Glee Season 2 Premiere Episode “Audition” Recap

The much awaited Glee Season 2 Premiere entitled Audition finally hit the TV screens leaving the awesomeness among fans until now. The Golden Globe winner TV series once and for all invaded each other’s lives. As what has been shown on the preview, the nationals this year would be held in New York which obviously excites everyone in the club.

The premiere episode “Audition” is obviously about the group needing a new member as Matt left McKinley High last season. The Sue vs Shue issue has spiced up as another character joins them. However, the person doesn’t like neither of the two as this new female football coach, Coach Beiste replaced Coach Tanaka. She calls herself The Panther and doesn’t take any crap. Though it is unusual, but Sue and Shue joined hand in hands for a plan to oust Beiste off the grounds. Shue’s budget has been cut down to make way for a winning football team.

Two new singing sensations would be joining the club and one of them is Sam Evans, the super sexy new stud in the McKinley High corral. the discovery of such great voice is much like of the shower-scene of Finn in Season 1. He had an awesome rendition “Billionaire”, the soft melodic hit by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars. Enough to make him yet another handsome sensation.

Joining Sam is a Rachel-threat Sunshine Corazon played by the Philippine young sensation Charice. Rachel’s attitude of ‘wanting all the spotlight to be hers alone’ is back as she found out that Sunshine wouldn’t just be a backup hummer as the two battled to turn Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s collaboration of “Telephone” into something jaw-dropping. Rachel then decided to give her wrong “directions” to the audition that lead the girl to a crack house. Amazingly, Sunshine made it with the help of Tina and Mike and has awed everyone for her Dreamgirls’ “Listen” in the audition.

However, Sunshine’s talent has been snatched by Vocal Adrenalines’s new coach “Dustin Goulsby” promising her of a condo and a green card. Dustin then carried her all the way to Regionals, where we will see her again.

Meanwhile, Puck got a vasectomy erasing all of the girl’s dream of bearing a “Mohawk” baby. Santana got a Boob job to gain much attention yet Sue promptly demoted her to the bottom of the pyramid, while promoting Quinn Fabray to the top. Tina and Mike Chang has been dating all along after the Asian Camp now leaving Artie behind. Finn then made a solution and suggested that Artie be joining football which unfortunately led Finn to be ousted at once.

Next week’s episode would be all about Britney Spears.

Fox Releases Glee Season 2 Promo with Charice Pempengco

Fox Releases Glee Season 2 Promo with Charice Pempengco – Filipina teen singing sensation Charice Pempengco is caught on video in the latest Glee Season 2 Promo. Charice Pempengco wil be playing the role of Sunshine Corazon, a FIlipino exhange student in McKinley High.


Charice will be the competitor or arch-enemy to Lea Michelle’s character Rachel Berry for Glee’s Season 2.

The hit and multi-awarded musical comedy series, Glee returns on television on September 21 through Fox.

Here is another Glee Season 2 promo which is more than 2 minutes long and offers some more details about the upcoming season.


Glee Star Lea Michele is a snob

After last week’s polarizing episode of Glee, we’re back on track! The all-encompassing themes that the show has been adopting (hello, home) had been bugging me with their overreaching, but this week’s motif of bad reputations works pretty solidly.

The episode, called ”Bad Reputation,” began with the kids huddled around a laptop watching Sue Sylvester performing Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.” The highlight of last night’s episode? No other than the rendition of Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. But seems like it’s not only onscreen that her character is hated by fellow gleeks,Lea has been accused of being a diva on the set of the hit US TV show.

Michele,is reportedly ‘disliked’ by the cast and crew due to her difficult behaviour when filming the show.

A source told heat magazine: “She’s a snob. She sometimes even refuses to talk to junior staff. If they ask her something, she just directs them to her assistant and walks the other way.”

The insider also told the gossip mag that Michele, who originally shot to fame on Broadway was ‘a bully’ at school, teasing a girl about her hair.

They claimed: “She called her a ‘mop head’…It started out as a nickname she would just use among her friends, but as time passed she started calling her names to her face. One time, she even made the girl cry.”

Michele, has previously stated that she is very similar to her character Rachel…we can’t imagine Miss. Berry ever calling anyone a mop head!

Susan Boyle Set to Be in Glee

The new season of Glee is set to start on September 21 but this early creators of the show are already preparing for a Christmas-themed episode – and they are having Susan Boyle in it.

