Department of Defense to Return Facilities in Germany

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that it will close several of its facilities in Germany and return them to their host-nation. This is part of a cost-cutting initiative taken by the U.S. European Command; shutting down “non-enduring sites” and installations throughout the continent.


Facilities that are being removed from the DoD’s property inventory include:  the Oberweis Annex warehouse, which will save the federal government about $1.24 million; communication sites at Pruem Air Station, Hahn Communication Station and ARFT radio relay station, which will vanquish over half a million dollars from the budget; an ammunition storage facility in Hochspeyer; and Bitburg Storage Annex No.2, which will save $1.5 million.

World Cup 2010: Germany vs Uruguay Preview and Predictions

Germany vs Uruguay Live Today 14:30 EDT – Germany will compete with Uruguay for third place in the World Cup 2010. Germany lost to Spain and Uruguay lost to Netherlands in their semifinals matches and end up fighting for the top 3 of the best football teams.

Team Germany had been hit with the flue including their coach and some key players which includes kipper Philipp Lahm, striker Lukas Podolski sat out that session. Both of them sat out during the training session prior to the game.

The German Coach, Joachim Loew will not be present during the pre-game press conference. His assistant coach will be doing his role but Loew will be present during the actual game at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth.

Germany’s Miroslav Klose is also looking for a good game and at least one goal to tie with Brazil’s Ronaldo for the all-time World Cup scoring record of 15 goals.

For Uruguay this match is the last way to have their pride intact and fly back home still as a winner of sorts. Uruguay nonetheless already outperformed fellow South American’s Brazil and Argentina but they still have to prove that they can win.

Although Paul The Octopus seems to side with the Germans who had been mad at him for predicting a Spain win in the semifinals, coach Oscar Tabarez has reminded his team they still have a job to do at the World Cup despite their big lose to the Netherlands, 3-2.

With a more urgent historical need at hand, I am predicting that Germany will win this match and we will be assured of at least one or two goals from Klose.

Meanwhile live games of the Germany vs Uruguay match will be broadcasted via ESPN and NBC. There will also be available live streams online via,, and

Uruguay vs Germany 3rd Place Match in the 2010 World Cup

Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream – World Cup 2010 [Third-placer]. After dismaying defeats in the World Cup 2010 semi-finals, the 2 losers will play each other in a generally regarded meaningless game. Controversial Uruguay and lightning-quick Germany will face each other to see who is number 3 in the world of football. This games starts at 20:30 local time and will be held in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Uruguay reached this far by losing to Netherlands during the semi-finals. They beat Ghana in a controversial match during the quarterfinals where Luis Suarez destroyed the African dream of moving forward to the semifinals by having a handball during the game to save a goal from happening against their team. As a result, he acquired a red card but won the game during the penalty shootout. He is a hero at home but a villain in the whole world especially in Africa.

Germany in the mean while fell short and lost to mighty Spain 1-0 in the semifinals. Whatever happens in this game doesn’t change the fact that this German team is a strong one and a qualified one to be a champion if they had beaten the Spanish.

This game meaningless but more meaningful to Uruguay. However, Germany is much stronger so expect them to win this game.

The game starts at 20:30 local time (GMT +2) / 14:30 ET (GMT -4).

2010 World Cup: Uruguay-Germany

The 2010 World Cup third place match between Uruguay and Germany proved to be an exciting game. It was rainy but it hardly mattered as both sides displayed the energy fit for a finals match. This third place match turned out to be a shootout between the two squads.

 Thomas Mueller of Germany scored the first goal for Germany at the 18-minute mark with a right footer. Within ten minutes, Luis Suarez assisted Edinson Cavani the goal to tie the score, 1-1. Halftime was deadlocked at this score.

At the start of the second half, Diego Forlan scored a goal on an assist from Egidio Arevalo, giving Uruguay the lead at 2-1. A Marcell Jansen header from Jerome Boateng assist five minutes later equalized the score at 2-2.

At the 81st minute, a corner kick from Mesut Ozil resulted to a scramble in the penalty area. A slight opening gave Sami Khedira the chance to head in a goal to give the Germans the lead, 3-2. Uruguay made their final stand but time expired on them as Germany won third place of the 2010 World Cup.

Paul The Octopus: Predicting Who’s Winning World Cup Finals

Hitting up worldwide fame, the Psychic Octopus, Paul the Octopus has amazingly predicted results of all the 6 games of Germany’s FIFA matchs. No miss no so far. The world has been looking forward for is prediction of Germany’s match against Urguay this Sunday morning (Singapore Time).

The Oracle octopus, who was four-for-five at Euro 2008, has boasted a perfect record at this World Cup. It predicted Germany’s wins over Australia, Ghana, England and Argentina by choosing to eat a mussel from boxes emblazoned with the flags of the German team and their rivals.

It doesn’t favor German flag as always since it has forecasted losses to Serbia in the group stage and to Spain in the semi-final yesterday morning (Singapore time).

Whatever would the prediction of Paul will, to win a match would not depend on it. It still boils down to dedication, discipline, perseverance and team work.

Spain Books Second World Cup Finals Slot

A header at the 72nd minute by Carles Puyol set a World Cup finals date for Spain with Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup.

