Happy Passover Greetings: Passover Tells Exodus Story in the Bible

Happy Passover 2010 to all Hebrews. Today, we celebrate the so-called “Passover” which is considered as a holy day by many Jew because it commemorates the event in the Bible where they were freed from the enslavement in Egypt.

Accordingly, the Passover story tells us the story in the bible when God inflicted ten plagues upon the Egyptians as he ‘pass over’ each Jewish homesĀ  and took the firstborn of the Egyptian people and animals. This final plague caused Egyptian Pharaohs to freed the Jews from enslavement.

Various religions around the world extend their warmest Passover greetings to all Hebrews all over the world. One of the prime element of the Passover celebration among Hebrews is the gathering of all Jewish families for a very special diner called “Seder” meal.

In this first Seder meal, the story of the Exodus of Hebrews against Egyptians are retold using a text called Haggadah. In addition, eating the so-called “Chametz” is forbidden during Passover celebration which includes all types of breads.