Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Jersey “Real Housewife” Sells Belongings

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This just goes to show that the difficult economy is indeed still difficult (contrary to what most financial experts and economic spin-doctors are saying that the recession is over) and that it spares no one — not even a reality TV star. In a twist of fate, reality TV-style, New Jersey “Real Housewife” Teresa Giudice […]

Lindsay Lohan a VIP in Jail?

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Lindsay Lohan has been locked up for merely two days and she is already receiving “special treatment” in jail? Reports say that Lindsay is already receiving visitors despite the Century Regional Detention Facility’s policy that family and friends of inmates are only allowed to visit during weekends. Her mom, Dina and sister Ali were seen […]

Selena Gomez Follows John Corbett’s Advice

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When you are trying to establish a career in Hollywood, or probably ensure your longevity for years to come, make sure to take the advice of those a lot older than you, be it age-wise or career-wise. This is exactly what Selena Gomez did after John Corbett advised her to change her autograph from a […]

Chris Isaak to Replace Simon Cowell as American Idol Judge?

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Chris who? Sorry, but I really don’t know the dude. I do know the “others” who were also considered, approached, offered or even asked (e.g., Harry Connick Jr., Bret Michaels, Howard Stern, Donald Trump, etc) to take over the American Idol judge’s seat being vacated this season by Simon Cowell, but I really don’t know […]

Worst Celebrity Hair Award Goes to…

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…Britney Spears! My God, I do not even know where to start or what to say about this picture, but I just know I have to write something about it. What is Britney Spears thinking? She dared go out of her house looking like this? What about her posse, her assistant or even her driver, […]

Send Lindsay Lohan a Jailhouse Snack Pack

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Are you feeling sorry for the now incarcerated Lindsay Lohan? Do you feel like sending her some goodies – some chocolates perhaps, to make her stay at the Lynwood jail more bearable? Well, you can! Because technology has advanced by leaps and bounds nowadays you just need to go online and click on Keefe Commissary […]

Jennifer Aniston Won Against Stalker

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The legal system has once more proved that it will not turn a blind eye if there really is just cause to met out a punishment… or in this case a restraining order. Jennifer Aniston was awarded yesterday a restraining order against Jason Peyton, 24, who was ordered to be nowhere near 100 yards from […]

The Countdown Begins – Lindsay Lohan Off to Jail

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Legal kibitzers think Lindsay Lohan will be in jail for no longer than 22 days, or 25% of the 90-day sentence Judge Marsha Revel handed her.  They say the Los Angeles County jails are so overcrowded that non-violent offenders “rarely serve more than 25 percent of their original sentence”. Well, whether it is the full […]

Lindsay Lohan Loses Lawyer Robert Shapiro

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Lindsay Lohan is expected to appear 8:30 am today at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. After which she is scheduled to be transported to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood. But, it looks like she might appear before the judge alone as lawyer Robert Shapiro has quit handling her case, reportedly after being irked at […]

Lindsay Suffering from What… a “Disease”???

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According to her new lawyer, Robert Shapiro, Lindsay Lohan could be suffering from a “disease”, one that he is “all too familiar with” having lost his son Brent to substance abuse in 2005. Say that again for me will you… suffering from a “disease”? I never knew drug addiction and poor judgment can be contracted […]

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