NFL Week 11 Results

The game between the new York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles had been the last game for the exciting Sunday football games. The Eagles win over the Giants 27-17 on a very exciting football game. Meanwhile, there are some developments in the NFL week 11 results however these are not very major and I think there will be no major changes in the rankings next week.

This week the Buffalo Bills managed to get their second win as they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 49-31. The Bengals dominated the first half a score of 31-14. The Buffalo Bills however take on a revenge on the second half and prevented any score from the Bengals. The game ended with each following quarter nil for the Bengals and 14 and 21 respectively for the Bills.

Houston Texans continue their decline this week. The Texans added another loss in their column since they were defeated this week by the New York Jets 30-27. It was a very close game but in the end the better team indeed prevailed. It was pretty predictable for all other teams in the top of the rankings as they defeated lower rank opponents.

The New England Patriots escaped a defeat from Indianapolis Colts, 31-28 which will make the Boston based Patriots stay on top of the ESPN Power rankings. It was a pretty good game but they were lucky since the Colts did not manage to get another touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Here are the full NFL Week 11 results:

Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals
Bills won, 49-31

Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys won, 19-35

Washington Redskins vs Tennessee Titans
Redskins won, 19-16

Arizona Cardinals vs Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs won, 13-31

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings
Packers won, 31-3

Houston Texans vs New York Jets
Jets won, 27-30

Oakland Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers won, 3-35

Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers
Ravens won, 37-13

Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Jaguars won, 20-24

Atlanta Falcons vs St. Louis Rams
Falcons won, 34-17

Seattle Seahwaks vs New Orleans Saints
Saints won, 19-34

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs San Francisco 49ers
Buccaneers won, 21-0

Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots
Patriots won, 28-31

Chicago Bears vs Miami Dolphins
Bears won, 16-0

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles won, 27-17

NFL Week 10 Scores and Results

Buffalo Bills' nose tackle Kyle Williams (95) reacts after tackling a Detroit Lions running back during the first half of an NFL football game in Orchard Park, N.Y., on Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

NFL Week 10 is almost over and the results are now final except for the final game later today. Monday Night Football will feature Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins at 8:30pm Eastern on ESPN.

This week the Buffalo Bills finally made their first ever win and it came at the expense of the Detroit Lions. The win nearly escaped the Buffalo Bills once again but I suppose the team had learned a lot from their previous games. Now they have guarded their lead well but luckily the Lions did not manage enough offensive to make a comeback on the last quarter. The Lions made a last ditch effort in the fourth quarter scoring 9-0 but in the end the Bills prevailed, 14-12.

Houston Texans are suffering from a late season glitch and they lost once again. The Jacksonville Jaguars outscored the Texans in the second and fourth quarter while the Texans managed to outscore them on the third. Maurice Jones of the Jaguars made two touchdowns in the second quarter to lead the scoring at 14-0. Houston Texans drops to 4-5 while Jacksonville Jaguars improves to 5-4. The final game score 31-24.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys surprised the New York Giants when they defeated them, 33-20. The defense of the Cowboys worked against the Giants and they never outscored the Cowboys in any quarter in fact during the last quarter no one was able to score. Looking at the scoring of the Dallas Cowboys nobody dominated the touchdowns, the scoring was well distributed. The Giants now drops to 6-3.

The Arizona Cardinals still fails to get their rhythm going as they suffer their fourth successive defeat in the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks outscored them in all quarters as they win 36-18.

Here is the complete NFL Week 10 Scores and Results.

Baltimore Ravens vs Atlanta Falcons
Falcons won, 21-26

Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins
Dolphins won, 17-29

New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns
Jets won, 26-20

Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts
Colts won, 23-17

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears
Bears won, 27-13

Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills
Bills won, 12-14

Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Buccaneers won, 16-31

Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Jaguars won, 24-31

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos
Broncos won, 29-49

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants
Cowboys won, 33-20

St. Louis Rams vs San Francisco 49ers
49ers won, 20-23

Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals
Seahawks won, 36-18

New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Patriots won, 39-26

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos Live Coverage on CBS

Both teams are in unfavored territories. The Kansas City Chiefs have won less road games than at home while the Denver BRoncos have lost most of their games at home. Well, win-loss statistics would not matter that much for a Broncos team that just made two victories so far this season, one against Seattle Seahwaks and the other against Tennessee Titans.

Kansas City Chiefs is number 1 in the NFL when it comes to rushing yards however they are 30th inpassing yards, an area where the Denver Broncos exell and is 3rd in the NFL. The Chiefs just came out from their third loss via overtime last week against the Oakland Raiders 23-20. During this game the Chief will try to avoid another loss while the Broncos will try to exploit on their weakness.

