Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons Live Scores on Thursday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons Live on Thursday Night Football – Week 11 of the NFL regular season starts with the battle between Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons. This is the first time this season that the NFL starts early on a Thursday night and not just an early start but a big game between two competing teams.

Both teams are coming into this game with a NFL standing of 6-2. The Ravens deeated the Miami Dolphins in last week at 26-10 while Falcons beat the Buccaneers at a score of 27-21. This game is important for both teams as this will determine their positions in their respective divisions. Atlanta Falcons are currently holds a half game lead over the defending Super Bowl 2010 champion New Orleans Saints in the NFC South Division while Baltimore Ravens are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North Division.

When it comes to power and strength, Atlanta Falcons leads against the Baltimore Ravens. The Falcons are within the top 10 teams when it comes to scoring, yards and rushing yards while the Ravens are in the top 15 teams. The Falcons have to prepare for the offensive and defensive strategy of the Ravens which had been very effective against various teams. They would never be on top of AFC North if not for a very good game plan and play by play offense and defense.

Falcons coach Mike Smith immediately went on training after winning the game last Sunday to devise a game plan for Thursday’s Night battle against the Ravens. Ravens coach John Harbaugh did the same for his team.

Who will triumph? Who will advance in their respective division rankings? Currently the game is on the third quarter with the Falcons leading at 13-7. Standby as we update you with the live scores and results of the game.

Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets Score: NFL 2010 Football Match Update

Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets Score: NFL 2010 Football Match Update – It would be the season opener for the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets at the New Meadowlands. The game will be live via NBC 7:00pm ET.

The game will feature Rex Ryan being fitted against his old team. The Ravens and the Jets are two of the best defensive teams in the NFL. This game will test the many offensive additions of Baltimore and New York’s Super Bowl hype.

So who will win? Do you have a pick already?

So far statistics wise, the Jets had the league’s best rushing attack last season and they are also 11-7 all-time at home on Monday Night Football.

To give as a preview here’s Emory Hunt, the Czar of the playbook for Football Gameplan’s 2010 NFL Week 1 Predicitions (Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets).


UPDATE: Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Jets NFL match has began and the game is currently on the second round with New York Jets leading with scores of 3-0. To track the live scores of the match, you can go to NFL’s Game Center here.

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens Live Scores and Match Results

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens Live Scores and Updates From CBS – The Cleveland Browns have the edge on all aspects against the Baltimore Ravens but they are currently on the bottom of the standings. Many are saying that indeed this is the end of the Eric Mangini era.

Todays game is the Baltimore Ravens home opener and for sure they would like to make this a victory rather than make it a defeat in their home crowd. So far the Baltimore Ravens have not allowed any touchdown this season and Cleveland Browns have to break that record today.

Another statistic is against the Browns during this game, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco is 4-0 against the Browns in his career. … Baltimore LB Terrell Suggs has more sacks vs. Cleveland (11) than he does against any other opponent.

Yahoo! and ESPN NFL week 3 pics are unanimous in saying that indeed this will be a game for the Baltimore Ravens. What do you think? Can Cleveland Browns pick up its first win?

Let us check out the Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens preview from’s Pat Kirwan and Jason Horowitz. Standby here for updates on scores and results. Who do you think will win? Cleveland Browns or Baltimore Ravens?



First Quarter: Cleveland P.Dawson 38 yd. Field Goal Drive: 12 plays, 57 yards in 6:36; Baltimore A.Boldin 8 yd. pass from J.Flacco (B.Cundiff kick is good) Drive: 10 plays, 85 yards in 4:45. 7-3 Baltimore. 7-3 Baltimore.

Second Quarter: Baltimore A.Boldin 12 yd. pass from J.Flacco (B.Cundiff kick is good) Drive: 10 plays, 93 yards in 5:53; Cleveland P.Hillis 1 yd. run (P.Dawson kick is good) Drive: 11 plays, 83 yards in 5:46. 14-10 Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets NFL Scores and Highlights

Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets NFL Match Scores, Results and Highlights – This is the closest game ever in the first week of the NFL 2010-2011 season. The debut of the New York Jets in their new home became a double whammy. First there was the harassment issue and now they lost to the Ravens, 10-9.

Baltimore Raven’s off season acquisition of Anguan Boldin paid well. Boldin toyed with New York’s vaunted secondary for 110 yards on seven catches Monday night. Baltimore Raven’s defense was also working superbly thus limiting the Jets to only 176 yards and nearly blanking the Jets on third downs; New York was 1 of 11 in that department.

The New Meadowlands Stadium was packed with Jets fans who chanted for their favorite team but throughout the game the Ravens sent a strong message that they are the better team. The fans of the Jets were really excited to see the revitalized team brought about by several additions to New York’s roster, plus the team’s no-holds-barred preseason television series.

In the end however, it was the Baltimore Ravens who emerged with their first win in the NFL 2010-2011 season.

Watch some of the first half highlights from the Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets game.