Pacquiao Frustrated Juan Manuel Marquez For The 2nd Time

There is no doubt that the latest Pacquiao-Marquez fight can be considered as one of the best boxing matches in the history. Both of them are just few of the boxers who played clean in their numerous past matches. Their rivalry seemed to be endless. They would always be branded as opponents inside the ring.

Pacquiao has been labeled to be the punisher to Mexican boxers after defeating 9 of them including Marquez in his entire professional boxing career. That’s why Marquez isn’t only fighting for the title every time he faces Pacquiao but he is also carrying that vengeance for his fellow Mexican boxers.

Boxing analysts are saying that Marquez is considered to be Pacquiao’s nemesis who could keep up with the latter’s speed and stamina. Their 12 round fight clearly showed why. Not like his previous fights, Pacquiao couldn’t just knock Marquez down that easy. If Pacquiao gives out punches, Marquez can do the same.

Both have their own rounds and the audience both inside MGM Grand and those in front of the silver screens couldn’t afford to miss a single moment.

Pacquiao and Marquez remained standing after 12 rounds and everyone’s heart started to pound heavily while waiting for the official decision. Marquez raised his hands claiming the victory while Pacquiao went straight to the ring corner and prayed.

At this moment, the decision would be all up to the judges. Robert Hoyle had it 114-114 and the crowd made noise. Then Dave Moretti had it 115-113 while Glenn Trowbridge had 116-112 declaring Manny Pacquiao to remain as the WBO World Welterweight Title holder.

The crowd seemed to be not happy with the decision. There has been booing mixed with the yells of happiness. Marquez walked out of the ring and went straight to his locker room avoiding the questions of the press while Pacquiao remained celebrating his victory.

This is yet another controversial bout between the two and the fight clearly didn’t show who’s the real undisputed in their category. It has been always a close fight just like their previous match last 2008 wherein Pacquiao won with just a point.

Statistically, Pacquiao clearly won and the judges’ decision is final. They might have seen his edge from Marquez in the fight that cannot be normally seen by a common boxing match viewer.

Fernando Montiel Loses WBC/WBO Titles To Nonito Donaire

World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel Jr. (42-2-2) failed to defend both titles against Filipino challenger Nonito Donaire Jr. (25-1) on Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They evenly match up in the skills area. Both are known to be highly skilled with Montiel relying on his lateral movement while Donaire is a boxer who can take advantage of his jabs to set up for more powerful combinations.

Montiel has an impressive record with 34 knockouts out of 44 wins. He has a higher knockout percentage but Donaire has enough power to knock opponents out with 17 early stoppages in 25 matches.

The Filipino boxer has the edge in speed and athleticism. Some of Donaire’s unconventional training activities further enhance continue to enhance movement of his quick-twitch muscles.

Both Donaire and Montiel have great work ethic in training and their superb conditioning has been displayed in the ring so many times. Neither fighter has shown wearing down in the late stages of fights going the distance.

Montiel may have the advantage in experience with 46 fights but Donaire can make up for the lack in experience with his intelligent approach to boxing.

On Saturday night, Montiel  and Donaire showed respect for each other in the first round. Donaire played a little more aggressively while Montiel was the more cautious fighter. Both landed some shots, although none was strong enough to be damaging.

Both fighters began to loosen up in the second round. Donaire eventually landed a left hook, a clean power shot, that sent Montiel down. Montiel got back up before the ten-count but Donaire went in for the finish, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Donaire has just become the new WBC and WBO Bantamweight champion. He aims to become the undisputed champion at bantamweight in his next bout.

Donaire vs Montiel WBC/WBO on HBO

Two-division world champion Nonito Donaire is set to challenge current WBO and WBC Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel on Saturday at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Great boxing action is expected out of the two fighters who both belong to the Ring Magazine top ten pound-for-pound boxers.

