Argentina Just Made Gay Marriage Legal

Gay couples in Argentina could have the happiest people in the world right now because finally, their marriage has been legalized in their own country. The legislation passed tremendous and fierce oppositions from the Catholic church and other religious groups.

One those opposing groups is the Argentine Familiies Argentina. It has been led by Ines Frank who strongly believes that the essence of a family is between two people of opposite sexes and not of same. Favoring groups’ reaction to this belief focuses mainly on giving just and equal rights for everyone.

Maria Rachid, president of the Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals said, “Nearly every political and social figure has spoken out in favour of marriage equality,”

The legislation has been backed by President Cristina Fernandez’s centre-left government. It was then approved by the country’s Chamber of Deputies after obtaining 33 votes to 27 with three abstentions.

Argentina just became the first country in Latin America to legalise gay marriage. Its capital, which considered to be among the most gay-friendly cities, became the first city to legalize it as well. Same-sex civil unions are also legal in Uruguay, some states in Brazil and Mexico, while gay marriage is legal in Mexico City.

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Latest Updates on Larry King Divorce Shawn Southwick

It seems that marriage is no longer an issue in couples nowadays most especially if you are in media or show business. Lucky for those who can survive at least 20 years of marriage without filing for a divorce.

After the reported progress of the divorce between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren, another divorce issue has become imminent. Accordingly, the CNN host Larry King and his seventh wife Shawn Southwick has each filed their divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court mentioning irreconcilable differences each one has.

Apparently, both of them are asking their respective divorce lawyers the custody of their children. Larry King is asking for joint custody of their sons while his wife Shawn Southwick is asking for primary custody of the kids, spousal and child support, and real estate including the Beverly Hills house she and King shared.

Oh well, no one really benefits from a divorce except for divorce lawyers. We should take good care of our marriage and settle the differences to avoid divorce and live a healthy and long lasting relationship with our spouses. After all, who doesn’t want peace anyway?

Did Sandra Bullock File for Divorce?

A lot of rumors are now ongoing about Sandra Bullock filing a divorce against her husband Jesse James. Ever since the allegations about her husband’s mistress Michelle McGee came out, their marriage was already questioned with infidelity issues.

According to the gossip authority TMZ, Sandra Bullock already met with divorce lawyers to tak about her plans of filing a divorce against her husband Jesse James.

However, Sandra Bullock’s camp denied these divorce rumors. According to them, Jesse James contacted some divorce lawyers and asked if they will be interested in accepting the case just in case Sandra Bullock decided to divorce him.

Right now, there has been no confirmation from both camps regarding this divorce issue. Whether they plan to break their marriage or not, it’s really up to them. However, as a famous celebrity, a lot of Sandra Bullock’s fans want to know the truth behind this divorce isse.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Trouble: Sandra is Hitting the Baseball Bat

The Oscars’ Best Actress, Sandra Bullock has been known for being a strong willed woman. In her latest movie Blindiside, her role portrayed a strong mother and wife who fears no one. As she attended the People’s Choice Awards last January, wherein Tiger Woods’ infidelity issue is on fire, she gave tough comments to Tiger. “If I were [Tiger’s wife] Elin [Nordegren], man, I would have hit a lot more than she did. I would have kept hitting.” She has been referring to reports that Elin Nordegren wielded a golf club to her husband that night when Tiger crashed his car.

“Yeah, she stopped, she was respectable,” Bullock continued. “I’d get the baseball bat, I’d get everything out.” These comments are indeed tough comments and has truly showed how Sandra hates cheating husbands. Now that husband Jesse James is facing the same issue as Tiger’s, and the number of mistresses is also growing. Will she be true to her words of hitting a baseball bat? She has kept her silence since the issue burst out, every issues has been answered by her representative. Everyone has been waiting for Sandra to hit the baseball bat or shall I say, break her long silence.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement Details

It has been said that marriage is one of the hardest to keep especially when you are rich and famous. This applies mostly to men as they are said to be polygamous in nature. Very few couples can surpass at least 10 years of happy marriage. More often than not, divorce is the ultimate end of these marriages.

This is what happened to the world’s number one golfer Tiger Woods. After several women connected to him during the height of the controversy which caused the falldown of his golf career and company endorsements, Tiger Woods’ divorce with his wife Elin Nordegren is now official.

Various amounts have come out about the intriguing cash settlement of Tiger Woods to Elin Nordgren as part of the divorce. Some said that it’s between $100M to $500M. Others like The Sun exaggerated it and reported to be $750M based on Tiger Woods’ networth to be about a billion dollars. However, Forbes, the authority in estimating networths said that Tiger Woods is worth only about $600M.

US law firm McGuireWoods has been reported to be advising Elin Nodegren on her divorce with Tiger Woods since her twin sister Josefin Lonnborg is employed as a corporate associate. Her sister, together with four other lawyers will represent her in the court. In addition to McGuireWoods, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed is also reported to be one of the law firms advising Elin.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods is reported to be under Florida firm Sasser Cestero & Sasser law firm. In addition, Brody Wilkinson law firm will be advising Woods through Peter Mott, the long-term general counsel for the golfer’s business interests.

In her recent interview with People Magazine, Elin said she is not a violent woman and that she had never hit Woods in any occasion. She also said that during the course of their six years of marriage, she had no idea of any of the cheating Tiger Woods made.

Ti and Tiny Wedding Photos and Pictures

Ti and Tiny Wedding Photos and Pictures – Romance was definitely on air over the past weekend. After the secretive wedding of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton to her long time boyfriend Mark Mezvinsky and Alicia Keys wedding to Swizz Beatz, longtime couple, rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris,  Jr and singer Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle were also married over the weekend.

TI and Tiny exchanged vows not only once but twice. First, they officially became married at a Miami court on Friday. After that, they exchanged vows once again on a private Miami island on Saturday. Finally, they had a reception in their hometown of Atlanta, before celebrating in Las Vegas.

Since both were in the music industry, singers and musicians flocked as their guests such as the likes of TLC’s Chilli, Trina, Kandi Burruss, Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter, Ashanti, Nelly, Monica, Usher,  Ashanti , and Bow Wow. These were evident in the T.I. and Tiny wedding photos and pictures that were scattered over the web.

The two had been together since 2001 and they were reportedly been to a honeymoon somewhere in Europe before this wedding. Congratulations to the newly wed couple T.I. and Tiny! Here are more of their wedding photos:

Latest on Sandra Bullock: Sandra Will Not Adopt Jesse James’ Kids

Everyone has been all eyes to both of them now. I’m referring to Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James. The couple has been together for 4 years and has been very public to show how affectionate they are when it comes to their kids. They are not Sandra’s kids though, they are James’ kids from his previous marriages. Nevertheless, Sandra’s has become a real mother to them. There has been pictures of evidences that they are indeed spending time with the kids and they are having all-out support.

Their marriage has been on the rocks lately after Jesse James’ infidelity issues came out. Four women has claimed to be Jesse James mistresses. Sandra on the hand has remained low profile to the issue. I has been reported that Sandra has already moved from the house that she is sharing with James. Coming from her representative, Sandra isn’t aiming to become a legal parent to her husband’s three kids. “There are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans, for Sandra Bullock to adopt any of Jesse James’ children,” her rep said.