Jacksonville State Gamecocks Defeat Ole Miss In 2OT

 Jacksonville State scored an amazing come-from-behind double overtime win against Mississippi, 49-48.

The Mississippi Rebels led the Jacksonville Gamecocks 31-10 at the end of the first half. The Gamecocks clawed their way back by outscoring the Rebels 3-0 in the third quarter and 21-3 in the fourth to force overtime.

Towards the end of the second overtime, Coty Blanchard hurled a touchdown pass 30 yards long to Kevyn Cooper on 4th and 15, inching to close the Rebels’ lead at 48-47.

In the last play, Blanchard lobbed a 2-point conversion to Calvin Middleton towards the end zone giving the Gamecocks the lead and the win in a wild and crazy game.

Jacksonville coach Jack Crowe made the call to execute the winning play, thinking that another game extension would only eventually lead into a win for Ole Miss. “I just didn’t think we could play defense again,” Crowe said.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt considers this the worst loss of his career.