Antonio Vivaldi inspired today’s Google Doodle

Google made another Doodle for Antonio Vivaldi because today is his birthday. So who the hell is Antonio Vivaldi and why he is worthy to have his very own Google doodle? There are so many musicians out there, but why did Google choose Vivaldi?

Antonio Vivaldi was a Venetian baroque composer and priest, as well as a famous virtuoso violinist, born and raised in the Republic of Venice.

His most famous work is Le quattro stagioni (The Four Seasons) of 1723. In essence, it resembles an early example of a tone poem, where he attempted to capture all the moods of the four seasons. It’s his best-known work and is representative of the baroque period in European art music.

He has 46 operas and 90 sonatas which is quite a record and nobody ever achieved that much number of operas and sonatas in the history of mankind. Over 500 Vivaldi concertos exists today, as well as 40 cantatas, 22 operas, and more than 60 sacred works.

So is that enough to be worthy of a Google Doodle?

It’s not just that. Vivaldi’s music was innovative in its time, breaking a consolidated tradition in schemes; he gave brightness to the formal and the rhythmic structure of the concerto, repeatedly looking for harmonic contrasts and innovative melodies and themes; many of his compositions reflect a flamboyant, and almost playful exuberance.

Vivaldi is considered one of the composers who brought baroque music to evolve into a classical style.

Lady Gaga Has 13 MTV VMA Nominations

Lady Gaga is trying to outdo herself this year. The pop superstar garnered eight nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. This year, she has 13 nominations. What makes this even more special is that Lady Gaga is the first female artist to receive two nominations for two different songs for Video of the Year. These are video clips for the songs “Telephone”, her collaboration piece with Beyonce and “Bad Romance”.

Incidentally, Lady Gaga surpassed her “Telephone” co-star’s milestone in 2009 total of 9 VMA nominations. Beyonce won three of these nine nominations for “Single Ladies” including the Video of the Year.

Other acts in this decade have received multiple nominations in a year. Missy Elliott had two great years. She got 11 nominations in 2001 for “Get Your Freak On” and 8 nominations in 2003 for “Work It”. Fatboy Slim also received 8 nominations in 2001, thanks to Christopher Walken’s tap dancing, for the classic dance clip “Weapon of Choice”.

 In 2005, Green Day also garnered 8 nominations for “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. The following year, Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” received 7 nominations. This is the same number of nominations Flea and his Red Hot Chili Peppers gang received in the same year for “Dani California”.

2007 saw Justin Timberlake and Beyonce with 7 VMA nominations. JT was cited for “What Goes Around” and Beyonce for “Irreplaceable”.

Pop icon Madonna still has the most number of VMA awards at 20. Lady Gaga is 19 wins to go to tie with her. On September 12 at the Nokia Theatre in L.A., we will find out if Lady Gaga can inch closer at the 27th MTV Video Music Awards.

Alicia Keys Weds Swizz Beatz

Some people want diamond rings, but it seems Alicia Keys wanted not just any other diamond ring, she wanted a wedding ring and that is exactly what she got last Saturday from DJ/producer and rapper, Swizz Beatz.

Keys and Beatz were also married on July 31, the same day the very much publicized Clinton-Mezvinsky “wedding of the century” took place. But Keys and Beatz’s wedding was more low-key and held away from the papparazzi’s prying cameras. The intimate ceremony took place at a private residence overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The radiant bride, who is pregnant with their first child, wore a Grecian-inspired, one shoulder Vera Wang gown. The dashing groom wore a pale pink shirt under the white tuxedo designed by Tom Ford.  

Beatz and Keys have been long-time friends and worked together on one song for her current album, “The Element”.

2010 Music High Earners: U2 Tops the List already revealed this year’s Music High Earners and the U2 topped in the list. The band earned $130m (£84.9m) in the past 12 months. The group is having their global 360 tour in support of their album No Line on the Horizon.

Following then in the second spot is Rockers AC/DC with $114m (£74.5m) followed by Beyonce Knowles on $87m (£56.8m). Following in the fourth place is Bruce Springsteen with $70m (£45.7m). Amazingly, singer Britney Spears was in fifth place with $64m (£41.8m) while Knowles’s husband Jay-Z was in sixth place with $63m (£41.1m) followed by Lady Gaga with $62m (£40.5m).

Up to this time, Madonna is still alive and kicking in the music industry and placed eighth while the British band Coldplay finished in joint 10th alongside the Black Eyed Peas.

Selection of Irish Music Online for St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and the Irish community celebrates this day with a very hearty feast.  Food is being prepared everywhere and families and friends get together to celebrate.  It’s one of those days where people find a reason to gather with loved ones.

It will be an empty celebration without music.  People are searching online for Irish Music that they can play on their feasts, parties and celebrations.  And no… Irish music does not exclusively mean music from Irish band ‘Boyzone.’  Although the world misses this group band, people search for some music for a separate purpose.  Enjoy looking around for music as there are many free creative commons Irish Music Online that you can download.  Or you may purchase some in iTunes.

