60 Hospitals Cancelled Due to Implementation of New Health Law

After the successful passage of the new Health Care Law which aims to have lower costs of health insurance accessible to most Americans, recent reports show that permits to operate of 60 hospitals are in danger of cancellation due to this newly passed Health Care Law.

Accordingly, one of the provisions of this new Health Care Law is that it prevents doctor-owned hospitals from adding more rooms and more beds. The new rules specifically mentioned under Title VI, Section 6001 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act make new physician-owned projects ineligible to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients.

With this, “more than 60 doctor-owned hospitals across the country that were in the development stage will be cancelled. The existing hospitals are greatly affected. They can’t grow. They can’t add beds. They can’t add rooms. Basically, it stifles their ability to change and meet market needs. This is really an unfortunate thing as well, because we are talking about some of the best hospitals in the country,”said Molly Sandvig, executive director of Physician Hospitals of America (PHA).

This is one the many drawbacks of the new Health Care Law. This will definitely hinder employment growth in a country already stricken with high unemployment rate. I think we need some more revisions to the new Health Care Law.

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Health Care Vote Results: Did the Health Care Bill Pass?

Today, March 21, 2010, Americans make another historical event as the largest Health Care Bill will be voted upon.

It is expected that the turnout of votes will be very close given that there are four vacancies in the House since 3 House memebers have resigned while one died bringing the total number of full House of Representatives to 431.  In this fact, Democrats will now need to earn 216 votes in order for the Health Care Bill to be passed into law.

Looking back last year, seven Democrats who voted for a “yes” changed their minds and vowed to vote for a “no”. According to the numbers, with Democrats outnumbering the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Democrats can afford to lose 37 votes.

So what’s the latest update on the Health Care Vote Results? Currently, the House is on its final debate before the final voting for the Health Care Bill. Each of the Republicans’ and Democrats’ representatives are giving their own opinions on this Health Care Bill.

Will the Health Care Bill be passed? MSNBC is having a live stream coverage of the Health Care Bill vote results here.

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Obama Signs Health Care Bill But 13 States Sue Over Health Care

Millions of supporters of the new Heallth Care Reform Bill are now rejoicing as the proposed health care bill was finally signed by US President Obama to become a law today in the East Room of the White House.

Accordingly, a happy Obama signed the health care bill into law today in a White House ceremony marking a historical event of the expansion of health insurance coverage.

Obama said: “Today, after almost a century of trying — today, after over a year of debate — today, after all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the United States of America.”

In his speech, Obama thanked several persons which were instrumental in pushing this health care bill that includes his mother who had an argument with several insurance companies before she died of Cancer.

However, things won’t be easy for Obama as 13 US States filed lawsuits minutes after he signed the health care bill into law. These 13 states demanded to fix and amend some clauses in the health care bill that includes the mandatory requirement that all Americans should buy health insurance or else face financial penalties, among others.

The lawsuit was filed at Pensacola just 7 minutes after Obama signed the new health care bill to become a law with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum as the leader of the group joined together by several attorneys general from 12 other states which includes South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and Louisiana.

What’s the likelihood of success of these 13 lawsuits filed against the Federal Government? Well, according to some legal experts, its success is very little because “under the Constitution, federal laws trump state laws”.

What do you think of this new health care bill that was just signed into law today? Participate in our mini discussion by leaving your comments here.

New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Summary, Good Side and Bad Side

The much talked about issue in USA today is the New Health Care Bill. It made the whole country stop for a while and they all watched the Representatives a while ago for it to be passed. The voting is over and the bill went through the House.

There has been speculations on what is this bill all about, what it covers, what are its good side and as usual and as always its bad side. The bill would cover a lot of individuals including those who already have illnesses, as to the insurance companies, it is somewhat unfair. They would be expecting losses especially for those who have pre-existing conditions. For those who are less likely be experiencing diseases, it is also unfair because they can’t use the insurance that much, though sickness is really unpredictable, it really pays to be ready.

Another thing that it brings is that the fine that they would be imposing for those who don’t have insurance 4 years from now. The fine would cost $695. The bill somewhat became compulsory. If there would be fines for non compliance, the tendency for this one is flooding of clients, could the insurance companies keep up with it, especially when most of the clients have pre-existing conditions.

The country would then be spending a lot of money for this. As the mostly said statement in the House awhile ago says, ” We would be spending money that we don’t have.”

The Americans are just hoping that the good side of the bill will out weigh the bad side. They are hoping that the bill wold be implemented well.

