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Department of Defense to Return Facilities in Germany

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Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that it will close several of its facilities in Germany and return them to their host-nation. This is part of a cost-cutting initiative taken by the U.S. European Command; shutting down “non-enduring sites” and installations throughout the continent.   Facilities that are being removed from the DoD’s property […]

World Cup 2010: Germany vs Uruguay Preview and Predictions

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Germany vs Uruguay Live Today 14:30 EDT – Germany will compete with Uruguay for third place in the World Cup 2010. Germany lost to Spain and Uruguay lost to Netherlands in their semifinals matches and end up fighting for the top 3 of the best football teams. Team Germany had been hit with the flue […]

Uruguay vs Germany 3rd Place Match in the 2010 World Cup

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Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream – World Cup 2010 [Third-placer]. After dismaying defeats in the World Cup 2010 semi-finals, the 2 losers will play each other in a generally regarded meaningless game. Controversial Uruguay and lightning-quick Germany will face each other to see who is number 3 in the world of football. This games […]

2010 World Cup: Uruguay-Germany

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The 2010 World Cup third place match between Uruguay and Germany proved to be an exciting game. It was rainy but it hardly mattered as both sides displayed the energy fit for a finals match. This third place match turned out to be a shootout between the two squads.  Thomas Mueller of Germany scored the […]

Paul The Octopus: Predicting Who’s Winning World Cup Finals

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Hitting up worldwide fame, the Psychic Octopus, Paul the Octopus has amazingly predicted results of all the 6 games of Germany’s FIFA matchs. No miss no so far. The world has been looking forward for is prediction of Germany’s match against Urguay this Sunday morning (Singapore Time). The Oracle octopus, who was four-for-five at Euro […]

Spain Books Second World Cup Finals Slot

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A header at the 72nd minute by Carles Puyol set a World Cup finals date for Spain with Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup. Spain defeated a young German squad, 1-0, to earn the second finals spot in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The Spaniards played so well they made the German squad look so bad.

Germany and Spain Dispute Second World Cup Finals Spot

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Germany has so far scored at least four goals in its last two games, relying on speed and creativity. The ploy to field in a young and energetic team must be working for the Germans as they have clearly exceeded expectations. They were not expected to go this deep against a field or tried and tested players but they have proven that they have what it takes to mix it up in the World Cup.

Oktoberfest 2010 in Munchen Germany Is About To End

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Oktoberfest 2010 in Munchen Germany Is About To End- The much awaited festival in Germany called “Oktoberfest” is here once again. Known as the “Largest Volkfest in the World”, Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held each year from late September to early October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany attracting some six million attendees each year. This […]

Germany vs Spain: Semifinals Analysis and Highlights

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Germany vs Spain Semifinals 2010 World Cup – I am sure that many had been dumbfounded on what happened to the very strong German team. Before at WC we have predicted that they will win the semifinals match against Spain but the reverse thing happened. The German team’s strength, fluidity and players seems to have […]

Germany vs Spain Results and Highlights – World Cup 2010 [Semi-finals]

July 8, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

LIVE UPDATE: Carles Puyol’s header in the 72nd minute powered Spain past Germany and into its first-ever World Cup final. The score is 1-0. Watch Germany vs Spain Live Streaming – World Cup 2010 [Semi-finals]. The last semi-final match for the World Cup 2010 tournament is between the young Germans and the calculated Spaniards. Throughout […]

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