2010 March Madness Bracket Update on Basketball Tournament

The basketball games continue in the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Dubbed as “March Madness”, it is considered as the hottest basketball games among colleges and universities which happens in the month of March.

Earlier, we saw several 2010 NCAA Brackets being updated as the game progresses. A lot of people have updated their 2010 March Madness Brackets to tally with the results of the various basketball game matches that were already finished in the first round.

How is your own 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets look like now? Did you get some of the actual results of the game? Did your lose some of your March Madness picks?

If you are the one of those persons who did not get the correct combinations of winning basketball teams, I am sure that you are shaking your head right now. Several of the NCAA Basketball Tournament outcomes have been expected to happen already but some were surprising. So what have you gotten correctly in your 2010 March Madness Brackets?

Look at it now by comparing your brackets to the latest 2010 March Madness Bracket Update with the latest scores, results and schedule of the next basketball games here.

Alternatively, there is also a PDF format of the 2010 March Madness Bracket Update here.

Northern Iowa Defeats Kansas in the Latest 2010 NCAA March Madness Bracket Update

Supporters and fans of Northern Iowa basketball team are now surely rejoicing for their team’s winning over Kansas in one of the recently concluded NCAA Basketball Tournament game match in a close match ending the game with a final score of 69-67.

This basketball match between Northern Iowa and Kansas is another exciting game full of thrills and excitement. Ali Farokhmanesh from Northern Iowa shone during the last minutes of the game as he is instrumental in breaking the almost tie score against Kansas.

With Kansas loss over Northern Iowa, it became the first basketball team in seed number 1 to lose in the regional semi finals round. Northern Iowa will face the winning team between Michigan State and Maryland in their next basketball game match.

Meanwhile, for the latest and updated 2010 March Madness Bracket, you can visit it here.

NCAA Bracket Update: 2010 March Madness Basketball Tournament

It’s March 20, 2010 and here we go again for another NCAA Bracket Update. So far, all the teams are doing really great. As we all know, Team Kansas defeated Team Lehigh with an impressive score of 90-74. Sherron Collins scored 18 points and Marcus Morris scored 16. Armon Bassett scored 32 points, he’s the reason behind the teams victory after their several defeats.

Team San Diego and Vegas were not leading anymore as it was taken from them by team Tennessee and Northern Iowa. The final score of Tennessee vs San Diego is 62-59. Thank God for Melvin Goins who scored 12 points by making 3-point shots perfectly for four times during the entire game.

Here’s a summary of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Scores:
St. Mary’s 80, Richmond 71, Marquette 78, Ohio 97, Georgetown 83, Kansas 90, Lehigh 74, Texas 80, Wake Forest 81, Tennessee 62, San Diego State 59, BYU 99, Florida 92, Old Dominion 51, Notre Dame 50, Villanova 73, Robert Morris 70, Murray St. 66, Vanderbilt 65, Kansas St. 82, North Texas 62, Baylor 68, Sam Houston St. 59, Butler 77, UTEP 59, UNI 69, UNLV 66, Kentucky 100, East. Tenn St. 71, and last but no the list, Washington 80.

For the latest NCAA Bracket Update check this post out by Tracy Edenloft.

We’ll be posting more NCAA Bracket updates until the Final Four so stay tuned!

March Madness Predictions of Obama and Dick Vitale NCAA Blank Printable Brackets

March Madness is going Madder and Crazier as tomorrow starts the new games for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Everyone is making their picks and even Obama and Dick Vitale are released already.

Obama’s favorite is Kansas and he predicts that this team will go all the way to the final four and to the championship all the way to the center of the bracket.

ESPN’s Dick Vitale also predicted and picked Kansas to go to the final four and will battle with Kentucky.  Although, he predicts that Kentucky will win over all champion.

Are you ready with your own predictions? Did you also bet in either Kansas or Kentucky!  It will be a very interesting game indeed.  Click here to download your own NCAA Basketball Tournament March Madness sheet for 2010.

Printable NCAA Bracket Blank Sheets and With Data for Download

People are still downloading NCAA Brackets.  Right now they are looking for blank sheets as they want to make their own predictions for betting and other purposes.  However, it is also nice to know the data of each teams like their RPI, Power, L10, Record and other stuff.  This will help you in making your own predictions.

Therefore we will give you links to downloadable printable NCAA Bracket blank sheets and also the one with a solid data for download.

To download the NCAA Bracket Blank sheets click here.  This template does not have much design and colors so it’s printer friendly.

To download the NCAA Bracket sheets with more detailed facts and stats, click here.