Eyebrows Raised For Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Recent Collaboration

It’s been 3 years since the controversial ‘Chris Brown beating Rihanna” news and now both of them will be together again. Not as a couple though but with a recent album collaboration.

The news started to go viral in the internet world when the pair intentionally leaked it via social networking site, Twitter. Rihanna’s recent track “Birthday Cake” will be featuring Brown’s vocals. Her producers in fact tweeted that this would truly rocked the world.

Indeed it rocked the world, as who would have thought that after all the beating up 3 years ago, these two singers will be joining each other again.

If we’re going to use poker games as a comparison, it would be like collaborating with your immortal texas holdem poker opponent wherein you would be risking a lot and more than ready to be treated badly once again.

Sorry for the lame comparison but it is really odd. It’s not that Rihanna should not forgive Chris Brown but with this collaboration , there is a possibility that their romance will have a its ‘Part 2′.

Brown is currently serving five years’ probation for brutally assaulting Rihanna three years ago on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

Rihanna’s decision would always be hers and no one can ever tell her what to do. If she’s going to be happy with it then be it.

Remembering LFO and Rich Cronin

Remembering LFO and Cronin – The lead singer of LFO, Rich Cronin passed away September 8 after suffering for five years from Leukemia. He is 35 years old.

Rich Cronin had been the lead singer of the band LFO. LFO or Lyte Funky Ones is an American three-man pop/rap group consisting of Rich Cronin, Devin Lima, and Brad Fischetti. LFO is best known for their hist songs “Summer Girl” and “Girl on TV”


The busiest year for LFO was 2000, when they went on nonstop tours, performing at over 230 concerts that year. At that same year their second single “Girl on TV” entered the UK chart at #6 and later in the year LFO won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Group of the Year.


Seems however, that 2000 would be the last active year of LFO for the band went on indefinite hiatus. In June 3, 2009 LFO announce that they have reunited and will go on tour beginning July 9, 2009, with Rookie of the Year, Go Crash Audio, and Kiernan McMullan. A new song entitled, “Summer of My Life” was also announced.

The final curtain on LFO however was made on September 28 when the band announced through their Youtube page that they had broken up.

Rich Cronin had been one of the major influences in LFO and in fact he also founded Bad Mood Mike in 2003 however it failed. Never refusing to give up, he became involved in a group called Loose Cannons with Toothpick (Doug Ray) and was also part of the TV show Mission: Man Band, which aired on VH1.

Farewell Rich Cronin and condolence to family and friends!

Carlos Santana Proposes To Cindy Blackman

Music legend Carlos Santana proposed to drummer Cindy Blackman onstage on Friday night in the middle of a concert in Chicago, Illinois. The 62-year old guitar guru and his 50-year old drummer girlfriend kissed onstage to the cheers of the crowd.

Santana said, “Cindy and I are blessed to have found each other,” according to MTV News. “Being in love is a gift from the universe, and the spirit and vibrations that come with it are infinitely powerful. I look forward to expressing that incredible energy through my music, and in helping to tip the balance toward more love in the world with what Cindy and I share.”

Santana’s legendary career spans generations from hit songs such as “Oye Como Va”, “Black Magic Woman” to collaborations in his “Shaman” and “Supernatural” album. Cindy Blackman is a drummer and jazz percussionist who has worked with as a session drummer for jazz artists. She has also worked with Lenny Kravitz in his recordings and concert tours.

Kush and Orange Juice Mixtape Keeps Wiz Khalifa Fans Going

The new Kush and Orange Juice mixtape by Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa jus came out.  Khalifa’s bringing the fire once again on his eight mixtape release.  The Kush and Orange Juice Mixtape features artists Killa Kyleon, Johnny Juliano and Curren$y. Here is the Tracklist of the new Kush and Orange Juice  (Kush and OJ in another way to describe it) mixtape album:

The Kush and OJ is posted for download online and so many Wiz Khalifa Fans are just looking for the Kush and Orange Juice Mixtape Album Download links everywhere. We guess that Wiz Khalifa’s rap really gets the fans going with this new album.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz (born September 8, 1987), better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For 2010, he has also produced mixtapes like Cabin Fever and How Fly 2: The Wright Brothers other than the Kush and Orange Juice Mixtape.

1 Waken Baken
2 Mezmorized
3 We’re Done
4 Skit 1
5 The Statement
6 Spotlight (feat. Killa Kyleon)
7 Skit 2
8 The Kid Frankie
9 Up
10 Never Been
11 In Tha Cut
12 Visions
13 Still Blazin
14 Slim Skit
15 Petal to the Metal (feat Johnny Juliano)
16 Good Dank
17 Skit 3
18 Glass House (feat. Curren$y and Big Krit)
19 Outro
20 Supply (feat Nesby Phips)