Apple Leads PC Satisfaction Survey For Mac

Just recently, the satisfaction rate of all computer users has been surveyed using the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). This is to measure how happy you are right now on your computer. Among all of them, Mac owners are the happiest. Apple, the maker of Mac got a score of 78 out of 100 for personal computers for the past 12 months which means 3% higher than last year.

Apple Inc. was able to have the highest score they ever got so far which is 86 out of 100 points. They were able to lead the board for 7 consecutive years. They were able to sold 3.5 million Mac computers, a 33 percent increase from a year earlier. Among other brands such Microsoft, Asus, Dell and others was able to gain points too compared last year. Microsoft’s Winows 7 has been the reason for the increase which is totally opposite to what has Vista brought to them in 2007.

Dell and HP, Sony and Toshiba on smaller computers was able to hit 77 points whereas HP-owned Compaq remained having 74. This rising up of the satisfaction survey was primarily due to “Lower prices, better service, and an emphasis on new, smaller systems and a variety of portable PCs” as quoted from the statement of Claes Fornell, director of the National Quality Research Center at the University of Michigan. The university created the survey, but ASCI LLC which is a private company now runs it.

Toshiba Laptop Recall on Satellite T-Series Models

Toshiba Laptop Recall on Satellite T-Series Models- After the egg recall, Garmin Nuvi GPS recall, and Toyota recall, another recent recall has been made this time on laptops. Toshiba issued a recall on their various T-Series laptops telling the public about a burn hazard which can be a cause by overheating of its AC adapter.

In its August 24, 2010 press statement, Toshiba said that “certain Toshiba Satellite T135, T135D and Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 laptop computers have been manufactured with a potentially faulty DC-In harness.  These computers will have model/part numbers beginning with PST3AU, PST3BU, or PST3LU. The defective harness may, in some circumstances, overheat to the point of melting the computer’s base at the location where the AC adaptor plugs into the unit.  To date there have been no reports of serious injury, but the temperature is sufficient to pose a burn hazard if specific parts of the DC-In Jack or plug are touched when they are overheated.”

Toshiba advises their laptop users that may have been affected by this recall to update their system BIOS to version to 2.70 for the Satellite T135, 1.90 for the Satellite T135D and 2.70 for the Satellite Pro T130. The BIOS of the following affected Toshiba laptops in the recall can be downloaded on the following:  Satellite T135 v2.70 for the Satellite T135, Satellite T135D v1.90 for the Satellite T135D, Satellite Pro T130 v2.70 for the Satellite Pro T130.

The appropriate Toshiba BIOS revision is also available as an update provided through the Toshiba Service Station Application installed on you computer. Furthermore, Toshiba said that should the BIOS determine that a harness failure is occurring, external power will immediately be disabled eliminating the possibility of the over heating which is the main cause of the recall.

For this, users of affected Toshiba recalled laptops will then need to contact the Toshiba call center to set up a warranty repair.  If the harness failure is detected while the system is operating , you will receive a system message indicating that the failure has occurred and that external power has been disabled.  You may continue to use the system, without risk of overheating, using the remaining battery charge.  You should immediately close all open files and applications to avoid any data loss.  Once the data has been saved the system should be properly shutdown. It will not be possible to recharge the battery within the system until it has been repaired. For assistance, contact the Toshiba customer care support.

The Toshiba Satellite laptop models included in the recall are the following: T135D-S1326, T135D-SP2012L, T135-SP2909R, T135D-SP2012M, T135-SP2013L, T135-SP2013M, T135D-S1322, T135-S1330, T135D-S1328WH, T135D-S1328RD, T135D-S1328, T135D-S1327, T135D-S1325WH, T135D-S1325RD, T135D-S1325, T135D-S1324, T135D-S1320, T135-SP2911R, T135-S1312, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310, T135-S1309, T135-S1307, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300, T135-SP2911C, T135-SP2911A, T135-SP2910R, T135-SP2910C, T135-SP2910A, T135-SP2909C, T135-SP2909A. For the Toshiba Satellite Pro laptops, recalled models are the following: T130-W1302, T130-EZ1301