Arnel Pineda to Sing the National Anthem in the Pacquiao-Clottey Fight

Manny Pacquiao has asked Arnel Pineda three times before to sing the Philippine National Anthem on his fights.  Arnel has rejected the invitations since he had busy schedules and tours at times.  This time though, Manny never tired of asking Arnel to sing again for him in his awaited match with the grand master Clottey this March 13 in the United States and March 14 in Manila.

The Pacquiao – Clotty fight will be held at Texas Dallas on the famous Cowboys stadium.  Movie houses and restaurants are already offering tickets for seats to watch yet another Manny Pacquiao fight.  As they also say, crime rate is zero percent on the day of Pacquiaos fights.  Arnel Pineda will surely be make us proud and the people can’t wait to hear him sing for the Philippines.

*picture from insoymada files

Manny Pacquiao Tops Richest Members of Congress in Philippines

(Manila, Philippines) Every member of Congress in the Philippines is required to submit a Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SAL) to measure their networth. This is one of the measures to avoid corruption which currently eats the budget of the Government.

Based on the recently released  figures, among the members of the Congress, no doubt, Sarangani Representative, Manny Pacquiao tops the list with a reported networth of P1.134 billion. In fact, he is the one and only billionaire in the group.

Pacquiao listed real properties worth P397.93 million and personal and other properties worth P736.3 million. His networth is almost double with that of the second placer, Negros Occidental Rep. Alfredo Benitez, who reported P624.82 million.

Meanwhile, coming on third is Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos with a reported networth of P623.6 million while former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reportedly had P140.21 million placing 17th.

Below are the top 10 richest members of congress:

1. Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao – P1.134 billion
2. Negros Occidental Rep. Alfredo Benitez – P624.85 million
3. Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos – P623.6 million
4. Negros Occidental Rep. Julio Ledesma – P555.07 million
5. Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez – P475.61 million
6. Deputy Minority Leader Iloilo Rep. Augusto Syjuco – P294.6 million
7. House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. – P283.29 million
8. Tarlac Rep. Enrique Cojuangco – P199.59 million
9. Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Farinas – P195.78 million
10. Iloilo Rep. Ferjenel Biron – P165.99 million

Pacquiao Wants To Defeat Poverty Next To Mosley

One of the most celebrated athletes in the world is the pound for pound king boxer from the Philippines Manny Pacquiao. At this very moment, the entire world has been preparing for his upcoming fight this weekend against Sugar Shane Mosley. The winner of the bout would be having the WBO Welterweight belt.

A lot of people are so confident that Pacquiao would definitely knockout Mosley. In fact, bets favoring him are all over the internet and the bets are huge. Pacquiao and Mosley are also ensuring all their fans that they are going to put up a very good fight.

Aside from being a world class boxer, Manny Pacquiao is also a public servant in his country being a congressman. Aside from winning all his boxing fight, Pacquiao is also fighting another important thing and that is the problem of poverty in his country. “I believe this world needs new heroes. The biggest fight in my life is not in boxing but it is now to end poverty in my country,” he said. In all his fights, he carries his flag proudly and this weekend he will be wearing yellow gloves as a sign of unity.

He said all those words in a press conference, which was done inside the MGM Hotel’s Hollywood Theatre. Amazingly, the event wasn’t all about trash talks just like other press conferences of other fighters. “The fight will happen without the trash talk and it’s a good example to the children who idolize the fighters. In my life it’s my experience that the best promotion has been the Shane Mosley fight because everybody is friends,” he added.

This is reason why the entire Philippines would be cheering him up this weekend. Big screens would be set up inside the gymnasiums of several municipalities and cities for the Pacquiao vs Mosley live stream in the entire country. Hotels, restaurants, cinemas and other establishments are also having “pay per view” promos for everyone.

Pacquiao vs Mosley Is Not What Fans Want To See

Boxing fans are in an uproar over the announcement of a May 7 match between Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley. While other names like Andre Berto, Juan Manuel Marquez and Sergio Martinez were considered potential opponents for the Pacman, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum ended up with a huge mismatch.

Mosley may have the credentials to become a Hall of Famer in the future but he is no longer the dangerous fighter that he used to be. He has been unimpressive in recent fights, losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. via unanimous decision in May 2010 and settling for a split draw against a mediocre fighter Sergio Mora in September 2010.

Arum may have business and personal reasons not to pursue a third fight with Marquez. Martinez could be too big for Pacquiao and Berto may not be popular among casual fight fans and cannot bring in enough money to the fight. Whatever reason they may be, a fight between Pacquiao and Mosley is not what the fans would like to see.