Spain defeated a young German squad, 1-0, to earn the second finals spot in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The Spaniards played so well they made the German squad look so bad.

Spain applied pressure all game with several attempts at the goal. It was just a matter of time until Spain would score a goal and it finally happened when a powerful header by Carles Puyol from a Xavi corner kick broke a 0-0 deadlock.

The young Germans never got to employ their vaunted counterattacks using their speed and creative plays. This semifinal game probably reminded the Germans of their 2008 Euro title match wherein the Spaniards won with a similar score.

The World Cup final match with Netherlands is set for Sunday, June 11.

Germany and Spain Dispute Second World Cup Finals Spot

The young German team takes on European champions Spain in the second 2010 World Cup semifinals match on Thursday. It is interesting to see how Germany with youth on their side will handle the tough Spaniards in this crucial match.

Germany has so far scored at least four goals in its last two games, relying on speed and creativity. The ploy to field in a young and energetic team must be working for the Germans as they have clearly exceeded expectations. They were not expected to go this deep against a field or tried and tested players but they have proven that they have what it takes to mix it up in the World Cup.

Spain on the other hand has shown toughness during their game with Paraguay. This may yet be their best chance to win the cup coming from their Euro 2008 win.

The powerhouse teams like Brazil and Argentina are gone. Germany seems to have the upper hand as they are favored based on the way they played their previous matches.

The team that will raise the World Cup on June 11 could very well be one of the teams playing in this other half of the semifinals.

Oktoberfest 2010 in Munchen Germany Is About To End

Oktoberfest 2010 in Munchen Germany Is About To End- The much awaited festival in Germany called “Oktoberfest” is here once again. Known as the “Largest Volkfest in the World”, Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held each year from late September to early October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany attracting some six million attendees each year.

This year, Oktoberfest 2010 will be held from September 18 to October 4, 2010. The festival will be held on an area named the “Theresienwiese”  meaning a field, or meadow, of Therese, often called d’ Wiesn for short. Oktoberfest’s history dates back 200 years ago on October 18, 1810 to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen where they organized  a great horse race.

Since 1950, Oktoberfest Festival has a traditional opening ceremony. It usually starts with a twelve-gun salute and the tapping of the first keg of Oktoberfest beer at 12:00 by the incumbent Mayor of Munich with the cry “O’zapft is!” The Mayor then gives the first beer to the Minister-President of the State of Bavaria to mark the start of the Oktoberfest celebration.

Oktoberfest 2010 Festival expects to gather millions of visitors mostly from Bavaria and other countries such as United States, Canada, India, Japan, Brazil and Australia. For this year’s 200th anniversary celebration, there will be a horse race in historical costumes on opening day. Aside from that, there will be the usual historical beer tent with traditional decorations, animal tent with different species of farm and domestic animals and a museum tent, where you can visit historical objects of the Oktoberfest. Cheers to all attending both the Oktoberfest 2010 in Munchen Germany! Bottoms Up!

Germany vs Spain: Semifinals Analysis and Highlights

Germany vs Spain Semifinals 2010 World Cup – I am sure that many had been dumbfounded on what happened to the very strong German team. Before at WC we have predicted that they will win the semifinals match against Spain but the reverse thing happened.

Thousands of fans of the German national football team react during the public viewing at the "Fanmeile" (Fan Mile) in Berlin on July 7, 2010, of the FIFA World Cup semi-final match Germany vs Spain in Durban, South Africa. (Photo credit JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

The German team’s strength, fluidity and players seems to have gone into thin air and they seem to had been neutralized so perfectly by a team which at first seems to only have David Villa working for them but then somebody else arises to save the game.

However, we might have forgotten the fact that Spain had the best players in the world. Their line-up are composed of starts from Real Madrid and Barcelona. The fact that they might had been silent does not mean that they are not ready to come to the picture when the game demands them to.

Spain, for the last four years had dominated football games in Spain. In terms of performance, it had only lost two games since November 2006 and that includes the opening upset to Switzerland.

Today, Spain proved that they are indeed the better team. They had also shown the world that a team need not finish games in flaring performances and upset scores but in perfection and accuracy. Spain had no glaring scores such as the 4-0 German win against Argentina but they win their games and that’s what matters the most.

The German coach had one thing to say, “I am fairly convinced Spain will win the title,” said Loew.

Here is the winning goal of Spain’s Carles Puyol.


Germany vs Spain Results and Highlights – World Cup 2010 [Semi-finals]

LIVE UPDATE: Carles Puyol’s header in the 72nd minute powered Spain past Germany and into its first-ever World Cup final. The score is 1-0.

Watch Germany vs Spain Live Streaming – World Cup 2010 [Semi-finals]. The last semi-final match for the World Cup 2010 tournament is between the young Germans and the calculated Spaniards. Throughout the whole tournament, this would be one of the most awaited matches as both teams are eligible and rightful to be called football World Champions. The match starts at 20:30 local time and will be held in Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa.

