ABC Channel Announces Oscars 2010 Date and Time

It’s another big year for the Oscars and ABC channel will once again air it live this Sunday, March 8 2010 at 8:30 pm EST.  The Academy Awards is on its eighty second year and it will be really big.  Alec Baldwin will be hosting the Oscars for the first time.  Steve Martin will host with him on his side.  This year’s Oscars is happening in Kokak Theater in Los Angeles.

If you do not have any cable TV at home or any means to watch it on TV live then you can search for ways online.  There will be live streaming of the Oscars on some online channels.  Also, if you will miss viewing it live, you can still watch highlights of the event which the fans and other people will post on youtube.  Who will be the big winners tonight?  Let’s all watch and find out.

ABC Presents No Ordinary Family on Primetime

ABC Presents No Ordinary Family on Primetime – ABC will be presenting a new series on its Tuesday 8pm ET/PT primetime television slot with No ordinary Family. The new series is about a family with super powers. Sounds pretty cool since you might just expect to see a crossover of The Incredibles and Fantastic 4 in this one.

The season premier for No ordinary Family is Tuesday, September 28. With so many shows premiering this fall No ordinary Family had already received some advance views from various critics. Most of them says that this show can definitely fit in the primetime and attract a lot of followers. Critics sights the excellent cast and the humor of the show as the best ingredients.

“There really is something for the whole family in this 8 p.m. series, which craftily combines the struggles of relatives’ relationships with some excitement and a little humor, too,” says Jonathan Storm from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Storm even concluded, “And that makes it no ordinary TV show.”

No harm done in watching “No Ordinary Family” on ABC so here is a sneak peak into the show.