2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup: India vs Australia

This March 2, 2010, India will face Australia in the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup. The start time of India vs Australia Men’s Hockey World Cup will be at exaclty 20:35. The game will be held at Dhyan Chand National Stadium.

The match between South Africa vs England and Pakistan vs Spain will also be played this March 2. The 2010 Hockey World Cup will be the twelfth instalment of the Men’s Hockey World Cup.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced that the championship would be held in India, taking place over two weeks from Feb 28 to March 13, 2010 at New Delhi’s Dhyan Chand National Stadium.

You can watch the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup: India vs Australia Live Stream in the following channels: Ten Sports for South Asia and Middle East, Fox Sports for Australia, PTV Terrestrial for Pakistan, Sport1 for The Netherlands, Zing for United Kingdom, ESPN+ for Argentina and Doordarshan for India.

The World Correspondents will be posting more updates about the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup today. Good luck to both teams and let’s enjoy watching the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup, India vs Australia Live Stream

E-waste problem in India will grow 500% by 2020

U.N. study said that various wastes from discarded electronics will rise dramatically in the developing world within a decade as reported by Daily World Buzz. Computer waste from India alone will grow by 500% by year 2020.

Achim Steiner, executive director of UNEP said “This report gives new urgency to establishing ambitious, formal and regulated processes for collecting and managing e-waste via the setting up of large, efficient facilities in China.” He also added that, “China is not alone in facing a serious challenge. India, Brazil, Mexico and others may also face rising environmental damage and health problems if e-waste recycling is left to the vagaries of the informal sector.”

Specialty materials group Umicore and the United Nations University, said that the United States is the biggest producer of e-waste, creating around 3 million metric tons a year.

China produces around 2.3 million metric tons domestically and is where a lot of the developed world’s e-waste is sent, EMPA said.

EMPA is the research institute for material science and technology of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The study predicted that mobile phone waste in China would be about seven times higher than 2007 levels by 2020, while in India it would be about 18 times higher.

6 WWF Volunteers Abducted in India

6 WWF volunteers abducted in India -Heavily Armed gunmen have kidnapped six volunteers of World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) from Manas national park in north-eastern India, according to officials.

The official said that the victims are three men and three women, all Indian nationals, were carrying out an elephant and tiger census when they were abducted by 20 masked rebels last Sunday. The identity of rebels is not known, but official says that a huge manhunt has now been launched by the police.

“We are concerned about the incident and we are in touch with the parties for the safe rescue of the missing people,” Dipankar Ghosh, head of the eastern Himalaya programme of WWF-India, told AFP.

The incident came within a few hours after the All Bodo Students Union (Absu) announced their intention to renew their campaign for a separate state for the Bodo people. The violent movement for separate state started in 1987 which involved bombing public transport and other crowded places. More than 2,000 people lost their lives in the campaign before Absu and other Bodo groups settled for an autonomous Bodoland Territorial Council within Assam in 2003.

Security forces in the western part of the state covering the BTC has assigned by the Assam government for high alert.

India Swept Over By The Philippines As The World’s Call Center Capital

India Swept Over By The Philippines As The World’s Call Center Capital – The Philippines has overpowered India as the number one player in the global business outsourcing market, making the country as the call center capital of the world.

IBM released a report in October that says Philippines has taken over the lead in the global ranking from India. However, the IBM report did not present exact figures on how many people each country employed in the outsourcing industry.

Recently, the Philippine President Benigno Aquino has led celebrations. He said “In the past decade, the growth in the industry in the country has been nothing short of exceptional. From a virtual non-entity in 2001, your sector has earned sunshine industry status.”

The president of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines, Benedict Hernandez, said “When you think of the contact center environment, we have assumed the number 1 position. Last year, we were about 300,000. This year, its 350,000 in terms of employed Filipino working in call centers in the Philippines compared to only 330,000 in India.

Right now, the best place to put a call center from a quantity position is the Philippines.

India’s Economy Has An Impressive Rise of 8.9%

Tagged as of the fastest growing economy in the world, India’s economy surprisingly increased to 8.9 per gross domestic product growth.

D.K. Joshi, principal economist at Crisil said “Overall the economy seems to be in good shape, though the next two quarters will see a moderation from these levels…This growth is taking place despite the central bank withdrawing the easy monetary stance, in spite of the fiscal authorities also taking away part of the fiscal stimulus”.

The central bank has increased its lending rate or the repo rate, a discount at which the central bank repurchases government securities from commercial banks, by 150 basis points since mid-March to rein in inflation and a majority of analysts expect it to hold interest rates when it reviews monetary policy on Dec. 16.

Barack Obama Supports India For Seat at UN Top Table

Barack Obama Supports India For Seat at UN Top Table – US President Barack Obama has supported India’s ambition for permanent membership of the UN Security Council. After a three-day visit in India, President Obama highly praised India’s development.

