trailer just gives excitement to game console owners as the Marvel vs. Capcom series really leaves them wanting for more installments.

Update: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Map Pack Released

Gamers, especially loyal fans of  “Call of Duty”, are expecting Modern Warfare 2’s latest version. Today, March 30 should be the release date fo the MW2 Stimulus Package.  With this, they will expect Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack release time on no later than 7pm, East Coast Time.

There will be five new maps to conquer.  The game is getting more realistic than ever as it will portray scenes from true and real war places.  Check out the new MW2 release now.

UPDATE: It’s now released. You can download it now in Microsoft XBOX Live Marketplace and Sony Playstation Store.

8001050F PS3 Error: While world has gone mad, Sony remained silent

After we’ve published our article about fixing the error 8001050F, we’ve received hundreds of comments from PS3 users across the world in less than a minute.

Playstation users are so impatient and can’t wait for Sony to fix things up. But we can’t blame them, because they have the right to complain.

Sony on the other hand remained silent regarding this matter. After Patrick Seybold announced the latest news regarding their network status, there’s no more update that followed that announcement.

They just promised that they will fix the error within 24 hours. But if you’re an avid gamer and a super hardcore Playstation fanatic, I bet you can’t wait and you’re now hitting your head against the wall. We can’t deny the fact that PS3 fanboys went insane waiting and waiting and waiting for the fix to arrive.

Others are saying that this 8001050F PS3 Error is a marketing strategy by Sony to sell their news PS3 slims, that’s why they indicated in their announcement that PS3 slims are not affected with this so-called bug.

If we cannot do something to fix the error, we just need to be patient. That’s all and hope that Sony will fix this 8001050F dilemma.

We’ll be posting more updates regarding the PS3 Network Error and how to fix 8001050F error code. Be updated on the latest news from the World Correspondents by subscribing to us via e-mail.