Favre Shies Away From Sexting Allegations

The Monday night showdown between the Vikings and the Jets was intense but things grew more intense at the postgame news conference when reporters and mediamen bombarded Brett Favre with personal questions.  The 41 year old quarterback thrown into the hot seat when reporters launched a series of questions regarding his alleged sexting scandal. The former Green Bay Packer star, however, shrugged off the questions and moved back to talk about his team and the game.

Favre has been accused of forwarding indecent and sexually explicit messages and photos to three women which obviously caught media attention and fancy. Despite the exciting game last Monday, reporters insisted on talking about Favre’s sexting scandal.

Favre, however, refused to dignify questions saying “I said what I had to say, I am disappointed that we lost this football game. If you want to talk about football, I can’t say I’d love to talk about football. … But, once again, it is disappointing that we lost”.

Reports came out first at Deadspin.com, a online sports site, in August. the Site posted naked pictures and sexually laden texts and voice mails that is allegedly from Favre and sent to sent to a model and former television host who worked for the New York Jets back in 2008

New York Jets spokesperson, Jesse Derris, told reporters that the team is fully cooperating with the investigation and have already given all the necessarily information regarding the incident to the National Football League authorities. In a separate interview, Derris told HLN’s Prime news that the team has no role in the allegations against Favre, who played with them for only one season and now plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre, who has been married for 14 years, remained mum on the  matter. He refused to react or answer questions regarding the controversy he is involved in right now. When asked for a comment, he kept on bringing the conversation back to the game or his team on Monday. “I am embarrassed that we lost this football game,” he kept saying. “Let’s talk about Randy Moss’ touchdown catch. I’d love to do that. Or Percy Harvin. Does anybody want to ask about Percy?” he said to a reporter persistently bugging him with sexting scandal questions.

According to the sports website, after they exposed the scandal involving Favre and Jenn Sterger. A second and third woman came forward claiming to have had received similar texts and mails from Favre. Both women, with only pseudonyms to hide their identity, was said to be message therapists hired by the Jets back in 2008.

Derris had told reporters that the women were hired by team only for two days in their 2008 training camp but he declined to make clear whether these girls had any direct contact with Favre.

Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former Green Bay Packers quarterback. He led the team to a Super Bowl title in 1997.  He played with the New York Jets for one season in 2007. Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings in August 2009, after returning from retirement for the second time.

New England Patriots Trade Randy Moss, Returns To Minnesota Vikings

The trade talks are now finally over. It is confirmed that wide receiver Randy Moss has been dealt by the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday. This recent trade is a homecoming of sort since Moss was initially picked by the Vikings in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft. Terms of the trade include exchanges of future draft picks in 2011 and 2012.

The addition of future Hall of Famer Moss to the Vikings offensive lineup gives the struggling team some hope for the Super Bowl. Quarterback Brett Favre has expressed excitement over the trade as he now has a passing option in what has been a stagnant Vikings offense. Pro Bowl receiver Sidney Rice underwent hip surgery in August while Percy Harvin has not been playing up to par.

Moss has been a competitive athlete and entertainer at the same time, bringing in sellout crowds. His behavior may be a cause for concern but there is no denying that he can still contribute to winning games at the age of 33.

The next few weeks are pivotal to the Vikings. They face the New York Jets on Monday night.

Their next two games are just as crucial as they meet rivals Green Bay Packers and New England next.

Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings Avoid 0-3 Start With 24-10 Win vs Detroit Lions

Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings have been struggling early in the season. Much has been said about Favre missing training camp and that he age has finally caught up with him. With the Vikings going 0-2, they could not afford another loss.

Favre still struggled against the Detroit Lions on Sunday but Adrian Peterson stepped up by rushing for 160 yards and two touchdowns for the Vikings’ first win of the season, 24-10. The Vikings were expected to win this game just to regain their confidence. Their bye next week should allow Favre and the team to regroup.

The Minnesota Vikings are still far off their Super Bowl aspirations but they have at least notched their first win and avoided a disastrous 0-3 start. Peterson felt a sense of urgency that on one play he scored on an 80-yard touchdown in the third quarter, ripping through a phalanx of Detroit tacklers. Peterson’s spectacular touchdown set the final score.

Favre completed 23 of 34 passes for 201 yards with one touchdown but had two interceptions and still appeared shaky in his third game of the season.

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings Results and Match Highlights

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings Results and Match Highlights – Vikings vs Saints NFL 2010 Results – The New Orleans Saints defeated the Minnesota Vikings 14-9 during the season opener of the NFL 2010-2011 Season. The Saints winning was led by Drew Brees who completed 27 of 36 passes for 237 yards and one touchdown. The Saints survived their season opener and sent a message that they are a team to reckon with during this season.

The New Orleans Saints are the defending champion of last years Super Bowl and even though the game opener was not as spectacular as everyone expected, the Vikings vs Saints game was still something the Saints should be proud of.

“We’re not used to 14-9 victories, but we’re used to winning,” said Brees, the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Brees also scored one touchdown for the Saints.

