Charlotte Church’s Daughter Is Upset Over Paparazzis

Charlotte Church, Welsh singer-songwriter, actress and television presenter, says her 3-year old daughter Ruby Megan Henson gets upset when paparazzis try to snap her family, according to BANG Showbiz.

Church’s said her youngest child, 1 year and 9 month-old Dexter Lloyd, does not understand what is happening.

However, her daughter Ruby, gets angry when the paparazzi try to take photos.

“They’re very young but Ruby notices the photographers and will say, ‘Naughty man taking pictures of mummy and Ruby,’” Church told BANG Showbiz.

“I think it’s going to be a part of their lives from when they’re so young but I don’t intend to be this way forever, I don’t intend to be famous forever because that would be hell,” she added.

The 24-year-old, who recently ended romance from Welsh rugby union star player Gavin Henson, is busy making a new album called “Back to Scratch.” She is also dating British musician Jonathan Powell.

Church hopes as the children grow older that she can move away from her pop career to managing other artists and building her own company.

“I’ll always make music because I have to but when they go to school and stuff, I don’t want to be flying around the world,” Church said. “I want to be at home picking them up from school, making their tea, giving them a stable and steady environment.”

12-Year Old Greyson Michael Chance Youtube Sensation Sang Paparazzi of Lady GaGa

A 12-year old boy named Greyson Chance from Oklahoma City  is turning out to be another internet sensation right after a video release of his school performance of Paparazzi on piano.

Sixth-grader Greyson was recorded performing the song during a talent show at Cheyenne Middle School. The video was posted on YouTube and had more than two million hits Thursday morning. The huge attention he got from Youtube now got him flown to perform at the The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Los Angeles this coming Thursday. Greayson also has his Youtube Channel put up recently.