Johnny Depp Drops By Primary School

Oh, I’m loving Johnny Depp even more because of this “feat”. I think he is just awesome and naturally endearing for dropping by a primary school to give in to a call for help from a 9-year old having problems ‘mutiny-ing” against their teachers .

The movie star, who is shooting the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean flick, took time out Wednesday to surprise the kids at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich after a “budding pirate” Beatrice Delap, 9, asked for his help in waging mutiny against their teachers.

She wrote, “Captain Jack Sparrow, At Meridian Primary School, we are a bunch of budding young pirates and we were having a bit of trouble mutiny-ing against the teachers, and we’d love if you could come and help.”

Depp, outfitted in full Jack Sparrow regalia, happily obliged, but told Beatrice they were going to have to hold off on the mutiny because of the police escort waiting for him outside.

During his visit, Depp asked Beatrice to come forward for a hello hug and showed her classmates the letter she wrote him which was complete with a drawing of a skull and crossbones.