Eastern United States Struck By Winter Storm

Eastern United States Struck By Winter Storm – Winter Storms have swept north along the eastern coast of the United States, forcing the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights and disrupting rail and road traffic.

The National Weather Service said the monster snow storm was the result of a low pressure system which is currently intensifying south-east of New York’s Long Island. They considered it as a full-blown blizzard, meaning winds of at least 35mph (55km/h) along with snow and low visibility.

The blizzard closed New York airports resulting to thousands of people stranded in a busy post-Christmas travel period.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia declared emergencies. However, Washington DC seemed to escape the blizzard, with a small amount of snowfall.

The full-blown blizzard meant disruption for many thousands travelling after Christmas reunions and hampered the start of the shopping sales season and return to work for many commuters. There were no flights out of two airports serving New York , JFK and Newark Liberty International Airport, early on Monday morning.

The authorities have already deployed 1,700 snow ploughs and about 2,400 street cleaners have been called in to clear snow in the city.

Other airlines were also expecting more cancellations and operators were scrambling to rebook passengers. Flights were cancelled at other airports across the north-east and at airports in Washington, Baltimore and Chicago. Passengers camped out on floors in terminals.