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2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup: India vs Australia

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This March 2, 2010, India will face Australia in the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup. The start time of India vs Australia Men’s Hockey World Cup will be at exaclty 20:35. The game will be held at Dhyan Chand National Stadium. The match between South Africa vs England and Pakistan vs Spain will also be […]

E-waste problem in India will grow 500% by 2020

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U.N. study said that various wastes from discarded electronics will rise dramatically in the developing world within a decade as reported by Daily World Buzz. Computer waste from India alone will grow by 500% by year 2020. Achim Steiner, executive director of UNEP said “This report gives new urgency to establishing ambitious, formal and regulated […]

6 WWF Volunteers Abducted in India

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6 WWF volunteers abducted in India -Heavily Armed gunmen have kidnapped six volunteers of World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) from Manas national park in north-eastern India, according to officials. The official said that the victims are three men and three women, all Indian nationals, were carrying out an elephant and tiger census when they […]

India Swept Over By The Philippines As The World’s Call Center Capital

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India Swept Over By The Philippines As The World’s Call Center Capital – The Philippines has overpowered India as the number one player in the global business outsourcing market, making the country as the call center capital of the world. IBM released a report in October that says Philippines has taken over the lead in […]

India’s Economy Has An Impressive Rise of 8.9%

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Tagged as of the fastest growing economy in the world, India’s economy surprisingly increased to 8.9 per gross domestic product growth. D.K. Joshi, principal economist at Crisil said “Overall the economy seems to be in good shape, though the next two quarters will see a moderation from these levels…This growth is taking place despite the […]

Barack Obama Supports India For Seat at UN Top Table

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Barack Obama Supports India For Seat at UN Top Table – US President Barack Obama has supported India’s ambition for permanent membership of the UN Security Council. After a three-day visit in India, President Obama highly praised India’s development. His comments will delight India, which has been buttonholing for a seat at the UN’s top […]

India Unveiled its iPad Prototype for only $35

July 21, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

India would let themselves be left behind with the advancement of technology today. If Apple has released their very own iPad which is said to be the link between laptop and mobile phone, India also unveiled their iPad look-alike gadget and its far cheaper with a price of $35. According to its developers, this touch […]

India To Make Computers For $35

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Over the last two decades, India made significant strides in the area of information technology. In 2001, their literacy rate was estimated at 65% with population more than a billion people. With these numbers, providing connectivity to students is an important factor to accomplish their goal. In line with their education objectives, India revealed a […]

India vs Australia Results and Replay: World Cup Hockey 2010

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The World Cup Hockey match between India and Australia was awesome. Australia made a spectacular performance during the match. They won in this match in Pool B with a final score of 5-2. This match was played in Major Dhyan Chand stadium in New Delhi on Tuesday. This is the second match of India after […]

India Accuses Monsanto of “Biopiracy”

September 29, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

According to the news outlet France24, the Indian government had recently accused Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the U.S., of “biopiracy”. Officials claimed that Monsanto was stealing plants indigenous to India and re-engineering them to create modified versions. The products are then patented and sold under the Monsanto brand. One of the […]

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