Pacquiao Frustrated Juan Manuel Marquez For The 2nd Time

There is no doubt that the latest Pacquiao-Marquez fight can be considered as one of the best boxing matches in the history. Both of them are just few of the boxers who played clean in their numerous past matches. Their rivalry seemed to be endless. They would always be branded as opponents inside the ring.

Pacquiao has been labeled to be the punisher to Mexican boxers after defeating 9 of them including Marquez in his entire professional boxing career. That’s why Marquez isn’t only fighting for the title every time he faces Pacquiao but he is also carrying that vengeance for his fellow Mexican boxers.

Boxing analysts are saying that Marquez is considered to be Pacquiao’s nemesis who could keep up with the latter’s speed and stamina. Their 12 round fight clearly showed why. Not like his previous fights, Pacquiao couldn’t just knock Marquez down that easy. If Pacquiao gives out punches, Marquez can do the same.

Both have their own rounds and the audience both inside MGM Grand and those in front of the silver screens couldn’t afford to miss a single moment.

Pacquiao and Marquez remained standing after 12 rounds and everyone’s heart started to pound heavily while waiting for the official decision. Marquez raised his hands claiming the victory while Pacquiao went straight to the ring corner and prayed.

At this moment, the decision would be all up to the judges. Robert Hoyle had it 114-114 and the crowd made noise. Then Dave Moretti had it 115-113 while Glenn Trowbridge had 116-112 declaring Manny Pacquiao to remain as the WBO World Welterweight Title holder.

The crowd seemed to be not happy with the decision. There has been booing mixed with the yells of happiness. Marquez walked out of the ring and went straight to his locker room avoiding the questions of the press while Pacquiao remained celebrating his victory.

This is yet another controversial bout between the two and the fight clearly didn’t show who’s the real undisputed in their category. It has been always a close fight just like their previous match last 2008 wherein Pacquiao won with just a point.

Statistically, Pacquiao clearly won and the judges’ decision is final. They might have seen his edge from Marquez in the fight that cannot be normally seen by a common boxing match viewer.

Filipinos Getting Ready For Another Phenomenal Pacquiao Fight

This is going to be another big event in the Philippines as their great boxer turned Congressman Manny Pacquiao is set to be back inside the boxing ring again. The everyday activity of every Filipino would be halted this Sunday as they will be witnessing this great match. Surely hours from now, the keyword Pacquiao vs Margarito Live Stream would be trending in all search engines.

Manny Pacquiao has been a phenomenal boxer as he has been the first one to first boxer in history to win nine world titles in seven different weight divisions. He is also the first boxer in history to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. He will be fighting for another division this time which is the Super Welterweight division. He will be facing Antonio Margarito. He currently holds the WBC International Light Middleweight title.

Pacquiao’s country Philippines is very ready at this time as many of its municipalities and cities are having big screens in their gymnasium and would be giving free live streams for its residents. A lot of the cinemas are also having pay per views in the country.

If Pacquiao managed to win again in this match, it would be his 8th division. Happy watching everyone!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Breaks His Silence

The deadline for a deal to put two of the world’s best pound-for-pound boxers has passed. Top Rank Promotions, Golden Boy Promotions, Team Pacquaio and Team Mayweather have all been quiet about discussions on the negotiating table until it was clear that the fight we all want to see will not happen on November 13.

Top Rank’s Bob Arum disclosed that they never heard back from Mayweather as the deadline passed. This time we have never heard of ill words from all parties involved. In fact Arum even offered a possible excuse for Mayweather which is the current legal issue his uncle-trainer is going through.

The truce may have ended with Team Mayweather drawing first blood: “Here are the facts,” according to Mayweather spokesperson Leonard Ellerbe. “Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer and myself speak to each other on a regular basis and the truth is no negotiations have ever taken place nor was there ever a deal agreed upon by Team Mayweather or Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao on November 13. Either Ross Greenburg or Bob Arum is not telling the truth, but history tells us who is lying.”

We may not know who is telling the truth. What we probably know by now is that the fight we have all been waiting for may never happen.

Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao Fight May Never Happen

The boxing match that everyone wants to see is again in jeopardy of not happening. According to Top Rank promoter Bob Arum who represents Pacquiao, the deadline for an agreement has passed but the Mayweather camp has not committed to the fight.

Talks about a Pacquiao-Mayweather match began last year, with Pacquiao refusing to undergo Olympic style blood tests just a few days leading to the fight. Negotiations failed and both boxers opted to fight mismatched opponents. Pacquiao dominated a barely punching Joshua Clottey while Mayweather beat an undersized Juan Manuel Marquez.

Talks between Top Rank representing Pacquiao and Golden Boy Promotions for Mayweather were made public last time. This time around they are keeping negotiations behind closed doors but there are hints that point out to Mayweather again holding up this fight from ever taking place.

If the fight never happens again, both parties will be held responsible by the very fans that want to see the match. Is Mayweather coming up with demands just to make this fight impossible to happen? If Team Pacquiao agrees to take a huge pay cut just to fight Mayweather, what other unreasonable demand can “Money” ask for?

A Filipino Filled Match For The Pacquiao-Marquez 4 Bout

Manny Pacquiao is one of the most celebrated boxer in the world and much more in his country, Philippines. Every time Manny Pacquiao has a fight, the entire country seemed to be having a holiday as everyone would be staying at home; somewhere that has the pay-per-view offers, or in their own town’s gymnasium and watch the match in full force.

Before this year ends, Pacquiao will have another bout with his long time Mexican opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez. Up to this time, these two great boxers just can’t decide within themselves who truly deserves the boxing prowess. This is going to be their 4th match and everyone has been expecting a knockout from either one of them to fully determine who’s the real champ.

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During their match, Filipinos will not only comprise the millions of viewers but there are also some Filipino boxers who will have under card matches on the same day. It has been announced last November 27 that Michael Fareñas will have to fight against undefeated former WBA/IBF featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa from Cuba for the WBA Interim world super featherweight title. Joining Fareñas will be Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta who will fighting against Miguel “Titere” Vazquez of Mexico for the IBF lightweight.

Filipinos are slowly following the boxing life of Pacquiao and would eventually become a boxing champ just like him.