Mayweather may have beaten Mosley on points but Pacquiao will surely beat up an over-the-hill Mosley. Pacquiao has virtually cleaned up the competition. Too bad politics among promoters have prevented a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight from happening.

Pacquiao vs Margarito Results and Undercard Highlights

The boxing world had been shocked once more when a smaller and lighter fighter, Manny Pacquiao defeated a larger and heavier fighter, Antonio Margarito. There was no stunning knockout that happened but you can see the boxing perfection played by Manny Pacquiao and the determination and tenacity shown by Antonio Margarito.

Pacquiao hammered Margarito with his superb speed and boxing tactics. The Mexican suffered 3 cuts, underneath and above his right eye and one below his left eye. Showing sportsmanship, Pacquiao did ask the referee to stop the fight to avoid any further injuries and damage to Margarito to which the commentators agreed but the fight was continued until it ended on the 12th round.

Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision. After the fight, Pacquiao was asked if he hesitated during the last rounds as he was seen avoiding Margarito, then he replied, “Boxing was not for killing.” Pacquiao said he just let the 3 minutes ran out.

The victory gave Manny Pacquiao his eight world boxing championship title and because of his superb performance and ability to throw strings of multiple rapid punches, Pay-per-view’s commentators said that Pacquiao was even better than Ali as Ali was a “one punch guy”. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao!

Meanwhile here are the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Undercard Results:

Super Welterweight bout results: Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao defeated Margarito via unanimous decision (120-108, 118-110, 119-109).

Welterweight bout results: Jesus Soto Karass vs. Mike Jones. Jones defeated Karass via judges decision (97-93, 95-94, 94-94).

Super Bantamweight bout results: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba. Rigondeaux defeated Cordoba via judges decision (117-109, 114-112, 112-114).

Lightweight bout results: Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther. Rios defeated Lowther via TKO at 2:35 of fith round.

Featherweight bout results: Roberto Marroquin vs. Francisco Dominguez. Marroquin defeated Dominguez via knockout at 1:27 of first round.

Light Welterweight bout results: José Benavidez vs. Winston Mathis. Benavidez defeated Mathis via knockout at 2:23 of third round.

Light Heavyweight bout results: Mike Lee vs. Keith Debow. Lee defeated Debow via knockout at 1:33 of first round.

Light Welterweight bout results: Oscar Meza vs. Jose Hernandez. Meza defeated Hernandez via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36).

Flyweight bout results: Richie Mepranum vs. Anthony Villarreal. Mepranum defeated Villarreal via split decision.

Lightweight bout results: Juan Martin Elorde vs. Angel Rodriguez. Rodriguez defeated Elorde via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36).

Welterweight bout results: Dennis Laurente vs. Rashad Holloway. Laurente defeated Holloway via unanimous decision (77-75, 79-73, 78-74).

Pacquiao’s Promoter Top Rank Makes Another Attempt At Mayweather

Top Rank, a Las Vegas based boxing promotion company, plans to make another attempt to set up the long-awaited boxing showdown between 8 Division Title Holder Manny Pacquiao with Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer who is nicknamed in the boxing world as Pacman, became the first fighter to win world titles in eight divisions on Saturday night after his victorious match against Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito in a brutal bout.

The 31-year-old boxing superstar Pacman is running out of new opponents. Top Rank has two failed attempts to seal a deal to fight Mayweather, who is his main rival for the title of the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer.

Mayweather last fought in May, beating Shane Mosley, but has since been embroiled in domestic violence claims by his former girlfriend and faces criminal charges in court in January.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum told reporters after the Margarito fight in Arlington, Texas that his staff at the Top Rank organization would begin sounding out Mayweather about a fight next year.

“I will have Todd Duboef place a call directly to Floyd. Todd will ask one question and one question only, and that is whether Floyd wants to fight Manny,” Arum said in quotes carried by sports website FanHouse.

“If Floyd’s answer is yes about fighting Manny, then Todd will ask for Floyd’s expressed permission to call his criminal lawyer. Todd will ask the lawyer if he can be sure if Floyd will be available, not on trial or otherwise occupied, on specific dates.”

“If Todd gets a good answer from the lawyer, then Todd calls Floyd directly one more time,” Arum said. “Todd will ask Floyd, ‘Who is your chosen representative, who should we sit down with to put this fight together?’

“We don’t care who Floyd says, who he picks, be it Don King, Golden Boy or anyone else.”