The Vikings vs Saints game was so far the lowest-scoring victory for the Vikings since 2006 but the team says that it is so far so good. The Saints limited Vikings’s Faver to only 171 yards passing and one touchdown, which we can say is superb.

“I know people are going to say it wasn’t the fireworks they expected it to be,” Favre said.

Sean Payton which is one of the main superstars of the New Orleans Saints said that he was proud of how they came through and made enough plays to start the season. Payton also noted that the defense they showed during the game was indeed far less potent than what they usually do.

Watch the Vikings vs Saints scores and highlights below.


Vikings vs. Saints NFL Season Opener: Who Will Win?

Vikings vs. Saints NFL Season Opener: Who Will Win? – A lot of football fans are excited as the regular season of NFL kicks off with Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints. The match is currently being held at the Superdome Stadium and started at 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

This will be an exciting season opener for the NFL. Vikings should prove themselves to this match as they will be fighting against the Super Bowl 2010 champions – the New Orleans Saints. However, being the Super Bowl champion this year, the Saints should also prove that they are not a one-year wonder and cannot be easily beaten.

Among the roster of football players, B. Favre,  T. Jackson, A. Peterson,  C. Taylor, S. Rice and P. Harvin of Vikings are those that Saints have to watch out for. In contrast, D. Brees, Mark Brunell, P. Thomas, M. Bell, M. Colston, and D. Henderson of Saints are those players that the Vikings should watch out for.

Who do you think will win in this NFL football match? Will Saints defeat the Vikings once again as they did in the NFC Championship Game? Both teams have some impressive records to boast of. Vikings currently have the fifth-highest winning percentage in the NFL. They are also one of only five NFL teams to win fifteen games during the regular season and the first team to play in four Super Bowls.

If you want to watch the game, you can tune into NBC as they are having a live broadcast of the Vikings vs. Saints match.

Brett Favre Does Minnesota Vikings A “Favor”

Brett Favre’s announcement at a press conference on Wednesday that he is coming back to play another season with the Minnesota Vikings ended weeks of speculations about his retirement once again. In his half hour version of “the Decision”, Favre cited that he is in for one more season as a “favor” to his teammates. At this point he has nothing left to prove by logging more stats to enhance his NFL records and yes, he is set to earn $16.5 million.

It took three teammates to come over to his Mississippi home to convince him to come back to Minnesota. Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson and Ryan Longwell went south to ask Favre to play one more season with the Vikings. The three Vikings went back to Minnesota with a fourth Viking in tow.

While Favre sees projects himself as just doing his team a favor, we all know that he is still the man between the Vikings and the playoffs. We have seen enough drama in Favre’s storied NFL career so what else is new?

Is Brett Favre Retiring Again?

Brett Favre may or may not return for his 20th season in the NFL. This may put an end to an amazing time with the Minnesota Vikings. Several reports have come out that Favre informed his team that he is not returning this season, his second.

Favre has announced his retirement twice since 2006 but has returned. Coach Brad Childress did not have an inkling of Favre’s retirement but he says that they are ready in case Favre does not return to the Vikings lineup. Granted that he plays next season, he is set to earn $13 million.

Rumors are circulating that Favre’s injured ankle has not been responding to medical treatment. At 40 years, healing and recovery may take a longer time and may be hampered by continuous wear and tear.

In case he retires, Favre leaves the league with three MVP awards, several passing records ahead of Dan Marino and a Super Bowl with the Packers.

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings NFL Game Updates and Live Scores

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings NFL Game Updates and Live Scores  – Two teams who had the most injuries on the list and who wants to avoid a third straight loss, the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions. These teams wants to avoid being buried deep early in the NFL 2010 season and a win is indeed a desperate need.

Both teams had very good players but they suffer difficult losses. The Lions RB Jahvid Best is the only rookie in NFL history to have 75-plus rushing yards, 150-plus receiving yards and three touchdowns in one game and he he did it last week vs. the Eagles. Meanwhile, Minnesota’s Visanthe Shiancoe leads all NFC tight ends with 162 receiving yards this year.

This match will be interesting since it will make one deep lose straight and will give the other a possible road to recovery. So who the experts pick? Yahoo! and ESPN sees the game between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings favoring the Vikings but still things can change.

Check out how Football Gameplan sees this game between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings. Standby here as we will update you with the latest scores and results on Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings NFL football match:



First Quarter: Detroit T.Scheffler 5 yd. pass from Sh.Hill (J.Hanson kick is good) Drive: 3 plays, 12 yards in 1:13; Minnesota P.Harvin 24 yd. pass from B.Favre (R.Longwell kick is good) Drive: 1 plays, 24 yards in 0:05. 7-7 Even.

Second Quarter: Minnesota A.Peterson 6 yd. run (R.Longwell kick is good) Drive: 10 plays, 66 yards in 5:58; Detroit J.Hanson 33 yd. Field Goal Drive: 5 plays, 36 yards in 0:54. 10-14 Minnesota.