Not many had high expectations for the Germans. Most assumed that this young team would just gather experience in an elite tournament and then gracefully exit the tournament sometime between the quarterfinals and round of 16. But that never happened. In contrast, they amazed the world with their strong counter-attacks that enabled them to score 4 goals in a match 3 times. One against Australia, another against England and against Argentina.

Germany also has one of the best strikers in the tournament in Miroslav Klose with 4 goals so far out of 14 World Cup goals. Another 1 and he equals superstar Ronaldo of Brazil. Here is what he had to say:

“I spoke with Ronaldo after the [2002 World Cup] final. At that time, I’d have never dreamed of coming this close to his record, with just two more goals to surpass him. I hope he is not too worried.”

Spain on the other hand are already champions of Europe. In so doing, they defeated the Spaniards in the Euro 2008 finals 1-0. Thus, this game can be considered as a rematch between the two soccer superpowers. As we have seen so far, Spain have been very calculated in everything they did and that has served them well. But is that enough against a young and a strong counter-attacking team? We shall know later.

The two sides are almost of equal strength. The team that makes even the smallest mistake will lose.

Here is the line-up for both teams:

Germany Spain
Coach : Joachim Löw Coach : Vicente del Bosque
Goalkeeper Goalkeeper
1 Manuel Neuer 1 Iker Casillas
Defender Defender
16 Philipp Lahm 15 Sergio Ramos
17 Per Mertesacker 3 Gerard Piqué
3 Arne Friedrich 5 Carles Puyol
20 Jerome Boateng 11 Joan Capdevila
Midfielder Midfielder
15 Piotr Trochowski 6 Andrés Iniesta
6 Sami Khedira 16 Sergio Busquets
8 Mesut Özil 8 Xavi
7 Bastian Schweinsteiger 14 Xabi Alonso
10 Lukas Podolski 7 David Villa
Forward Forward
11 Miroslav Klose 9 Fernando Torres

The match starts at 20:30 local time (GMT +2) / 14:30 ET (GMT -4).

Here are the TV channels broadcasting the match:

Country Channels
Algeria ENTV Television Algerienne
Andorra TF1 (HD, 3D)
Angola Televisao Publica de Angola
Argentina DirecTV Latin America (HD), Canal 7, Canal 9, Telefe Argentina
Australia SBS One Australia (HD, 3D)
Austria RTL Television
Brazil ESPN HD Brasil (HD), ESPN Brasil (HD), Globo TV (HD, 3D), SporTV Brasil (HD)
Cameroon Cameroon Radio Television
Canada Societe Radio-Canada (HD, 3D), CBC (HD, 3D), CBC Sports Live Streaming, CBC Bold (HD), Telelatino
Cape Verde Televisao de Cabo Verde
Caribbean SportsMax
Central African Republic Tele Centrafrique
Chile DirecTV Latin America (HD), TVN Online
China China Central Television Broadband, China Central Television CCTV (HD)
Colombia RCN Television, Caracol TV
Congo Television Nationale Congolaise
Costa Rica Repretel – Canal 4, Canal 6, Canal 11
Ecuador DirecTV Latin America (HD)
El Salvador Telecorporacion Salvadorena
England BBC Sport Broadband
Finland YLE Broadband
France TF1 (HD, 3D)
French Guiana TF1 (HD, 3D)
French Polynesia TF1 (HD, 3D)
Germany ARD Broadband (HD), Sky Deutschland (HD), ARD, RTL Television
Ghana TV3 Ghana, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Metro TV
Greece ERT Greece
Honduras Sky Latin America (HD), Televicentro Honduras
Hong Kong i-Cable Sports (HD)
India ESPN Star Sports
Indonesia RCTI – Indonesia, Global TV Indonesia
Ireland RTE Ireland (HD)
Italy Sky Italia (HD, 3D)
Ivory Coast Radiodiffusion Television Ivorienne
Japan SKY PerfecTV (HD, 3D)
Korea SBS Korea (HD, 3D)
Malaysia Radio Televisyen Malaysia
Mexico TV Azteca (HD), Sky Latin America (HD), Televisa Mexico (HD)
Middle East Al Jazeera Sports Broadband, Al Jazeera Sports (HD, 3D)
Monaco TF1 (HD, 3D)
Mozambique Televisao de Mocambique
Netherlands NOS Television Netherlands (HD)
Paraguay Canal 9 Paraguay
Peru Andina de Television (HD)
Portugal RTP Radio Televisao Portuguesa (HD, 3D)
Russia Russia State Television
Senegal Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise
Singapore Starhub (HD), MioTV Singtel (HD)
Slovakia Slovenska Televizia
Slovenia Radiotelevizija Slovenija (HD)
South Africa SuperSport Broadband
Spain TeleCinco Espana
Thailand Thai TV3, Bangkok Broadcasting TV
Turkey TRT Turkey
UK RTE Two, TalkSport Radio, ITV 1 (HD), BBC HD (HD)
Uruguay DirecTV Latin America (HD), Canal 10 Uruguay, Monte Carlo TV Canal 4
USA USA, Univision (HD), ESPN Mobile TV, ESPN (HD), Futbol de Primera Radio, ESPN 3D USA (HD, 3D), ESPN Radio, Univision Futbol (HD)
Venezuela Meridiano Television