Pacquiao Fight proven to lessen crime rate in the Philippines

Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao will once again prove his worth as a boxer as he fights Antonio Margarito from Mexico. While the whole world is already excited to see the whole match, we will give you some interesting facts about the Philippines’ most loved personality.

Did you know that in the past years, every Pacquiao fight is a highly-anticipated in the Philippines? Almost every part of the country whether that is in the workplace, malls, parks, offices, schools, internet shops and even in some public transportations, Filipinos are very much glued on the television watching how Pacman beats his opponents. Because of this, there is an obvious decrease in the number of reported crime for that day! There is even a time wherein there is no reported crime when Pacquiao knocked out Morales.

Also, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is also a public servant. He was voted as Congressman in Sarangani Province. So far, he is showing an impressive performance as he already passed 21 bills and resolutions. He is more worthy to be called a politician!

And it doesn’t end there! Pacquiao is also the host of GMA-7’s Pinoy Records with Chris Tiu. He practices his comedian skills via the Sunday sitcom ‘Show Me Da Manny’ with popular actress Marian Rivera.

See, that’s Boxer, Politician and Actor all rolled into one! Let us not forget that he is also a good father to his children and is trying his best to be the best husband for his wife, Jinkee.

Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito’s Fight For Their Countries’ Pride

Two of the world’s greatest boxing fighters will be fighting for the glory of their countries at Dallas Cowboy Stadium on November 13, 2010.

Singing the Lupang Hinirang, Philippine national anthem, is Ms. Zyrene Parsad. The latter was personally chosen by the Filipino pride himself, Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Lupang Hinirang Lyrics:
(Filipino Version)

Bayang magiliw,
Perlas ng Silanganan
Alab ng puso,
Sa Dibdib mo’y buhay.

Lupang Hinirang,
Duyan ka ng magiting,
Sa manlulupig,
Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok,
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula,
At awit sa paglayang minamahal.

Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y
Tagumpay na nagniningning,
Ang bituin at araw niya,
Kailan pa ma’y di magdidilim,

Lupa ng araw ng luwalhati’t pagsinta,
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo,
Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi,
Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo.

Beloved Country
Unofficial English Translation:

Land of the morning,
child of the sun returning,
With fervor burning,
thee do our souls adore.

Land dear and holy,
cradle of noble heroes,
Ne’er shall invaders,
trample thy sacred shore.

Even within thy skies and through thy clouds,
And o’er thy hills and sea.
Do we behold the radiance,
Feel the throb of glorious liberty.

Thy banner, dear to all our hearts,
Its sun and stars alight.
O, never shall its shining field,
Be dimmed by tyrant’s might!

Beautiful land of love, O land of light,
In thine embrace ’tis rapature to lie.
But it is glory ever, when thou art wronged,
For us, thy sons, to suffer and die.

Himno Nacional Mexicano

Mexicanos, al grito de guerra
El acero aprestad y el bridón,
y retiemble en sus centros la tierra.
Al sonoro rugir del cañón.

Ciña ¡oh patria! tus sienes de oliva
De la paz el arcángel divino,
Que en el cielo tu eterno destino
Por el dedo de Dios se escribió.

Más si osare un extraño enemigo
Profanar con su planta tu suelo,
Piensa ¡oh Patria querida! que el cielo
Un soldado en cada hijo te dio.


¡Guerra, guerra sin tregua al que intente
De la patria manchar los blasones!
¡Guerra, guerra! Los patrios pendones
En las olas de sangre empapad.

¡Guerra, guerra! En el monte, en el valle
Los cañones horrísonos truenen,
Y los ecos sonoros resuenen
Con las voces de ¡Unión! ¡Libertad!


Antes, patria, que inermes tus hijos
Bajo el yugo su cuello dobleguen,
Tus campiñas con sangre se rieguen,
Sobre sangre se estampe su pie.

Y tus templos, palacios y torres
Se derrumben con hórrido estruendo,
Y sus ruinas existan diciendo:
De mil héroes la patria aquí fue.


¡Patria! ¡Patria! Tus hijos te juran
Exhalar en tus aras su aliento,
Si el clarín con su bélico acento
nos convoca a lidiar con valor.

¡Para ti las guirnaldas de oliva!
¡Un recuerdo para ellos de gloria!
¡Un laurel para ti de victoria!
¡Un sepulcro para ellos de honor!

Mexicanos al grito de guerra
El acero aprestad y el bridón,
y retiemble en sus centros la tierra.
Al sonoro rugir del cañón.