March Madness: 2010 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament Printable Brackets Are In Demand

As the NCAA collegiate basketball game begins this March dubbed as “March Madness”, a lot of basket ball fans both alumni of schools and current students of these colleges, want to support their respective universities by cheering for them as they battle against other basketball teams from other schools.

It turns out that the printable NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets released are in demand as basketball fans wants to know which teams are going to have a match in the court. Thrill and excitement fills them as they see the schedule of basketball game matches.

For the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, they will have their first round of games two days earlier than the Women’s Division. In addition, National Championship for the Men’s Basketball Division is one day earlier than the Women’s Division.

Which of the following basketball teams gathers the most supporters? Who will win in the National Championship round for both Men’s and Women’s Division? Let’s find out by viewing the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Printable Brackets below directly from NCAA’s website.

For the Men’s Division, an interactive NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket is available here. Alternatively, if you want to take a closer look on the bracket itself, you can download and print the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket here.

For the Women’s Division, an interactive NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket is also made available here. Meanwhile, if you want to take a closer look on the bracket itself, you can download and print the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament bracket here.

NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket available in different formats

This March 2010 is March Madness month. Yes, because it’s March and everyone’s mad. So if everyone’s mad, everyone’s happy. And if everyone’s happy, everybody is having fun. And if everybody is having fun, they are looking for the NCAA 2010 Bracket. Yes they are! Really! Oh please, don’t deny it.

But they are not satisfied to just look on the bracket in front of their computers. They want a printable one. They want to print the bracket on paper so that they can look at it easily. It’s easier to stare on the paper than on your PC, because the radiation is less, I mean, there’s no radiation at all.

Your eyes won’t be tired staring on a paper than on a monitor right?

So you want an NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket right? In PDF format? Or in GIF? You can also have one JPG format or in any other format if you want.

If you know how to use Photoshop, or any other photo editing software, you can easily convert GIF to JPG, PNG, or any other format you want.

But if you really want to print a clear copy of the the NCAA 2010 printable bracket, I suggest you to save a copy of this PDF file and print it. PDF files are flexible, you can zoom it up to 500% to 1000% without pixelating it. It will remain sharp and clear.

March Madness: 2010 NCAA printable Bracket in PDF

The March Madness 2010 NCAA printable Bracket is on high-demand. Basketball has been one of the most prominent sports event among colleges and universities. Each time the month of March arrives, one of the things that come up in the minds of every collegiate basketball fans is March Madness.

More commonly known as the NCAA Basketball Tournament, March Madness features 65 college basketball teams competing for the most coveted NCAA Basketball Championship.

The 2010 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket has been released already and the teams will start to compete on its first round on March 18 and 19 and the scheduled National Championship round is on April 5.

Which basketball teams are paired to whom? Let’s find out by viewing the official NCAA Printable Bracket 2010.

Print it and see which team will be battling against your favorite basketball teams.

Good luck to all teams and may the best team win!

Why You Should Download the 2010 NCAA Printable Bracket Now

March Madness is going mad and that’s the reason why you should get a copy of your own 2010 NCAA Printable Bracket sheets now.  The Bracket will not only have the team’s listings, it also has the schedule.  This would also be helpful with your betting.

To those who are loyal fans of their own college teams, you can definitely follow the game and fill in and update the bracket yourselves.  If you are lazy to do this then just go to ESPN’s website and go around their site for their coverage of the NCAA games.  They have a pretty much good view and analysis of the bracket and the teams so far.

Check out the high res downloadable 2010 NCAA Printable Bracket here.

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011 for Men’s Basketball

The 2011 NCAA Tournament has just began after the winners of the Big Ten Tournament, Big East Tournament, Big 12 Tournament and ACC Tournament were announced. With the basketball tournament comes its bracket and schedule of games which comprises all the matchups that will be held in the entire NCAA Tournament 2011 all through out the playoffs.

The NCAA Tournament 2011 Bracket is composed of 68 teams divided into four conferences – East, West, Southwest, and Southeast. The Big East conference sent 11 teams to the tournament, the most among the four. Next to them was the Big Ten having sent seven teams.

The game will be divided into 7 rounds. The first round of NCAA basketball games will commence on March 15-16, 2011. After that, there will be Second Round, Third Round, Regional Semi Finals or more commonly known as the Sweet 16, Regional Finals or more commonly known as the Elite 8, National Semi Finals or more commonly known as the Final 4, and the Championship or Finals Round which will be held at Houston on April 4, 2011 where a National Champion will be declared.

The 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament will be televised on the following channels such as CBS, TBS, TNT, truTV in the United States as of 2011 and onward, with CBS televising the Elite Eight and Final Four until 2016 exclusively.

Below is the complete NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011. Download, enlarge and print it to have a closer look on which basketball teams will compete in each of the following rounds mentioned above.