Florida Appliance Rebate 2010 at www.rebates.com/florida

Pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which is designed to stimulate the US economy by encouraging consumers to purchase new ENERGY STAR appliances, the State of Florida offers rebates for appliances.

According to Florida Energy Star Appliance Rebate 2010 program at www.rebates.com/florida, approximately 66,000 Floridians will be entitled to receive a rebate of about 20 percent of the purchase price of their new ENERGY STAR appliances to replace their old energy-inefficient appliances – as long as the purchased appliance is for residential use.

According to the rules of this Florida Appliance Rebate 2010, the new ENERGY STAR appliance must be purchased from a Florida retailer between April 16 and April 25, 2010. No Internet purchases are accepted. Floridians can begin obtaining priority numbers at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, April 16, 2010, and continue until all $17.5 million in rebate funds are disbursed.

Among the list of electrical appliances included in the rebate program are refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, dishwashers, gas water heaters, and room airconditioners. Take note that these appliances must be of residential use and with ENERGY STAR efficiency seal.

For detailed instructions including the list of participating stores, you can visit the process on their website at www.rebates.com/florida here

Hurry! As of this writing, upon visiting their website, there is still remaining $7,847,408.89 rebate funds remaining out of the total $17.5 million alloted.