Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures: The Sexy Hot Tattoo Model

There are rumors spreading that the tattoo model Michelle Bombshell McGee had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband.  It’s very hard to have an affair these days without being caught or without having the other party squeal off some information about you especially if they can use it or something.  It’s just like what happened to Tiger Woods.  No affair remains secret these days.

Anyway, there is this alleged rumor and we are yet to confirm is this is true but all are just hear-say.  Is it really true that Jesse James (Sandra Bullock’s husband) and Michelle Bombshell have an affair?  Anyway, we are sure many are curious on how Michelle Bombshell McGee looks and would want to view photos of her.  Check out some very sexy photos of her below.  They didn’t call her “Bombshell” for nothing!

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Jesse James Mistriss: Why Mistriss instead of Mistress?

What the hell! Why people are searching for the Mistriss of Jesse James. Is this a proper name? Or just a wrongly spelled word? I think it’s just a wrongly spelled word. It should be Mistress not Mistriss, okey?

As far as I know, there’s only one mistress linked to Jesse James, and that’s Michelle Bombshell McGee. That ugly girl was Jesse James’ Mistress. I don’t have more information about her, I only know that she loves tatoos and her body is full of it.

She looks really dirty with those tatooes. I wonder why Jesse James is having an affair with her.

By the way, Jesse James already asked for forgiveness, but we don’t have updates yet regarding Sandra Bullock’s response.

I hope they will solve this problem, because Sandra is really a good wife, me thinks.

Latest Updates on Sandra Bullock’s Marriage in Trouble with Jesse James Cheating with Michelle Bombshell McGee

Jesse James is alleged to have been cheating Sandra Bullock by having an affair with hot and sexy tattoo model Michelle Bombshell.  Sandra Bullock’s marriage is definitely in trouble right now and instead of flying to London for the premiere of “The Blind Side,” she issued a press release saying that due to unforeseeable circumstances, she won’t be able to fly abroad to support the Blind Side.

Meanwhile, Michelle Bombshell Mcgee said that she knew James and Sandra were not seeing each other anymore and that’s why she had become intimate with James.  Curious on what Sandra and James have to say about this issue.   We will update you as soon as we hear more news about this issue.

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Latest Update on Marriage Trouble News: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split

The rumors started to rise out of the air after the Oscars.  Sandra Bullock won the glamorous night as Best Actress and made a very hearty speech including giving her husband Jesse James a lovely shoutout.  Apparently, the rumors go that Jesse James was cheating with Sandra at that time and he told Michelle Bombshell McGee (James’ alleged affair) that he and Sandra are split up – this is according to what Michelle stated.  Sandra’s shoutout in the Oscars proved that they are still together… Although this might have proved to be just an illusion as the marriage of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are in trouble.

Meanwhile, since this rumors are spreading like wildfire, Sandra canceled some events in the UK just to take matters into this issue.  It is now rumored that she moved out of her house with Jesse James.  She still has not given any comments to the situation nor did Jesse James.  We will update you with the latest buzz on this issue.

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Jesse James made a public apology to Sandra.  Click here to view text.