Mexico’s National Anthem
(English Translation)

Mexicans, at the cry of war,
make ready the steel and the bridle,
and the earth trembles at its centers
at the resounding roar of the cannon.
and the earth trembles at its centers
at the resounding roar of the cannon!

First Stanza:
Let gird, oh Fatherland, your brow with olive
by the divine archangel of peace,
for in heaven your eternal destiny
was written by the finger of God.
But if some enemy outlander should dare
to profane your ground with his step,
think, oh beloved Fatherland, that heaven
has given you a soldier in every son.

Stanza V:
War, war without quarter to any who dare
to tarnish the coat of arms!
War, war! Let the national banners
be soaked in waves of blood.
War, war! In the mountain, in the valley,
let the cannons thunder in horrid unison
and may the sonorous echoes resound
with cries of Union! Liberty!

Stanza VI:
O, Fatherland, ere your children, defenseless
bend their neck beneath the yoke,
may your fields be watered with blood,
may their foot be printed in blood.
And may your temples, palaces and towers
collapse with horrid clamor,
and may their ruins continue on, saying:
Of one thousand heroes, here the Fatherland began.

Stanza X:
Fatherland! Fatherland! your children swear to you
to breathe their last for your sake,
if the bugle with its bellicose accent
persuades them to battle with courage.
For you, olive wreathes!
A memory for them of glory!
For you, a laurel of victory!
A tomb for them of honor!

Manny Pacquiao’s Theme Song: Fighting Pride Lyrics

Manny Pacquiao is not only a boxer for he is also a politician and a singer. He also loves to dedicate every fight for his country, the Philippines. In fact last September 2010 Team Pacquiao launched the official theme song for world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao.

The song is entitled “Fighting Pride” and is sang by Rag Rag. It is a mix of song and rap. It also emphasizes Pacquiao’s previous fights and the importance of every battle for Pacman and his country.

Tomorrow Manny Pacquiao’s Song “Fighting Pride” will surely be one of the most popular songs to be played. The seven-time world champion had many fans around the world be it Filipino or non-Filipinos.

Now here is the Manny Pacquiao song, “Fighting Pride” lyrics and song.

Intro words by Manny Pacquiao:

Deliver me from this fight
To honor you and my country

Drum of War (Intro Theme)

He stays a humble guy
From Sarangani Mindanao
His passion is in the ring

He never talks trash
Speaks through his mighty hand
He will dispose off anyone

Approach Roach to coach
(He’s got the heart of gold)
The rise of the greatest champ
(Rising Manny is our champ)

The crowd they’re going wild
They love his exciting fights

Pacquiao!, Number one pound for pound
Pacquiao!, Faster than the speed of light
Pacquiao!, You’re gonna fear for your life

Pacquiao!, Filipino fighting pride
Pacquiao!, Power punch when he strikes
Pacquiao!, Knocks you out to terminate

La Cucaracha that created dinamita
All the legends in the ring have lost a big problema
De La Hoya, threw in the towel
So he better change his name to golden girl the Mexicana
Understand that Filipino number 1
Pacman the one, will be the only one,
Smash you to the ground, taking all the crown.
Pound for pound!, round for round!,

No wonder Erik, Morales got knocked out
Marco Antonio Barrera got knocked out
Ricky Hatton can’t believe he got knocked out
He was messin with the best, he went down like the rest

REPEAT Chorus x2:

Side to side southpaw
Kamao ng Filipino – (Fist of the Philippines)

Guitar Solo to Ending

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Arrested On Grand Larceny Charges

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in the news again and it does not have anything to do with boxing. Fresh off the hot seat for his home video filled with racist and homophobic comments on rival Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather was arrested on Friday on grand larceny charges. Josie Harris, Mayweather’s  former girlfriend with whom he has three children, complained to Clark County law enforcers that Mayweather physically assaulted her and stole her cell phone.

Mayweather was reportedly angry that Harris was in a new relationship with another man.

Clark County released Mayweather after a brief jail time on a $3,000 bond. Mayweather is set to appear before a Las Vegas Justice Court on November 9. He has hired Richard Wainwright as his legal counsel.

Boxing fans have been clamoring for a boxing match between Mayweather and Pacquiao to determine the best pound-for-pound fighter. One year and two attempts later, they have not been able to finalize a fight contract, many blaming Mayweather for ducking Pacquiao.

If convicted, Mayweather stands spend five years in prison. This definitely rule out a boxing match with Pacquiao forever.