Gizmodo Iphone Pictures: The Next Generation iPhone Pictures LEAKED

Gizmodo is now in possession of the next generation iPhone prototype and they paid $5,000 for it!  The story behind this acquisition goes.  Some dude on a bar found an iPhone… all night he was looking for an owner.  But since he couldn’t find the owner and no one claimed it, he just kept it in his possession until someone would come looking for it.

Just then, when it was time to charge the phone, he noticed something different.  The phone was covered with a silicon cover that made it looked like the normal iPhone.  But then, he noticed that when he took the cover off, it looked a little bit different.  That’s when he realized that this is the next generation iPhone.

Gizmodo of course took interest in it and bought the phone for $5,000 even if they can’t use it.

UPDATE: Apple’s lawyer sent a letter to Gizmodo saying in paraphraze “Yes, that is our phone.  We want it back.”

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