July 5, 2010: Back to the Future destination time is a hoax!

People around the world are searching for back to the future in July 5, 2010. I wonder why a lot of people are looking for it. It recently topped the trends of major search engines just a few minutes ago. My friends thought that maybe there’s a remake of the famous movie series Back to the Future, or there’s a sequel of the 1990 film, Back to the Future III.

We’ve done our research and found out that there’s no sequel and there’s no Back to the Future IV. The 4th part is just a long-rumored sequel of the Back to the Future trilogy.

The real reason why people are searching for “Back to the Future in July 5, 2010” is because Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown set the destination time of the DeLorean DMC-12 (the time machine car) to July 5, 2010 at 1:21 AM.

The sad news is, we’ve been tricked by a Photoshop artist. Total Film reported that the circulating Back to the Future movie-still was edited and the destination is not really July 5, 2010. Check the edited picture below that started this rumor.

So what’s the real time destination? Is July 5, 2010 not true after all? We can’t confirm it yet. A video proof about it was also removed from Vimeo.com.

We’ll do some more research about it. If you have more insights or facts about this, please do leave a comment below.

UPDATE: Here’s an update on our research about July 5, 2010 and its relation to BTTF. Tony, one of the people who left a comment at SciFiBlog.net watched a DVD and honestly clarified it for us:

Doc DOES NOT set the time circuits for anytime in 2010.
It is his intention to go “25 years into the future” (on Oct 26th 1985) but as you well know he is not able to travel through time at this point as he is chased down and caught by the Lybians before he manages to key this date in. By this point he has only input 4 dates to the time circuits;
– 1 minute into the future, to send his dog through time.
– July 4, 1776 – Declaration of Independence (Showing Marty where they ‘could go’)
– December 25, 0000 (same as above, birth of Jesus)
– November 5, 1955 – the date when he discovered the Flux Capacitor, and where marty ends up. (Doc – “A red letter day in the history of science”)

I think the confusion has come about between the July 4th 1776, and the idea he “Intended” on travelling to the year 2010.

I have an .MKV copy of BTTF 1 to 3 in my HD media player and I think I have to watch it as well to prove if Tony is telling the truth or not. I will provide a screenshot here on my next update.

ANOTHER UPDATE: After watching Back to the Future 1, I found out that the above image is really photoshopped, and Tony is telling the truth.

Here are the actual movie stills I took while watching Back to the Future Part 1.

Angular view of the edited movie still

Actual view of the edited movie still

Destination: Declaration of Indepence

Destination: Birth of Christ

Destination: The day Dr. Brown Invented Time Travel

As you can see, the date October 26, 1985 was edited to July 5, 2010, as shown in the image here from Twitter. The image circulating above is proven fake and I can personally attest that it’s really not true.

Currently, I’m recording a video of the part where I took the movie stills, to show more proof that the circulating image is really edited. Hang on…

JUST ANOTHER UPDATE: As promised, below is the video to prove that the July 5, 2010 destination is edited. Forgive me for the extremely poor video quality (3GP format). The video is just recorded with my good old Blackberry 9000. The video runs in 1 minute and 54 seconds only.
[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcZjxFI9J-c[/youtube]

JUST ANOTHER ANOTHER UPDATE: After almost 24 hours since this rumor sprouted, the one who started this all e-mailed our editor. They honestly said that it’s a hoax and they’ve confessed for what they’ve done. They are just having a good time and we are having a good time as well. So everybody is having a good time and we should all be happy! Haha!