Christopher Columbus Day Closings Banks and Malls Holiday 2010

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America!  Although historians and other people disagree because he didn’t really “discover” it,  he just discovered it in Europe’s perspective.  On this day, he also realized that the world is bigger than he thought it was.

Anyway, that was just a little history about Christopher Columbus so that you know why we celebrate the Columbus Day Holiday every year.  It’s time for party and celebration and vacation for some folks who will be out of the office.

People are of course asking, “Are banks open on Columbus day?” “Is there mail on Columbus day?” “Is Columbus day a Federal Holiday?”

Take note though of the following closures within the cities:

Banks – Some open

Financial markets – Closed

Government offices

City – closed

State – closed

Federal – closed


Federal – closed

State – closed

U.S. Post Offices – Closed


No garbage collection, no recycling.

Trash collection for households with normal Monday pickup will be Tuesday.

Recyclables will be picked up next Monday.

City Parking Violations Bureau – Closed, parking meters in effect

State Department of Motor Vehicles – Closed

Mass transit

Ferry – Weekday schedule

SIRailway – Weekday schedule

Buses – Weekday schedule


St. John’s – closed

CSI – closed

Wagner – closed

Christopher Columbus Day Printable Coloring Pages

October 11, 2010 is Christopher Columbus Day Holiday.  In school, we are taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.  This is controversial though as a lot of historians and other people disagree but technically, in Europe’s point-of-view, Christopher Columbus discovered America for them.

When classes are back on Tuesday, here are some Christopher Columbus Day activities you can give to students or your kids.  You can print out the following Printable Columbus Day coloring pages.

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