The switch-hitting Donaire of the Philippines was initially installed as a 2-1 favorite to prevail over Montiel but one can never discount the skills and heart of the Mexican champion. Montiel boasts of a 42-2-2 record with 34 knockouts and has five years more of boxing experience over Donaire.

Donaire has a 25-1 record with 17 knockouts. His career-defining moment came when he scored a vicious fifth round knockout of then heavy favorite Vic Darchinyan in July 2007, capturing the IBF and IBO Flyweight World titles and earning himself the Knockout of the Year honors.

Montiel has won the WBO Flyweight, Super Flyweight and Bantamweight crowns. If he wins against Donaire on Saturday, he will likely pursue a fourth belt in another weight class.

Donaire is coming off a fourth round knockout victory over Wladimir Sidorenko in December 2010 to win the WBC Continental Americas Bantamweight crown. This time he is aiming for another world title in his third weight class.

Pacquiao vs Margarito Results and Undercard Highlights

The boxing world had been shocked once more when a smaller and lighter fighter, Manny Pacquiao defeated a larger and heavier fighter, Antonio Margarito. There was no stunning knockout that happened but you can see the boxing perfection played by Manny Pacquiao and the determination and tenacity shown by Antonio Margarito.

Pacquiao hammered Margarito with his superb speed and boxing tactics. The Mexican suffered 3 cuts, underneath and above his right eye and one below his left eye. Showing sportsmanship, Pacquiao did ask the referee to stop the fight to avoid any further injuries and damage to Margarito to which the commentators agreed but the fight was continued until it ended on the 12th round.

Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision. After the fight, Pacquiao was asked if he hesitated during the last rounds as he was seen avoiding Margarito, then he replied, “Boxing was not for killing.” Pacquiao said he just let the 3 minutes ran out.

The victory gave Manny Pacquiao his eight world boxing championship title and because of his superb performance and ability to throw strings of multiple rapid punches, Pay-per-view’s commentators said that Pacquiao was even better than Ali as Ali was a “one punch guy”. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao!

Meanwhile here are the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Undercard Results:

Super Welterweight bout results: Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao defeated Margarito via unanimous decision (120-108, 118-110, 119-109).

Welterweight bout results: Jesus Soto Karass vs. Mike Jones. Jones defeated Karass via judges decision (97-93, 95-94, 94-94).

Super Bantamweight bout results: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba. Rigondeaux defeated Cordoba via judges decision (117-109, 114-112, 112-114).

Lightweight bout results: Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther. Rios defeated Lowther via TKO at 2:35 of fith round.

Featherweight bout results: Roberto Marroquin vs. Francisco Dominguez. Marroquin defeated Dominguez via knockout at 1:27 of first round.

Light Welterweight bout results: José Benavidez vs. Winston Mathis. Benavidez defeated Mathis via knockout at 2:23 of third round.

Light Heavyweight bout results: Mike Lee vs. Keith Debow. Lee defeated Debow via knockout at 1:33 of first round.

Light Welterweight bout results: Oscar Meza vs. Jose Hernandez. Meza defeated Hernandez via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36).

Flyweight bout results: Richie Mepranum vs. Anthony Villarreal. Mepranum defeated Villarreal via split decision.

Lightweight bout results: Juan Martin Elorde vs. Angel Rodriguez. Rodriguez defeated Elorde via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36).

Welterweight bout results: Dennis Laurente vs. Rashad Holloway. Laurente defeated Holloway via unanimous decision (77-75, 79-73, 78-74).

Pacquiao’s Promoter Top Rank Makes Another Attempt At Mayweather

Top Rank, a Las Vegas based boxing promotion company, plans to make another attempt to set up the long-awaited boxing showdown between 8 Division Title Holder Manny Pacquiao with Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer who is nicknamed in the boxing world as Pacman, became the first fighter to win world titles in eight divisions on Saturday night after his victorious match against Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito in a brutal bout.