USA New Health Reform Bill: Summarized in 5 Topics

USA got their New Health Care Bill now and everyone must admit that only few was about to decipher its meaning and contents. If you’re one them, don’t worry, you still belong to the majority. The thousand paged bill has not been understood by all. If you dare to read it page by page, you can do so. But I bet after you read it, you were not able to understand it because of its bureaucratic contents.

I was able to stumble upon a CNN report summarizing it on only in 5 topics.

1. Health insurance companies can’t discriminate against you because you have a pre-existing condition – before you can apply for an insurance premium, there has been a part there in the application form asking for details of illnesses or health conditions present in you and those having one are not allowed to apply. This is before, but the with the New Health Care Bill, it would be gone. No more discriminations for applicants having pre-existing conditions. This could be a disadvantage to insurance companies though.

2. Young people can remain on parents’ insurance until age 26 – in increases the range though. Not all young people can find job that offers health insurance. Before, insurances companies are excluding children from their parents’ insurance as early their 19th birthday.

3. You could get a subsidy to buy insurance if you make less than $88,000 per year for a family of four – this assistance depends on you income, marital status and location you are living. There would be calculations for his one.

4. If you don’t get insurance from your employer, that might change – companies having 50 employees or more are required to offer a health or else fines would be imposed to them.

5. The health care reform legislation has some benefits for senior citizens, but it might have some disadvantages as well – as covered by the Bill, senior citizens will have free preventive screenings such as for cancer and diabetes. Another thing is that, there would no more cut off in their coverage once they reach beyond $2,830 on prescription drugs. However, the expenditure for Medicare Beneficiaries would have 2% or less each from 4% they receive previously.

Understanding the 5 topics could somehow contribute a lot to your confused mind. Basically it covers majority of the entire contents of the bill.

Health Care Reform Bill Summary: What is in the Health Care Reform Bill?

With the recent passage of the new Health Care Reform Bill into law, a lot of Americans are left asking themselves “what is in the Health Care Reform Bill?”

Does the pros outnumber the cons? Will this new Health Care Reform Bill be really beneficial to the Americans or will it be detrimental in the long run given the huge amount of expenses involved, which is pegged at $940 billion? To answer these questions, let’s examine it by having a Health Care Reform Bill Summary.

In this summary, several features of this new Health Care Reform Bill will be discussed to inform the average Americans about this new Health Care Reform Bill recently signed into law by President Obama.

Health Care Reform Bill Summary:

1. Uninsured Americans will get the most benefit out of it. With this Health Care Reform Bill now passed into law, health insurance firms won’t be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Sounds good news? Not really. Americans who decided not to get health insurance will have to pay a penalty fee of $695 per year or 2.5% of income (phased in before 2016)

2. Drug and Biotech companies will also benefit a lot in the passage of this new Health care Reform Bill into law. They will suddenly have additional tens of millions more insured customers who can afford their expensive medicines.

3. For senior citizens, the so-called “Medicare Donut Hole” is now closed upon the passage of this bill. However, for those who are not yet considered as ‘senior’, health insurance firms can no longer deny Americans because of age.

4. Americans who have existing health insurance may probably see their premiums go up. This is especially true if you purchase your own health insurance but don’t qualify for any of the new subsidies brought by this new Health Care Reform Bill.

5. As the new Health Care Reform Bill promises to benefit millions of poor American individuals, the rich and wealthy Americans get affected. Under this new Health Care Reform Bill, there’s a 0.9% increase in Medicare payroll taxes for Americans who earn more than $200,000 annually individually and $250,000 for couples.

6. Given the huge expenses of the US Government, they are more likely be of control in the health insurance industry. With this, they can have easy access to private and confidential information among patients.

7. Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will get subsidies in the form of tax credits to help cover the health insurance premiums of their employees.

8. Extension of parents’ health insurance to their children who are young adults will rise up to the age of 27. This means more and more young adults will get beneficial health insurance coverage from their parents’ coverage until they reached the age of 27.

9. Are you worried in the sum insured or lifetime caps of health insurance contracts? With the passage of this new Health Care Reform Bill, this will be abolished and banned. In addition, annual caps will be limited, and banned in the year 2014.

10. Since the US Government will be more likely be of control in the health insurance industry, chec and balance among health insurance firms will be monitored to avoid health insurance fraud and waste.

What do you think of this new Health Care Reform Bill? Whether you’re pro or against it, share your opinions and read others’ comments too in our mini discussion here.

