Glasses-Free 3D Experience By Toshiba Regza GL1 3D

When watching videos nowadays, experience would be more awesome if it would be viewed in a 3D mode. When you watch 3D movies in cinemas, they would usually provide you with the annoying glasses in which more often causes you headache. Same also with all the 3D Television nowadays. However, Toshiba of Japan has finally produced a glasses-free 3D TV called Regza GL1 3D. Engadget has place some videos in their site for a slight 3D experience of the device.

The television are available in 12-inch and 20-inch as of the moment. Sad to say, the world won’t be acquiring the device that soon as the first two models available will only be on sale in Japan at the end of the year. No announcements when will it reach Europe and the US. As this 3D TV has been stunning, the price is equally stunning too. The 12-inch model is going to be available for ¥120,000 ($1,443 USD) while the larger 20-inch model is worth ¥240,000 ($2,885).

This device could truly be another breakthrough from the expert in Television industry Toshiba. Lucky for those rich Japanese who could purchase it immediately. Time will come competitors might as well be producing similar device.