The 31-year-old boxing superstar Pacman is running out of new opponents. Top Rank has two failed attempts to seal a deal to fight Mayweather, who is his main rival for the title of the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer.

Mayweather last fought in May, beating Shane Mosley, but has since been embroiled in domestic violence claims by his former girlfriend and faces criminal charges in court in January.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum told reporters after the Margarito fight in Arlington, Texas that his staff at the Top Rank organization would begin sounding out Mayweather about a fight next year.

“I will have Todd Duboef place a call directly to Floyd. Todd will ask one question and one question only, and that is whether Floyd wants to fight Manny,” Arum said in quotes carried by sports website FanHouse.

“If Floyd’s answer is yes about fighting Manny, then Todd will ask for Floyd’s expressed permission to call his criminal lawyer. Todd will ask the lawyer if he can be sure if Floyd will be available, not on trial or otherwise occupied, on specific dates.”

“If Todd gets a good answer from the lawyer, then Todd calls Floyd directly one more time,” Arum said. “Todd will ask Floyd, ‘Who is your chosen representative, who should we sit down with to put this fight together?’

“We don’t care who Floyd says, who he picks, be it Don King, Golden Boy or anyone else.”

Manny Pacquiao’s Theme Song: Fighting Pride Lyrics

Manny Pacquiao is not only a boxer for he is also a politician and a singer. He also loves to dedicate every fight for his country, the Philippines. In fact last September 2010 Team Pacquiao launched the official theme song for world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao.

The song is entitled “Fighting Pride” and is sang by Rag Rag. It is a mix of song and rap. It also emphasizes Pacquiao’s previous fights and the importance of every battle for Pacman and his country.

Tomorrow Manny Pacquiao’s Song “Fighting Pride” will surely be one of the most popular songs to be played. The seven-time world champion had many fans around the world be it Filipino or non-Filipinos.

Now here is the Manny Pacquiao song, “Fighting Pride” lyrics and song.

Intro words by Manny Pacquiao:

Deliver me from this fight
To honor you and my country

Drum of War (Intro Theme)

He stays a humble guy
From Sarangani Mindanao
His passion is in the ring

He never talks trash
Speaks through his mighty hand
He will dispose off anyone

Approach Roach to coach
(He’s got the heart of gold)
The rise of the greatest champ
(Rising Manny is our champ)

The crowd they’re going wild
They love his exciting fights

Pacquiao!, Number one pound for pound
Pacquiao!, Faster than the speed of light
Pacquiao!, You’re gonna fear for your life

Pacquiao!, Filipino fighting pride
Pacquiao!, Power punch when he strikes
Pacquiao!, Knocks you out to terminate

La Cucaracha that created dinamita
All the legends in the ring have lost a big problema
De La Hoya, threw in the towel
So he better change his name to golden girl the Mexicana
Understand that Filipino number 1
Pacman the one, will be the only one,
Smash you to the ground, taking all the crown.
Pound for pound!, round for round!,

No wonder Erik, Morales got knocked out
Marco Antonio Barrera got knocked out
Ricky Hatton can’t believe he got knocked out
He was messin with the best, he went down like the rest

REPEAT Chorus x2:

Side to side southpaw
Kamao ng Filipino – (Fist of the Philippines)

Guitar Solo to Ending

Mosley vs Mora Fight Ends In Draw

The junior middleweight main event bout between former world boxing champions Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora was supposed to define the career of the eventual winner.  Neither fighter go what they wanted. After twelve rounds of boxing that was more of a clinching and wrestling match, the judges’ scorecards resulted to a split draw.

The main bout of an HBO TV pay-per-view event at the Staples Center on Saturday was rather anticlimactic, considering the supporting bouts were abbreviated by knockouts by Victor Ortiz, Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Ponce De Leon.

Mora was unable to exploit his height and reach advantage, throwing the more effective punches but lower in volume than needed to accumulate enough points for a convincing victory.

