My Own “Miss Philippines 2010” Answer

If I were the Miss Philippines representative to the Miss Universe 2010 pageant (the odds of that happening is 1 in one trillion I have to admit) and William Baldwin were to ask me, “What was the one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right?”

I would have probably answered the question this way: “I would very much like to give you a specific incident that I think qualifies as a “big mistake”, but I’d rather not. Because I believe that life should not be about regrets and keeping tabs of the things we did wrong in our past. Instead, I would rather treat every experience as an opportunity to learn and to be a better person.”

It’s rather long and quite a mouthful, I know. But I can always choose to say it in Filipino and let an interpreter deal with having to say everything in English. So, if I didn’t win as Miss Universe I can always blame the interpreter… I’m joking of course.     

Anyway, Venus Raj still deserves to be congratulated for putting up a good fight. It takes nerves of steel to be up there in front of the whole world, so to speak, while trying to compose a decent and grammatically correct answer. It probably was just not in her stars to be Miss Universe 2010.

Anna Malova Miss Russia 1998 Busted for Illegal Possesion of Drugs

Miss Russia Anna Malova crowned Miss Russia on 1998.  Currently at the age of 38, she was found to be in the possession of illegal drugs.  She was busted by police last Wednesday, May 19.

An officer in charge of special narcotics division saw her walking out of a pharmacy store holding and carrying these drugs.  It was said that she will also be charged of forgery for impersonating the signature of one specific physician.

Miss Philippines Venus Raj still in the Miss Universe 2010 Top 10

Miss Philippines did not get center-stage this time as she was the third to be called in. Oh well, at least I did not have to almost suffer a mild, “micro” heart attack the second time. You can say, I’m reserving it for the Top 5 and the final result.

I wonder why Rima Fakih did not even make it to the Top 15. Miss USA is always in the Top 15, as far as I can remember my Miss Universe history. Could the “controversial” photos of her that came out after she won Miss USA have worked against her favor?

Miss Philippines was also into a lot of controversy surrounding her dethronement… but it seems to be working well for her advantage.

The official list of Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 includes the following beauties, again in no particular order:

» Miss Ireland
» Miss Albania
» Miss Philippines
» Miss Jamaica
» Miss Mexico
» Miss Ukraine
» Miss Puerto Rico
» Miss South Africa
» Miss Guatemala
» Miss Australia