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 07: Verran Tucker #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs catches a touchdown pass over Chirs Johnson #37 of the Oakland Raiders during an NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 7, 2010 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Denver Broncos is weak on defense and this is the area which the CHiefs might really pull away and exploit. During this game we will be seeing more of Kansas City CHiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe who had made a touchdown reception in four consecutive games. Another Kansas City CHiefs player, Tamba Hali just needs one more sack to surpass his career high of 8.5.

If there is one positive thing about the situation of Denver Broncos in this game, it will be a fresh team just coming from a Bye. They are 15-6 after a bye. Denver also has Denver’s Brandon Lloyd which leads the NFL with 17 catches of 20-plus yards.

Who will prevail in this game? Will the Kansas City Chiefs be derailed once more. Let us take a look at this prediction fro the Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos NFL 2010 game.

Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Live Coverage on CBS

Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars had shown good games at the start of the season but slowly as the season progresses they suffered crucial defeats which makes their status as a Super Bowl contender very questionable. The Jaguars and the Texans lacks solid defense which has then been exploited by their opponents.

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) drops back to pass in the second quarter of an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010 in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The Texans and the Jaguars are both at 4-4. Both of them are also third in the AFC South standings and with a win in this game and a possible loss of either Tennessee Titans or Indianapolis Colts theu might just be in contention for the conference title.

This is a crucial game for both teams and a win here could really give either of them a big chance to get a playoff game. Though many are doubting the Houston Texans, I think that their strength and capacity as a theme is really genuine.

NFL’s record for rushing touchdown this season was at 12 and is recorded by the Houston Texans. Another favorite from Houston Texans which can help them today was Andre Johnson which had made 76 career receptions against Jacksonville.

Who will take home the win today between Jacksonville and Houston? Watch the game live on CBS and also watch out for Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars game updates later.

NFL 2010: Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing a laggard team, the Carolina Panthers. It is week 10 of the NFL and yet the Panthers had managed to only win one game and that is when they upset the San Francisco 49ers 23-20. Although these two teams follow each other on NFC South standings their standing lead is wide apart, the Panthers are 1-7 and the Buccaneers are 5-3.

Tampa Bay should be careful of over confidence in this game because like the San Francisco 49ers, the Panters might just be on the corner waiting for the right timing. If they want to be in the playoff hunt they must have strong showing starting by defeating the Panthers.

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 07: Quarterback Josh Freeman #5 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is tackledy by Stephen Nicholas #54 of the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on November 7, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

We would see another entertaining Josh Freeman and a Tampa Bay team that are developing more of a smashmouth running game. Carolina Panthers meanwhile says they will alternate quarterbacks every drive at this point, with Tony Pike and Jimmy Clausen the next rookies up.

ALthough at some point we will say that this is a game already for Tampa Bay Buccanneers then think again, the Panther’s wide receiver Steve Smith has six 100-yard receiving games against the Buccaneers plus Carolina’s Chris Gamble is second in franchise history with 24 interceptions.

To be honest I love to see large businesses taste the bitterness of falling down. It is very better indeed most especially for teams that are on top. If we apply that to the Carolina Panthers vs Tamba Bay Buccaneers game, all is well until the game ends.

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears NFL Football Week 10

The Minnesota Vikings had never won a road game in their last four games on the road and again today they will visit the Chiacgo Bears in their last ditch effort to save any chances of getting at least a conference championship. The Bears and Vikings are second and third respectively in the NFC North and a win today will decide who among these two will contend for a conference championship.

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 07: Earl Bennett #80 and Devin Hester #23 of the Chicago Bears talk during pregame warmups prior to playing the Buffalo Bills at Rogers Centre on November 7, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Minnesota Vikings looks more superior than the Chicago Bears but it does not show on their current standings. The Vikings are 3-5 while the Bears are 5-3. Chicago Bears was once a strong Super Bowl contender until it suffered two successive defeats from Seattle Seahwaks and Washington Redskins. The Vikings are lucky last week since they manages to get pass the Arizona Cardinals in overtime, 27-24.

We will be seeing JJake Cutler and Brett Favre once again in this game and they are throwing picks at an alarming rate. The Vikings hopes to enlist the power of Sidney Rice to step up for them since Randy Moss is out of the game. The Bears should also be wary of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson who had scored a rushing touchdown in six consecutie games against them.

Chicago Bears nearly lost to the Buffalo Bills 22-19 in last weeks game. Can the Minnesota Vikings break their road losing streat and beat the Chiacgo Bears? Well we will see the answer to thar question later today. Here is the Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears Colts NCAA Football game preview.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts NFL Football Week 10

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 07: Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts throws a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 7, 2010 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts had never lost at home but the Cincinnati Bengals had a strong advantage as well when they are on the road. A perennial losing team will be facing a team which had won more than double that of the Bengals. These two teams will meet today in the NFL football game at the Lucas Oil Stadium. At the end of this game only one team will be victorious.

