National Dog Day 2010: Celebrate the Day With Your Dogs

National Dog Day 2010: Celebrate the Day With Your Dogs – Dogs are known to be humans’ best friends. Of all the pets available, dogs are closest to humans.

We usually have celebrations in various occasions but rarely we have it in our pets such as a dog. Today, August 26, 2010 is the celebration of National Dog Day nationwide. National Dog Day dates back 6 years ago in 2004 through Colleen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert and author. According to her, National Dog Day not only educates people about dogs in general but also shows our appreciation to dogs as humans’ best friend.

In memory of Tinkerbelle, the canine best friend of National Dog Day founder Colleen Paige, who has helped to save over 50,000 homeless dogs through various National Dog Day events nationwide, the National Dog Day website asks all dog and pet lovers nationwide to adopt a dog. If you decided to adopt a dog, please let them know and name your new dog after Tinkerbelle – they would love to feature a photo and short bio of him/her on their upcoming “Tinkerbelle’s Legacy Lives On” page.

What else can be done on this special day of our dogs? Here are some of the best things to do during National Dog Day celebration:

– Take your dog for a nice long walk in a dog park where he or she can meet other fellow dogs.

– Visit your veterinarian and have your dog updated with the recent vaccinations available to avoid dog diseases.

– Give your dog a special dog food or a new toy to play with

– Most of all, adopt a dog and make them as one of your best friends.

Below is a video of the National Dog Day celebration:


Lastly, Colleen Paige left us with an interesting note about dogs in celebration of National Dog Day: “It is the Human Condition to Love. It is Love that Changes the Human Condition. It is the Love of one Human that can Change a Nation. It is that Love which empowers one Nation, to save man’s best friend.”

Teacup Pigs: The Latest Celebrity Pet Craze

Oh, I am sure PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) will have a big fit because it seems like there is a new pet-craze in town.

Teacup Pigs, also called Micro Pigs, are the latest “It” pet and therefore the new status symbols as far as celebrity pets are concerned.

With this development, these pigs will be so in demand that they will result in the proliferation of Teacup piglet-mills, something that PETA has a right to be concerned about.

However, the celebrity Teacup pet-buying continues with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley of Harry Potter), Paris Hilton and super couple David and Victoria Beckham as the latest proud owners of these cute pigs, so named because they are small enough to fit a teacup and because their original breeder, Chris Murray, discovered that his little pets shared his love for tea.

It took Murray 9 years and 24 generations of breeding before he succeeded in reducing the pigs to the miniature size that they are today.

Originally named “Pennywell miniatures”, after the farm in Devon, England where the first of these Teacup Pigs were born, they are now in the limelight after PETA sounded a cry of protest against Paris Hilton’s ownership of a fully grown Teacup Pig.