Torr: The Newest Ultra-Selective High IQ Society

Geniuses of this world have been called geniuses because they were able to display their intelligence and they were able to pass several IQ tests in different areas. Here comes another society of Ultra-Selective High IQ recently formed and only few people passed their test. It is called Torr. Named after the unit of pressure-the Torr-which is 1/760th of an atmosphere. An individual having this kind of intelligence quotient is just 1 out of 760, so passing Torr is more difficult compared to Mensa and the International High IQ society.

You should have an IQ of 145 and above to be part of this ultra-selective high IQ society.

To know whether you have the capacity to join their society, you need take up their own set of tests. You need to consider several steps before finding out if you can their great society. Here are they:

» an IQ in the top 0.13 percent of the population (145 IQ using a 15 standard deviation)
» a lifetime membership entrance fee of $49 USD. Discounts for the entrance fee are given to prospective members living in developing countries.
» You need to pass first their approved list of test for them to review you application

If you’re interested to join them just visit their official website So far, a Filipino member was able to join their group and he is my friend.