His comments will delight India, which has been buttonholing for a seat at the UN’s top table for years. However, according to analysts, it does not mean India will get a seat on the Security Council immediately. The unspecified reforms the US president mentioned could take years.

Obama also said the Washington-Delhi relationship would be one of this century’s defining partnership.

The US president was applauded as he told dignitaries: “As two leaders, the United States and India can partner for global security, especially as India serves on the Security Council over the next two years. Indeed the just and sustainable international order that America seeks includes a United Nation that is efficient, effective, credible and legitimate.”

He added: “And that is why I can say today, in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed United Nations Security Council that includes India as a permanent member.”

President Barack Obama is going to visit Indonesia, South Korea and Japan on a 10-day Asian tour designed to boost US exports.

India Unveiled its iPad Prototype for only $35

India would let themselves be left behind with the advancement of technology today. If Apple has released their very own iPad which is said to be the link between laptop and mobile phone, India also unveiled their iPad look-alike gadget and its far cheaper with a price of $35.

According to its developers, this touch screen iPad look-alike gadget can perform things such as web browsing, video conferencing and word processing. The said gadget has no hard disk, instead it uses a memory card like a mobile phone and can run using solar on solar power.

Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said that the gadget runs the Linux operating system. Their has been a previous offer of having the $100 laptops available for everyone but it has been out shined by this tablet which costs cheaper. It has been suggested to lower the price from $20-$10.

A ministry spokeswoman name Mamta Varma has seen the feasibility of the device and at present their has been a company a Taiwan who showed interest in making the gadget. This has been of the government’s project of extending broadband to all of India’s 25,000 colleges and 500 universities.

“The solutions for tomorrow will emerge from India,” Mr Sibal said, reports news agency AFP. This breakthrough clearly show that in no time, a portable tablet would become one of each and everyone’s necessity.

India To Make Computers For $35

Over the last two decades, India made significant strides in the area of information technology. In 2001, their literacy rate was estimated at 65% with population more than a billion people. With these numbers, providing connectivity to students is an important factor to accomplish their goal.

In line with their education objectives, India revealed a prototype computer that initially will cost only $35. These are intended for students and teachers to stay connected at low prices.

India’s human resources development minister, Kapil Sibal, showed a computer that should be priced low enough to be affordable at approximately $35. The plan is to eventually further reduce pricing to $10.

Research and design are ongoing to deal with cost reduction and quality concerns. This is a high-volume production requirement that will be tendered out to qualified private companies.

 The target date for production release of these low-cost computers to colleges and universities is in 2011.

India vs Australia Results and Replay: World Cup Hockey 2010

The World Cup Hockey match between India and Australia was awesome. Australia made a spectacular performance during the match. They won in this match in Pool B with a final score of 5-2. This match was played in Major Dhyan Chand stadium in New Delhi on Tuesday.

This is the second match of India after defeating team Pakistan.

On the other hand, team Australia did all their best and dominated the entire match forcing the Indians to remain defensive and concede five goals.

Glen Turner played brilliantly for Australia in the India vs Australia World Cup Hockey Match. Because of Glen Turner’s superb performance and skills, they won the match against the host country.

Desmond Abbott, Liam De Young, and Luke Doerner scored one goal each for the winners. Vikram Pillay and Rajpal Singh from India scored making the defeat a little palatable for the hosts.

More news about the 2010 World Cup Men’s Hockey will be posted here at the World Correspondents. Live Stream, Replay Videos and Scores will also be available as the game goes by.

India Accuses Monsanto of “Biopiracy”

According to the news outlet France24, the Indian government had recently accused Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the U.S., of “biopiracy”. Officials claimed that Monsanto was stealing plants indigenous to India and re-engineering them to create modified versions. The products are then patented and sold under the Monsanto brand.

One of the plants that were specifically chosen to undergo bio-engineering treatment is a type of eggplant called brinjal, which is native to Indian soil and has about 2,500 different varieties. According to the report by France24, millions of Indian farmers grow this type of crop and that a modified version in competition with the original will threaten the livelihood of locals that depend on it. Monsanto has repeatedly tried to market its own version of brinjal under the name Bt brinjal. This, along with other questionable practices by Monsanto, motivated farmers and activists in the country to put pressure on the government to file a lawsuit against the company. The government agreed to do so. The case is pending at the moment.

Monsanto is not new to controversy. Monsanto’s bad track record in business ethics can be traced back to the 1960s when it paid contractors to dump toxic waste in the U.K., according to a Guardian report. A government agency stated that they found lingering effects of these toxic wastes even decades after they were discarded. In another report,  a Monsanto subsidiary had been accused of using child labor in the cotton fields of Andhra Pradesh, India. In 2005, Monsanto was fined $1.5 million for bribing officials in Indonesia. These are just a few examples from a pile of documented legal complaints against the company.

I contacted the office of a PR representative for Monsanto, but the secretary on the phone said that my request for an interview had been declined.