A lost will be heavier if it would occur to the Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis and Tennessee shares the leadership in the AFC South standings and a defeat will just make them fall in the conference standings. Tennessee Titans is also facing a formidable opponent today, the Miami Dolphins.

Cincinnati Bengals have already suffered five straight losses and this is looking to be their sixth straight loss but the fans of the Bengals are still corrsing their fingers that during this match they will see the power of their team. Another loss and they might as well say goodbye to their NFL chances.

What the Bengals should worry is that they will be facing a superb player like Peyton Manning and their lack of any pass rush and sudden decline in their coverage skills will not be very helpful. Though neither team are very good in running the ball, the Bengals might pull this one off if they will allow Cedric Benson every opportunity to get back on track against a softer Colts front. C

Some trivia for the CIncinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts, here goes …. Bengals are 15-3 when Carson Palmer has at least three touchdown passes in a game. Meanwhile, Cincinnati’s Terrell Owens has a touchdown reception in five consecutive games.

In previous meetings, the Colts have won five straight games at home against the Bengals plus their coach, Jim Caldwell has a 10-1 record at home.

Watch out for Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts updates here. Now here is a quick preview from Football Gameplan 2010.


Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins Preview and Live Coverage

Tennessee Titans safety Nick Schommer (39) celebrates with teammate Jared Cook after blocking a punt for a safety against the San Diego Chargers during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Miami Dolphions had not won a single game at home and now they will be hosting the Tennessee Titans in a game that could mean another loss for them. Both of these teams came from a defeat last week and both are trying to pick up from an unwanted loss and indeed one of them will get the victory tonight.

Tennessee Titans suffered a defeat at the hands of San Diego Chargers, 33-25 while the Miami Dolphins was defeated by the Baltimore Ravens, 26-10. Can the Dolphins score a victory against a strong Titans team?

Chris Johnson will debut today for the Titans so expect a stronger game for Tennessee. The Titans have also won six consecutive November games and this might be a good start since they are fresh from a Bye week. The loser here will suffer a tiebreaking blow likely to keep it out of the postseason. Expect a very physical game as well from these two teams.

Players to watch today includes Tennessee’s Vince Young who has the second-best passer rating in the AFC, and for the Miami Dolphins watch out for running backs Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown who ranks second and third in franchise history in rushing touchdowns.

Let us catch a quick preview on the Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins NFL game courtesy of Football Gameplan.

New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns NFL Live Coverage

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy comes off the field after teammate Peyton Hillis scored a rushing touchdown in the first quarter against the New England Patriots in their NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Is Cleveland Browns doing a late season resurrection? It is interesting to note that Cleveland Browns have defeated to top teams in succeeding weeks. They toppled former Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints on October 24, 30-17 and then after their Bye week they surprised top placer New England Patriots, 34-14. Both of their victories are not close but are convincing victories. Today the Browns will face another top team, the New York Jets.

Is the New York Jets prepared for the comebacking Cleveland Browns? Last week they suffered their second victory during the season via an 8-0 defeat from the Green Bay Packers. It was a low scoring game and seems both team had been more eager on defense. Today they will face a team which seems to have found both their offensive and defensive strategy. The Jets would avoid a second loss while the Cleveland Browns want to extend their winning streak and catch up with the pack.

The Jets have won seven consecutive games on the road and they will definitely want to add this one to that winning column. They also had a very strong player against the Cleveland Browns, New York’s LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson has eight rushing touchdowns agaisnt the Browns.

CLeveland Browns however had an inside look at the New York Jets through their own team members. They will be starting with four former Jets on defense. Cleveland also has Peyton Hillis who is tied for third in the NFL with seven rushing touchdowns.

WIll the Clevaland Browns do a third upset in a row? This will be an exciting question that would be answered later today. Meanwhile here is Hammerin’ Hank talks Jets odds against the Browns.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears NFL 2010 Live Scores and Updates

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears NFL 2010 Live Scores and Updates – Two undefeated teams collide for the primetime Monday Night Football, September 27. It will be Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears and these two teams means business.

Each of the two teams wants to extend their winning streak and avoid a bump on their momentum. The Chicago Bears had been one of the best teams in the NFL and this season seems like theu are back to reclaim their glory. One of NFL’s best quarterback is back, Jay Cutler and it seems coach Mike Martz is doing a good job.

Chicago Bears however is facing another tough opponent, the Green Bay Packer which have quarterback Aaron Rogers who many says might be the current best quarterback in the NFL. The fact shows that Rodgers has 22 touchdowns and only four interceptions in 12 divisional games.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears, a game worth watching on Monday Night Football on ESPN. Now here is a preview of the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears from Football Gameplan 2010.


GAME UPDATES: Greenbay Packers is currently leading with a total score of 10 as against Chicago Bears’ score of 7. The football match is currently in the 2nd quarter. To continue tracking the scores and results of the game, you can view the live updates from NFL Game Center here.