Health Care Bill Vote Record in the House of Representatives

The Health Care Reform Bill was just passed by the House of Representatives. I am very sure that Democrats, headed by US President Obama, are rejoicing as of now as their proposed Health Care Bill is now on its way to the Senate for finality before Obama affixes his signature on it to become a law.

We all know that there was a lot of debate done by both Democrats and Republicans surrounding this new Health Care Bill before it was passed. Accordingly, Democrats would need a total vote record of 216 to win the case and for the House of Representatives to pass the Health Care Bill.

Having said that, the final vote record before the Health Care Bill was passed was 219 – 212 in favor of course for the Democrats surpassing the 216 needed votes to win. 34 Democrats voted for a “no” while all 178 Republicans voted for the same giving a total vote record for “no” of 212.

In addition, The House of Representatives also registered a vote record of 220-211 to support a “reconciliation” bill aimed to “fix” provisions in the Health Care Bill that many House Democrats opposed.

After the reconciliation, the Health Care Reform Bill will now go to the Senate for another debate which is expected to be held on Tuesday, after which, Obama would sign it to become a law.

Well, let’s just hope that they would provide the public with the full text of the Health Care Bill for us to take a closer look into it. I’ve heard that it’s more than 2,000 pages all in all.

Health Care Bill Vote Results: Health Care Reform Bill Was Passed

Finally, after the rigorous debate on the proposed Health Care Bill by US President Obama, the said Health Care Bill was finally approved by the House of Representatives.

Republicans debate focuses on the the fact that this Health Care Bill will have a negative impact on the budget deficit of the US economy. With huge health care expenses to cover almost all Americans, the US government is about to spend at least $940 billion over the span of 10 years.

However, Democrats simply want to push through with the said Health Care Bill since it will give a lot of benefits to those uninsured individuals which includes lowered health care insurance costs, elimination of pre existing conditions, tax benefits, etc .

Republicans’ and Democrats’ long debate finally came into a conclusion when the final tally of the votes for the $940 billion proposed Health Care Bill end. The results of the votes were 219-212 in favor of the Democrats and so the much awaited Health Care Bill was finally passed in the House of Representatives.

In addition, The House of Representatives also voted 220-211 to support a “reconciliation” bill aimed to “fix” provisions in the Senate Health Care Bill that many House Democrats opposed but viewed as better than nothing.  After the debate on the House of Representatives, the Health Care Reform Bill will now go to the Senate for another debate which is expected to be held on Tuesday, after which, Obama would sign it to become a law.

The Health Care Reform Bill was a success for Obama. In his address in the White House, Obama reiterates that passing the Health Care Bill “proves government still works for people.”

Latest Update Health Care Reform Bill: President Obama Adresses the People

Everyone is all eyes on the on the casting of votes for the Health Reform Bill. The House of Representatives are on the process right to for casting of votes whether to to say YES or NO for the pursuance of the bill.

At 11:30 p.m, The House has passed the package of fixes meant to reconcile differences between the bill the House passed last year and the Senate bill it passed earlier Sunday night. Those vote casted was 220-211. The reconciliation package now heads to the Senate.

At 11:48 p.m President Obama together Vice Pesident Joe Biden in the East Room of the Whitehouse, gave his address to the American people. His address is basically thanking people who has been involve in passing the bill. The representatives and their staff, his Vice President and his White House staff. He said that is not an easy vote but the RIGHT vote. He pursued that after the Health Care Bill wasn’t a victory for a political party but for the American people.

Obama said the reform plan won’t fix everything wrong with the nation’s health care system, “but it moves us decisively in the right direction.”

What’s Your View in Obama Health Care Vote?

We are few hours away before the results of the Health Care Bill proposed by Obama will finally be released. Who do you expect to win? Is it the Republicans who are against the said Health Care Bill or is it the Democrats who are pro to it?

This is again another mathematical game. Obviously, majority wins. It is widely expected that the results of the Health Care Bill votes will be very close. Looking at the numbers, Democrats need 216 votes to pass it. However, there are about two dozens of them who vowed to vote for a “no”. Together with all 178 Republicans voting for a ‘no”, the votes’ turnout is expected to be extremely close.

Republicans vow to vote for a “No” since for them, this Health Care Bill involves a huge amount of expenses by the US Government that will definitely hamper or slow down US’ recovery against the recent recession.

On the other hand, most Democrats vow to vote for a “Yes” as they believed the passage of this Health Care Bill into law will help a lot of Americans to lower the costs of their health care expenses.

What’s your view in Obama Health Care Bill? If you were one of the leaders in the House, what will be your vote? Do you see Obama signing the passage of this Health Care Bill into law?