Mosley on the other hand was less effective on his punches but he connected with the more power. By the later rounds of the match, he was clearly exhausted.

Fans are definitely not pleased with the main event and its result. Mosley earned his paycheck and got some more from Mora’s purse who weighed in over the limit.

Ricky Hatton’s Calling His Boxing Career Done

Hatton’s calling it done. He’s not going to have another fight as of the moment. A lot of his fans has been longing to see him back inside the ring. The 31-year-old former WBA welterweight champ has revealed that he would most unlikely be fighting again. He told BBC Radio Manchester these statement: “You can never say never, but if I was to put my last pound on it I would say ‘no, I think that’s me done’.”

He once told his fans that he’s fighting back but it has been 16 months since that day and fight has been realized. However, Hatton has renewed his license just in case his decision would be changed. He’s into promoting the sport now and he’s envisioning to make future champs from his fighters.

Hatton’s last fight was against Manny Pacquiao way back May 2009. Before that he defeated Juan Lazcano at the City of Manchester Stadium in May 2008, and went on to defeat Pauli Malignaggi in Las Vegas six months later. The former boxing champ has already proven a lot in the world of boxing. He has been the former two-time IBF and IBO light welterweight champion and adding up that he’s also a former WBU, WBA Light Welterweight Champion and WBC, WBA, WBO Inter-Continental Light Welterweight Champion, and former Ring magazine Junior Welterweight Champion.

Hatton might not be fighting now but who knows in the future he might change his mind and surprise all his fans in the world.

Antonio Margarito Cleared To Fight Manny Pacquiao In Texas

Antonio Margarito is set to fight Manny Pacquiao on Novemeber 13 at the Cowboys Stadium for a vacant junior middleweight title. This happens as Margarito has been issued his boxing license in Texas after being suspended for cheating by using an illegal substance for a fight with Shane Mosley last year.

Yes, this fight would guarantee Pacquiao another rich payday and a good shot at a record-breaking eighth title. Top Rank and Bob Arum are guaranteed to make decent earnings since any fight involving the Filipino boxing sensation can sell. What makes it sweeter for Arum and company is that both fighters are under Top Rank, which makes all earnings going in-house. Margarito on the other hand, stands to earn a seven-figure paycheck win or lose.

Now what message is the sport of boxing sending to fans? These are the fans that pay good money to see quality fights. Margarito cheated but he is now being rewarded with a huge payday. Top Rank is surely billed as villains as well. On top of all these, Pacquiao’s integrity is also put into question.

It is a pity that boxing has been overtaken by mixed martial arts, a relatively young sport, in terms of popularity. This is because we rarely see great boxing matches these days. Dana White and the UFC have been delivering great matches almost on a monthly basis. Other promotional outfits have followed suit with regular offerings of good MMA fights.

James Toney and Randy Couture mix it up at UFC 118 this August 28

UFC 118 features the rematch between lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and former lightweight champion BJ Penn on August 28 at the TD Garden in Boston. Weeks and days leading to their championship rematch, the co-main event featuring the UFC debut of NABO and IBA heavyweight boxing champion James Toney  and five-time UFC champion Rany Couture seems to be getting more hype and attention. This is courtesy mostly of the trash talking Toney who at 42 years old is crossing over from boxing to mixed martial arts.

Toney has been begging Dana White to put him in a UFC match and White being a former boxer and boxing fan himself willingly obliged. This could well be a cruel joke on Toney as he is being matched up with no less than the legendary Randy Couture. Toney has called out Brock Lesnar for a UFC match but he is now “settling for Couture”. The 42-year old boxer claims that he can just walk in the octagon and knock out just about anyone. 

While this may be true since the UFC uses 4-ounce gloves, Toney scoring a knockout win may not be that easy. He does have a chance if he gets a clear shot given his boxing skills but Couture could easily go for a takedown. Once the fight gets on the ground, then it could be “lights out” for Toney.