Updated News on Earthquake in Turkey

The earth is literally shaking as much as the rest of the people in the world are shaken by earthquakes here and then.  Today, another strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6 hit Turkey.  As of this moment, it is reported that 41 people are dead and we know that many else are missing.

Kovancilar, Turkey is one of the most affected villages in the country.  Most structures and homes in the village are made of bricks of mud.  Around a hundred plus are injured and the count goes high as the people are just trying to get up to figure out what to do next with their disgruntled homes.

This is intial news and we have more updates as the rest of the world awakes and realizes that another calamity is at rise.  Stay updated with news on Turkey Earthquake by subscribing to World Correspondents.

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Damage-Free Japan As Earthquake Hits At 6.9 Magnitude

Tokyo shook at 6.9 magnitude earthquake at 12:25 pm local time. There were no reports on injuries, deaths, damages or tsunami according to Japan’s meteorological agency.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake’s magnitude is only at 6.6 compared to the reported 6.9. The discrepancy of the declared magnitude was not yet made clear.

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries for it belongs to the Pacific Ring Of Fire. The highest magnitude ever recorded in Japan was on October 28, 1707 with the intensity of 8.6. It had struck both the Nankaido and Tokai regions, causing moderate to severe damage throughout southwestern Honshu, Shikoku and southeastern Kyushu.

Recent Earthquakes in Southern California: San Diego Earthquake, Mexicali Earthquake, Baja California

Breaking earthquake news of today is that there was a 6.9 earthquake April 4, 2010 today.  Recent earthquakes in Southern California are in San Diego earthquake of 6.9, also Mexicali earthquake, Baja California, Arizona, Caltech, and other areas in Southern California.

It’s a pretty big on the earthquake scale according to US Geological Survey Earthquake but fortunately there were no casualties or damage so far.

People feared that there have been many earthquakes so far from Haiti, Chile, Turkey and other parts of the world.

4 Strong Earthquakes Hit Philippine Gulf Successively

As most people are still sleeping and getting ready for the day, 4 strong earthquakes hit Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines successively. Most of the people who experience the shake are those who are still awake up to this time or those who woke up early. As what has been recorded in the USGS, the 4 earthquakes has an average of 6.9 magnitude (7.3-5.4-7.6-7.4).

Mindanao, the southern island of the Philippines has experienced shakes. As of the moment, no casualties has been reported yet. Stay tune for updates in this site.

3.6 Magnitude Quake Hits Maryland

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake rattled parts of suburban Washington early this morning.

The “rare” quake, which struck around 5 a.m. was relatively mild by earthquake standards but stronger than any other earthquake to shake the region since 1974.

As a matter of fact it is the first earthquake with a magnitude of more than 3 to ever be recorded near Washington.

Washington’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency reported no injuries or property damage resulting from the early morning tremor but about an hour after the quake hit people reported to have felt it across Maryland, in nearby Washington, and in states including West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware.

Amy Vaughan, a geophysicist at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center, said structural damage was unlikely for a 3.6 magnitude earthquake, but people may continue to experience aftershocks for the next day, or even a week or two after the quake.

Chile Earthquake Earth Axis: A serious natural disaster

The latest news about the earthquake in Chile is indeed a serious natural disaster. Ericka Lim of Daily World Buzz reported that over 500 thousand homes went to havoc during the earthquake in Chile. On the other hand, Chile Earthquake may have shortened days on Earth, as reported by Space.com via Yahoo News.

NASA scientists say that massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile may have changed the entire Earth’s rotation and shortened the length of days on our planet.

The figure axis is the axis around which the Earth’s mass is balanced, but after the earthquake, it wasn’t balanced anymore. The Earth’s figure axis is not the same as its north-south axis, which it spins around once every day at a speed of about 1,000 mph.

So the end days are coming isn’t it? Will the world really end in 2012? I’m pretty sure that it will not. Natural disasters will come and go, but the world will not yet end. If there world ends this year or next year, then the 2014 Summer Olympics will just be a myth.

We really do hope to evacuate Earth and migrate to the Moon or in Pandora perhaps when the time comes.

More news and updates about the Chile Earthquake Earth Axis will be posted here at the World Correspondents.

Earthquake shakes Indonesia

A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter scale has jolted islands in north-eastern Indonesia on Saturday but no immediate damage or casualty has been reported and no tsunami alert has been issued.

The quake was centered 155 km (95 miles) southeast of Labuha in the North Moluccas at a depth of about 30 km (20 miles) and occured at 4:41 p.m. local time,according to the local Meteorological and Geophysics (BMG) agency.

The BMG said the quake did not trigger a tsunami. It was the latest of a series of earthquakes to jolt Indonesia in recent months.

Indonesia is located on a series of geological fault lines, making it vulnerable to frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Latest Earthquake Watch: Struck Afghanistan and Killed 7

At about 1:00 am Local Afghanistan time (4:30 p.m. Sunday ET), a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan and has killed 7 people and 70 others who were injured. It has affected three districts in Samangan province, about halfway between the capital Kabul and the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Officials were afraid that there might still be people under the debris. Rescue operations are continued and a delegation has been dispatched to further investigate the area. “The villages were destroyed and the local routes were blocked from slipping mountain rocks on to the roads” said Assistant Governor Hajji Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani.

If you are in the vicnity, feel free to post your comments here and stay tunes for more updates. It has been believed that the number of deaths would be increase.

Breaking News: Earthquake Struck China, Hundreds are Killed

Another strong earthquake shook the world. This time is in China specifically in Qinghai province. It is a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and officials reported that at least 300 people have died and thousands are feared hurt. The quake hit remote Yushu county, 500km (310 miles) south-west of provincial capital Xining, at 0749 (2349 GMT), at a shallow depth of 10km.

“Soldiers have been dispatched to save the people buried in the collapsed houses,” local official Huang Limin was quoted as saying by China’s state news agency Xinhua. 85% of buildings in Jiegu town near the epicentre had collapsed. “The streets in Jiegu are thronged with panic – injured people, with many bleeding in the head,” Zhuo Huaxia told Xinhua. “Many students are buried under the debris due to building collapse at a vocational school.”

A local TV has shown images of collapse and wrecked buildings and people scrabbling through debris.