Updated Boston Marathon 2010 Results: Top Race Finishers Were Revealed

The 114th Boston Marathon 2010 had just another successful marathon race with over 25,000 runners participated. The race has already ended and the winners were already announced.

Based on the Boston Marathon 2010 results, Kenyans and Ethiopians both topped the winners list. For the Open Race category in which everyone can participate, it was Robert Cheruiyot, a runner from Kenya who topped the Men’s Division getting the top prize of $150,000. Equivalently, in the Women’s Division, it was Teyba Erkesso from Ethiopia who got the top spot winning the same amount of money.

Both runners registered an astounding record time as they finished the world’s oldest marathon race. Cheruiyot got to the finish line at a record time of 2:05:52 while Erkesso finished it at 2:26:11.

For the Wheelchairs Category, it was runners Ernst Van Dyk and Wakako Tsuchida who topped the Boston Marathon 2010 race results in the Men’s and Women’s Division, respectively.

For the Handcycles Category, it was marathon race runners Pier Triangeli Jr. and Kirstie-Louie Honeywill-Sykes who got the top spot in Men’s and Women’s Division.

For the rest of the Boston Marathon 2010 results, you can view the full winners’ list in each category together with their official times at the Boston Marathon 2010 official website here.

Congratulations to all top race finishers for this year’s Boston Marathon 2010!

Winners of Boston Marathon 2010

The 2010 Boston Marathon has just concluded and the list of winners are now up. The winners per category along with their PR times and prize money for this year’s Boston Marathon despite the lack of presence of some of the top contenders are the following:

Men’s Race Results
1. Robert Cheruiyot (KEN), 2:05:52 (CR) $150,000 + #25,000 CR bonus
2. Tekeste Kebede (ETH) 2:07:23 $75,000
3. Deribe Merga (ETH) 2:08:39 $40,000
4. Ryan Hall (USA) 2:08:41 $25,000
5. Mebrahtom Keflezighi (USA) 2:09:26 $15,000
6. Gashaw Asfaw (ETH) 2:10:53
7. John Komen (KEN) 2:11:48
8. Moses Kigen Kipkosgei (KEN) 2:12:04
9. Jason Lehmkuhle (USA) 2:12:24
10. Alejandro Suarez MEX 2:12:33

Women’s Race Results
1. Teyba Erkesso (ETH) 2:26:11 $150,000
2. Tatyana Pushkareva (RUS) 2:26:14 $75,000
3. Salina Kosgei (KEN) 2:28:35 $40,000
4. Waynishet Girma (ETH) 2:28:36 $25,000
5. Bruna Genovese (ITA) 2:29:12 $15,000
6. Lidiya Grigoryeva (RUS) 2:30:31 $12,000
7. Yurika Nakamura (JPN) 2:30:40 $9000
8. Weiwei Sun (CHN) 2:31:14 $7400
9. Nailya Yulamanova (RUS) 2:31:48 $5700
10. Albina Mayorova-Ivanova (RUS)2:31:55 $4200

If you want the complete list of the Boston Marathon contenders, you can access it online via their Official Website. The marathon ended at 12:33pm

Boston Marathon 2010 Sponsor and Top Contenders a No Show

With the recent problems on air travel that would be a hazard for air passengers since the volcanic eruption on Iceland that spewed ash, some of the top contenders for the upcoming Boston Marathon 2010 have already withdrawn from the event.  Even John Hancock himself, who is one of the main sponsors for the Boston Marathon has already announced his upcoming absense to the event because of rescheduled flights. European contenders were greatly affected by the ashfall.

Meanwhile, the Boston Athletic Association are still making ways to accomodate as much of the top contending runners to still be able to run despite the problems in schedule and travel. BAA has made provisions for runners to still pick up their race kits or race bibs until the Boston Marathon 2010 Race Day this coming Monday.

Boston Marathon 2010 in Patriots Day: Course Map and Qualifying Times

Here comes again the annual Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest marathon dating back in 1897. This year 2010 is the 114th Boston Marathon which showcases over 25,000 runners.

Boston Marathon or more commonly known as the “Marathon Monday” is being held on Patriots Day, a civic holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord which is the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.

According to their qualifying times, those who aspire to join Boston Marathon should be in the age range of 18–34 years old and must run a time of no more than 3:10:59 (3 hours and 10 minutes) if you’re a male, or 3:40:59 (3 hours and 40 minutes) if you’re a female. These qualifying times, however, is adjusted upward as age increases.

This year, the Boston Marathon 2010 course map starts on Main Street in the rural New England town of Hopkinton and follows Route 135 through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, and Wellesley to where Route 135 joins Route 136. It continues along Route 16 through Newton Lower Fall, turning right at the firestation onto Commonwealth Avenue, which is Route 30. It then follows Commonwealth through the Newton Hills bearing right at the reservoir onto Chestnut hill Avenue to Cleveland Circle. The route then turns left onto Beacon Street continuing through Kenmore Square, and under Massachusetts Avenue. The course turns right onto Hereford Street then left onto Boylston Street finishing near the John Hancock Tower in Copley Square.

For the live race day coverage, you can tune in here. Meanwhile, here is the 2010 Boston Marathon Course Map.