Boyle, who rose to fame last year via “Britain’s Got Talent” will play a high school lunch lady in the said episode. She is also reportedly waxing a Christmas album, so viewers might get a sneak peek of her song selection during her appearance in the Emmy-nominated (19 nominations to be exact) show, as well.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy also glee-fully announced that former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney had sent him a handwritten note and two CDs a couple of weeks ago… “so of course we are going to do something with him.”

Murphy also said, however, that in season 2 ‘We are scaling back a little bit (on music) and concentrating on the stories and doing just five or six songs per episode.”

Glee: Feels like Home

Glee has been rolling since they have been back from their hiatus but all happiness must come to an end. Last Wednesday’s episode was totally different.Well compared to the prior week’s episode the “Power of Madonna”which is so fast-paced and exuberant.

“Home” featured a whole lot of emotional backstory and music unrecognizable to the youth (Burt Bacharach!), making for an hour of television better suited for Internet surfing than actually paying attention.

There were no numerous ballads, no big song and dance numbers, and no use of some of the show’s most entertaining characters: Emma, Puck, Rachel and even Jesse.

It added such depth to the characters. It takes a pretty ambitious show to include four major music numbers while also tackling teen girl body issues and parents struggling with their children’s sexuality.This installment fell into that trap. There was Quinn bonding with Mercedes; Kurt complaining to his father; Finn pleading with his mom; Finn arriving a truce with Kurt’s dad; Will and April sharing their loneliness with each other.

The cast of Glee has been twittering this episode of the show is probably one of the best so far when it comes to the guest star. Putting the Glee spin on Kristin Chenoweth wasn’t just fun for the cast, it really did sound wonderful for the audience as well.

For those that say Glee is silly, take a better look at ”Home.”


Glee: The Music Volume 3 Showstoppers set to be released on May

Glee-the hit musical TV show from FOX is set to release their next soundtrack. Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers is expected to be out on mainstream on May 18 and will features exceptional performances from the talented cast from the show.

The soundtrack would also feature songs and performances from this season’s guest stars which includes Kristin Chenoweth, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris and Idina Menzel. It is also anticipated that 2 versions of the soundtrack will come out, the deluxe edition will include Gaga’s “Poker Face” as performed by Menzel, as well as Beck’s classic “Loser.” Artwork and a complete track list will be finalized next week, according to Columbia Records.

Other songs in the soundtrack include the All-American Rejects track “Gives You Hell,” Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and the ’80s classic “Safety Dance,” originally recorded by Men Without Hats. Popular songs by the Beatles, Aerosmith and Kiss will also be covered in the said album.

Recently, “Glee” released the “Power of Madonna” which includes 8 tracks featured on their April 20 episode.

The entire cast was amazing,” Madonna herself said about the episode. “They’re all so talented. I especially loved Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Kurt Hummel’s (Chris Colfer) characters. Ryan Murphy did a great job bringing all these elements together. [Daughter] Lola loved the show too. I wish I went to a high school like that. … If only.”

Watch Glee Madonna Episode Preview and Music

“What it feels like for a girl” is one of the most interesting ballad of Madonna.  It has been a favorite until now.  In the next Glee episode, you will witness the boys of the Glee cast to sing this with feelings.  “Do you know, what it feels like for a girl.”  Many appreciated how the Glee cast made a good rendition of Madonna’s songs, even she herself expressed her appreciation to them.

Among the list of Madonna’s songs, they also sang “Like a Prayer”, “Like a Virgin”, “Express Yourself”, “Vogue” and “Borderline.”

Hit play below to listen to one song from the Glee Madonna Episode:


Darren Criss Will Be Seen More On Glee

Darren Criss, a guest star on Glee who portrays the role of a student at a rival school who develops a special relationship with Kurt, will be seen more on Glee as he signed a new deal with Fox series’ co-producer Twentieth Television.

Criss’ character could become regular next year under the new deal.

During his guest appearance on Glee, a US musical comedy-drama television series, he and the Glee Club member performed Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” in that episode.

Criss’ dream has finally turned into reality!

Blaine, Criss’ character, was introduced last week as a mentor to Kurt (Chris Colfer), an out gay student who faces harassment at school.

Twentieth Television says the cover scored the highest first-day sales for a “Glee” track, with more than 55,000 downloads.

Criss returns on Tuesday’s episode of “Glee,” which features guest star Gwyneth Paltrow as a substitute teacher.

Twentieth Television says whether Criss’ character and Kurt become romantically involved has yet to be decided.